I Am on Radio Talk Show on Thursday about Migraines: Listen In!

Do you have questions about migraines?

On Thursday, February 2nd, at 10 am Central (8 am Pacific, 11 am Eastern) I will be on a radio talk show for an hour with host Patrick Timpone at One Radio Network (located in Austin, Texas) talking about migraines and health. The radio station invites emailed-in questions you wish me to answer and provides a toll-free number to call in and ask.

The show is broadcast over the internet live so no matter what country you are located in, you can listen in. The podcast can be downloaded and shared. More updates will follow since I only have my name showing on the schedule and not yet the write-up of the discussion.

Here is the schedule page, email: email@oneradionetwork.com and phone 888.663.6386

If you want to listen in for today’s shows live the discussion is on health. healthy fats, and how to stop your doctors from killing you. My show will be broadcast live there as well. The podcast will be available to download and share!

Enjoy and listen to mine on Thursday! Please share!

Looking forward to hearing from you by email or phone on Thursday!

(This page will be updated as the final page shows up with more detail at the station’s website)


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Nitrates & Migraines–is there a Real Story?


Indeed, there is a story. After quite a bit of literature research I found a very new connection that no one has yet found and discussed! It is important for migraneurs to check their blood pressure before they embark on eating nitrate-containing foods–and I don’t just mean deli meats or bacon! Also vegetables high in nitrates! Please read the article I wrote that summarizes my findings and turns the connection of nitrates to migraines up-side-down.

Comments, as always, are welcome!


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Ketogenic Diet and Migraine

The Future of Migraine Treatment

Not yet perfect but getting there!

I wanted to give a quick update on my personal research (always in continuation) about improving migraine treatment. I was on the ketogenic diet for 3 months before I was kicked off by prednisone (also uses insulin receptors and has priority) and so I went back on the Stanton Migraine Protocol®. I was on it until last Monday (a week ago). Thus I had 2 months out of ketosis. I was curious how long the “keto brain” will function well on the protocol but with increased fruits carbs. I wanted to see if the length of time I was in keto would change my brain in any way.

It was kind of hard to increase carbs since my body learned to not even like carbs (I know it is weird) but I ate a few of the fruits at least that I used to like. I want to report to you what happened so you understand

  1. what glucose does and
  2. how long the keto protection lasted.

The findings

  1. Biting into my first pomegranate was a major shocker! I used to just inhale a large pomegranate and want more. Coming out of keto I could not finish half AND I felt “high” like on a drug.
    1. This clearly tells you that sugar is a drug and
    2. Also tells you that if one is not used to sugar it is actually not comfortable to eat it even in a fruit!!! I actually didn’t like it! It took me several days to learn to like carbs again!
  2. I increased my carbs to over my personal preference and went to ~120 net carb grams for a few days (the Stanton Migraine Protocol® carbs level for women is between 50-70 net carb grams); just applied the protocol protection after and I had absolutely no discomfort but I saw the edema building up! So even if the keto brain protected me from getting a migraine, I built up a sizable edema every single day and by the evening my ankles were nearly twice the circumference of what they normally are under the ketogenic diet!
    1. This is very important: while the ketogenic diet may save us from pain for some time, the physiological effects of carbs remain AND harm us!! So migraine is not about the pain!
  3. One night we went out for dinner (anniversary celebration) and though I ordered as low carbs as possible, everything had sugar on it, even the butternut squash was covered with sweet liquid and the bone marrow I ordered was soaked in balsamic vinegar that I could not scrape off… I also wanted to test my sugar tolerance (direct sugar and not just fruit) so I ordered a sorbet after dinner.
    1. I ate only about 5 bites because I must tell you what sugar tasted like: sugar had a BITTER AFTERTASTE!!!

So a few things… after my sugar experiment part, I did come down with a migraine but very mild and the only other symptom I had very mild nausea, extreme light sensitivity, and irritable. It was mild and I didn’t medicate (not even OTC) but it was a 4-dayer!

  • So the keto protection worked against natural fruit carbs for 6 weeks but NOT against direct sugar and
  • The physiological symptoms of a migraineur were there even for the fruit carbs.
  • Also, a week later I tested potatoes!!! Nope, no go at all!!! Migraine (mild again and shorter, 2-dayer) so keto can only go so far after 3 months of being in it. I will keep on testing for longer and longer periods.

Ketosis and Myelin

Ketosis protects the brain by allowing the brain to build up myelin (insulation) so we can send our crazy migraine excess voltages securely and it gives enough protection that the potassium/sodium content was less important.  You could eat more fruits and veggies. However, it did not protect against sugar or high starch. Sugar and starch are instant insult on our compromised electrolyte system.

Ketosis is great since while you are in it, assuming you are in at the right level for your person, you are absolutely migraine-brain free! I am back into my jogging routine in the mornings on empty stomach!!! In ketosis you can do that and not be hungry (and not get a migraine!) but be full of energy.

Those of you who can afford the luxury of controlling what you eat, I highly recommend you try the ketogenic diet–but be aware that there are many “fake” ketogenic diet instructions out there! If you want to try the real ketogenic diet for migraine join my keto mild for migraines facebook group (or contact me in private) and I will help you get started.

Join the good life and become migraine free!

Comments are welcomed as always,


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Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering–Stanton Migraine Protocol to the Rescue


Testimonial from a migraineur who just graduated with Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering! Congratulations to Zofia Kaminski for her achievement and success and may her future job match up to her talent and determination!

Zofia's masters degree

Zofia’s masters degree

Some lucky company that will catch her! ❤

I wish Zofia continued migraine free life using the Stanton Migraine Protocol® staying migraine and medicine free!



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The Genetics of Migraine at Ion Pumps–Connect to the Stanton Migraine Protocol

Genetic Mutations Findings Support The Stanton Migraine Protocol®

Sharing some amazing information: thanks to one of the migraine group members for sharing an important article with me. This article explains the genetic foundation to all of my work and discovery of the ionic pump problems associated with migraines at the voltage gated sodium-potassium channels and ATPhase which is associated with mutations in the glucose metabolism processes.

The article is extremely technical with a lot of jargon but the title tells it all

ATP1A2 Mutations in Migraine: Seeing through the Facets of an Ion Pump onto the Neurobiology of Disease

It discusses the exact hyper sensory organ sensitivity, the mutation of the pumps for which migraineurs need to use extra salt in their diet and why maintaining the electrolyte homeostasis is so important. It also provides a genetic mutation base for the glucose intolerance migraineurs all seem to have. It is an open access article, so if you are interested and familiar with the terminology, chew your way through it!

My hypothesis, based on which the Stanton Migraine Protocol® is built and the book “Fighting The Migraine Epidemic: A Complete Guide: How to Treat & Prevent Migraines without Medicine” is written, is all here with genetic explanation 2+ years after I published my book and started to treat migraineurs.

Now we know the genetics behind why migraineurs using the Stanton Migraine Protocol® are so successful at becoming and staying migraine and medicine free: we took control of the very channels that have genetic mutations and control the ionic process with precision. It works like a charm!

Please contact me for more information!


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Running Marathon Without Migraine Using the Stanton Migraine Protocol®

Can migraineurs run Marathons without migraine?

There are many sport members in my migraine group on Facebook and a few Marathon runners in that group. One such Marathon runner had quite a story that you can find in my previous posts but also on her blog. She just posted an update about her latest Marathon of last weekend:

Hi, just back to report that running the marathon on Sunday was an incredible experience. I felt confident to push harder and took 26 minutes off my previous best time, despite challenges of hills, wind and rain. But the best part was having a clear head and vision afterwards. Sore muscles yes but otherwise I have felt fabulous since then, which is a new experience for me. I am so overwhelmed and ecstatic! Thanks again Angela Stanton, this has been such an amazing journey!


I am so happy that the Stanton Migraine Protocol® is helping so many people, even in extreme challenges to the body like a Marathon run! Please pass on the link to my website to the migraineurs you know or sport enthusiasts who need some guidance in proper hydration through challenging activities.

I offer free service in the migraine group (no privacy) or for-fee service options (totally private). Please fill in the contact form to reach me for more information!

Have a super day!


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All Neurologists at the Local Hospital Talk About it (me)

A migraine group member posted this message in my group today:
“Today I went to the doctor. I told him that I always hydrate well, and eat low carb, because of migraine. He said, “oh, you’re doing that thing” I said, the Stanton Migraine Protocol. He says all the neurologists at the local hospital talk about it and like it! You go, Angela Stanton!”
This is in Florida (I am in California)… can we say that the Stanton Migraine Protocol® is now known and used from ocean to ocean from West to East and the whole country? In fact it is used the whole world now.
Thanks to all the doctors who have realized its potential and are using already or consider using the Stanton Migraine Protocol®!!!
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Saved from Migraine: One Life at the Time! Story Makes News.

Migraines and Electrolyte

The story you are about to read happened in my migraine group with a member whose husband contacted me from the ER–she was not yet a member. Not quite sure how our paths crossed actually! She was in the ER and then in the hospital for many days. Her migraines did not respond to any medicine. As you will read her story below, her pain had been with her since an accident in 2000. Her husband contacted me first on June 23, 2015. I know the date because he contacted me on Facebook using PM (personal messenger). He started to tell me the story “She has suffered w/ migraines for 15 years (Oct. 2000) after hitting her head under a bathroom cabinet” and off we went into details of her migraines and what can be done.

I will spare you from the details of the whole story for privacy reasons but basically she started on the Stanton Migraine Protocol® that day. Here you find her story from the company that was kind enough to even notice the changes she went through (I have yet to see another company that actually pays attention to its employees to this level!). I am so impressed! I wish I lived where they live so I could drink that wholesome goodness of milk they produce!

There is a little typo in my name; it is Angela and not Angelia (I like Angelia also though!) and the milk amount is exaggerated but that doesn’t matter. A life was saved and here is her story that is also on TV  (local NBC news):

Kristen’s Six Gallons of Guernsey Raw Milk; and a miracle

Over a year ago a young woman came to the farm. She was emaciated, had a difficult time walking and could not speak. Driven to the farm by her mother, husband or sister, each week she would purchase six gallons of our Guernsey Gold milk .

After a few months, I noticed that she was walking better, we would have a very brief conversation and she would leave with her six gallons of milk. I was happy that she seemed to be better but, curious as to what was her “story”.

A few more months past by and I saw a very different woman than the one who entered my store in the beginning. I had to asked the question, I had to know, what was her story? During one of her weekly visits for her “six” gallons of milk, I stated, “you are a different person than when you first came to our farm, what is your story”?

Her story: Kristen had a head injury in 2000. Afterward, she began suffering from migraine headaches. They became so unbearable and persistent that she had to leave her teaching profession. For six years she was bed-ridden and had virtually little, if any, quality of life. She was literally on every medication known for migraines such as oxycontin and morphine. Some medications that she had taken were causing early Parkinson-like symptoms to develop, namely muscle weakness, tremors, and difficulty with speech. She vomited everyday leaving her weak and severely underweight.

Kristen tried all types of diets to help ease her pain including vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, she had a neuro-stimulator placed in her brain for pain control, she tried acupuncture, chiropractors, essential oils, oxygen therapy, magnesium drips, vitamin C drips, and none of these helped relieve the unbearable relentless pain that she endured everyday. Kristen would virtually lay in ice packs, in a dark room wearing sunglasses but yet none of these therapies gave her notable relief.

When she was admitted last summer to Southwestern her blood pressure was out of control because of her pain level and the neurologist stated, “this was the worst case of migraine headaches they had ever seen”. All resources had been exhausted. Well, perhaps not all of them. It was during this hospital stay when her husband, Mark discovered some valuable information; Dr. Angelia Stanton, a neuroscientist, and her migraine protocol.

While she was in the hospital, Mark began this protocol for Kristen. The essence of Dr. Stanton’s protocol is to increase dietary “good” fats and balance electrolytes. Her protocol for Kristen was to drink one gallon of milk each day. Yes, one gallon of milk each day and that Kristen did. Mark, knew about The Waldo Way and this is when our farm became part of her story.

Almost a year has past and Kristen has regained a quality of life that she so deserves, she does not wake every morning vomiting, she can walk, she can talk, she has little pain these days and she has a testimony of what the Guernsey Raw Milk can do. Guernsey raw milk has the perfect sodium/potassium balance, the electrolytes, and healing saturated fats that are needed for her to remain migraine free.

Her quality of life is such that she can hold down a job these days. We are thrilled to introduce Kristen to you for she has joined The Waldo Way Dairy Farm Staff. We cannot express how grateful we are for her restored health and for being a part of our farm family. When you come to visit, please do welcome her.

We are hopeful that her testimony can bring insight for others and perhaps give relief to those who may be suffering with migraine headaches. Kristen had an incredible journey with pain, has an amazing testimony of healing, and yearns to share her story with those who are in need of help. In addition, her father is a veterinarian and she worked in his practice for years. Having said this, she has a great working knowledge and love for animals, which is a good fit for working with our Guernsey Gold Girls. Miracles do happen; Kristen had one. As always, abundant blessings, Ris~

Post Script: If interested Dr. Stanton’s FB site is, “Migraine Sufferers Who Want to be cured”. Kristen no longer needs medications for migraines and is making plans to have the neuro-stimulator removed this summer.

Post Post Script: A few months ago Kristen’s twin sister, Erica came to the farm and she said to me, “Ris, thank you for your farm and for being here”. And I replied, “oh, you are welcome”. Erica, then said, “Ris, I really mean it, you see, you gave my sister back to me”. Once again, I was reminded and thankful for my humble missionary farm work” :

I thank the Waldo Way Dairy Farm for appreciating their employees and congratulate Kristen on her job! Awesome recovery and a great job well done!!! Now if only I could have some of that milk!!!

Comments are welcome as always!

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Science Rediscovered What My Book (2 years old) is All About!

Greetings migraineurs!

Updated on January 30, 2018:

I thank Science for now discovering what I have already published in my book several years ago (2014–1st edition) and which many migraineurs I treat have been using for several years, preventing and averting their migraines and sleeping like a log already (this article is only part of what I do for migraine prevention). I suppose later is better than never!

So if you have migraines or know someone who does, send them my book and send them my way! Read testimonials from some of those I treated. They can make an appointment with me using the contact form.

Pain-free life is great! Let them know it is possible!

Comments are welcome!


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Salt in Water & Lemon Juice? Nope!

The Wrong Treatment

Lately I see many websites popping up referencing an article I wrote (this site apparently is down till the 21st of March as it is migrated to a new site) about two years ago, distorting it to the point that drinking the kind of hydration they recommend can actually be harmful. One of these sites is here that is actually linking directly to my article as if what is in their article is what is in mine but that is wrong.

Lately so many articles are popping up with the wrong information that I though it is important to write the correct information so that migraineurs don’t get hurt. It is also important to make sure that a well-intended article is not allowed to be twisted to bits and made fake.

So first, I discuss the importance of hydration; next why salt and why not just salt; why not a ton of salt; and finally why not lemon.

The Importance of Hydration

Hydration is elementary for our body. On average, a man’s body is about 70% water and a woman’s body is about 55%. The difference comes from the amount of fat a female body contains when it is healthy, which is much more than men have. Obviously not everyone fits the mold so the amount of water is somewhere between 55% and 70% for most everyone. This means that if we grab an average 140 lbs female, her water will weigh minimum 77 lbs. That is a lot of water. A man who may weigh 160 lbs, his water weighs approximately 112 lbs. So when we talk about water, you know we really are talking about the most important substance in your body. However water does not do anything in the body without help from various minerals, such as sodium chloride (salt), potassium, etc. In other words, water is used to create electrolyte. It is not meant to be just going into your body by entering through your mouth and come out the other end in 10 minutes. It also isn’t supposed to be clear water-color and transparent as some TV doctor suggested on his show because of which many people aim at completely clear urine.  That is wrong. That means the water you drank did not do anything in your body.

Possible causes for clear light urine color:

  • You are drinking too much water
  • You are eating too much carbs
  • You are not eating a balanced potassium and sodium mix
  • Your kidneys are in trouble
  • You have diabetes type 2
  • You urinate too often
  • You are taking diuretics and/or medicines

Possible causes for dark urine color:

  • You are drinking too little water
  • Your kidneys are in trouble
  • You are urinating too seldom
  • You are severely dehydrated by tea, alcohol, or medicines

The proper urine color is transparent yellow. Unfortunately those of you taking vitamins will have a hard time checking the true color. But if you deviate much from the healthy color, it is time to consider revising your hydration.

Why Salt & Why Not Just Salt?

Salt is a great element without which there is no life. A person’s body is filled with several lbs of salt. We lose salt as we breathe, sweat, talk, etc. It is lost together with water. We also urinate it out so it needs to be replaced. We cannot make salt but we are made of salt water so we must eat salt. Salt creates the type of voltage cells use to generate action potential for the brain and the heart and other cells. It is especially critical for both the brain and the heart,

Action potential changes the shape of the cell’s membrane to allow voltage gated pumps to open and close. Resting potential is when the cell is “charging up” for the next action potential. Action and resting potentials are powered by the substances in electrolyte. Salt, a key electrolyte mineral, breaks up in the body into ions of sodium (Na+) and chloride (Cl) and they must remain mobile. Sodium moves out of the cells in exchange of potassium (K+) moving in; potassium is another key substance in electrolyte. Thus eating salt is not enough. A proper brain needs salt and potassium and a lot of other minerals, collectively found in the electrolyte, that generate voltage and transport nutrients into the cells and toxins out of the cells.

Why is that important for migraineurs?

Migraine is not an illness but a condition in which the brain is fighting an inability to generate action potential. This is shown in the scanner as cortical depression–these are regions of zero electrical activity. A migraine brain is anatomically different from a non-migraine brain. The original Stanton Migraine Protocol® teaches you how to ensure proper voltage supply for your brain at all times, preventing the formation of cortical depression regions. Since electrolytes are important in the prevention of such regions, the entire spectrum of elements in electrolytes are important to maintain. Dumping a bunch of salt into a glass of water with some lemon will not help in creating proper electrolyte. Drinking electrolyte water types sold in stores will also not provide proper electrolyte balance. Migraine brain is so different from other brains that keeping electrolyte in balance requires a lot more than adding salt to water; other things are also important. These are discussed in the Stanton Migraine Protocol® extensively.

Why Not A Ton Of Salt?

Salt is great but it needs to have proper balance with potassium. Add too much salt without enough potassium and  exchange of sodium (from inside the cells to the outside) is not possible and thus no old (used) water can be released by your cells and it cannot be replaced with fresh water either so the water runs past your cells.

This can cause toxicity to the cells. This also causes the water to be urinated out within 10 minutes from your drinking it, because all your cells are fully saturated and cannot let more water in. Thus too much salt can prevent hydration! The articles that mention “migraine cure” by drinking salt water with lemon juice recommend 2 teaspoons of salt in a glass of water–here is an example–and there are many more out there with the same message. That much salt is twice the USDA recommended daily maximum! It can seriously hurt you. 

Why Not Lemon?

Lemon is a great fruit. It is a fruit that has sugar and very little potassium. It does not taste sweet (nor do many alcohols or vinegar that are also sugar) but it is sugar. An average lemon has 3.2 grams of carbs in its juice and since 4 grams of carbs is equal to a teaspoon of sugar, a lemon is almost a teaspoon of sugar. You may not think much of that but one of the key reasons migraines hit is because of sugar. Why this is happening is explained in the Stanton Migraine Protocol®. Thus drinking a migraine-causing sugary drink with a tremendous amount of oversupply of salt and with way too little potassium (a wedge of lemon has only 6 mg potassium) will do only one thing: make you throw up, as it happened so far with all who tried it among those who joined my program for migraine prevention and treatment.

For reference, the USDA RDA (recommended daily allowance) for sodium is between 1500 mg and 2400 mg sodium (2400 mg is 1 teaspoon) based on age and health and between 3500 mg and 4700 mg potassium. Migraineurs have different energy need because of their highly over sensitized brains with more sensory neuron receptor connections. Migraine-brains use more voltage. With the numerous articles on the internet recommending 2 teaspoons of salt in water and a wedge of lemon, they mix 4800 mg sodium and 6 mg potassium. Compare that to the USDA RDA. The the Stanton Migraine Protocol® uses slightly different ratio compared with the USDA but not by much. The Stanton Migraine Protocol® uses other knowledge to prevent migraine and not salt and lemon. The the Stanton Migraine Protocol® in not a salt protocol by any stretch of the imagination. 

If you have migraines or know someone who does, please advise them to not drink the toxic mixture of 2 teaspoons of salt and lemon in water because it may hurt them! Please share to be sure that those who are inclined to try, do not! And though many places refer to this mix as the Stanton Migraine Protocol®, it has nothing to do with the Stanton Migraine Protocol® so please avoid!

Thank you for your help!! Please share!

Comments are welcome, as always!



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