Grains and the Stanton Migraine Protocol®


I published  Those Evil Grains: Gluten Free Versus Grain Free that you really should read. Eating gluten free can be worse for your health and migraines than eating gluten, provided you are not a Celiac. However, eating grain free can be a life (and migraine) saver! Although the article is not tailored to migraineurs, I am amending it here now so you can see the connection.


Grains are high in carbohydrates and if you are on the Stanton Migraine Protocol® then you know that carbohydrates are trouble for migraineurs. If you are not yet part of the followers of the Stanton Migraine Protocol® then you should be! It teaches you how to prevent migraines. Grains have a role in migraines though not every migraineur needs to go grain free. Grains have extremely high carbohydrates plus they interfere with nutrient absorption, causing a double whammy for everyone, in general, and particularly for migraineurs. Please note I am not talking gluten free but grain free. To find out the difference, read the article, because there is quite a bit of confusion out there today!

Read the article and see how it may change your life! And then contact me to improve your health and get rid of your migraines for life.

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How To Beat Migraine Using the Stanton Migraine Protocol®

Can migraine be beat without medicines?

You bet.

I have been updating the testimonials page as I get them as often as I can. This time I am creating a little blog around a testimonial I received today to provide a bit of guidance to those who are not decided on what to do about their migraines.

Here is the original testimonial–I removed private information:

This is a summary of the number of days with migraines that I have had the last 8 years. I have no records from before. I found Angela in August 2014. Before that, I was getting worse and worse, year after year. In 2015 I decreased my migraines more than a 60% from 2013. I’ve been migraine free for 25 days a few times. That is my record so far. I reduced my painkillers intake dramatically to none or only 1 if the pain is too hard.
It might sound still poor for some of you that have been 100% successful. However I am very pleased with myself since I come from more than 20 years of dehydration, just peeing straight away [crystal] clear all the water that I was drinking, without realizing that I was making more damage than benefit while I was following the advise of “drink water to hydrate your body” that all doctors tell you. It’s amazing that nobody explains the right way to hydrate your body. It should be a subject at school to prevent all kind of diseases and health problems.


I am also including a calendar that the migraineur posted so you can see the trend of migraines over the years and since she has started the Stanton Migraine Protocol®

Migraine chart

Migraine chart

As you can see, we have here a person who has been meticulously charting her progress over 7 years and is now starting the 8th year. Note that she met me in 2014 when my book published so she was not able to fully apply all knowledge yet but she started. Note the sharp reductions in migraines from 2013 through 1015; since 2016 just started, obviously that does not count.

I must add that migraineurs who join my process of Stanton Migraine Protocol®  become migraine free over time (no, it cannot happen overnight!) and as they become migraine free, they also stop all their medications. This migraineur is not yet fully migraine free but has already stopped all her migraine medications and is only taking an OTC pain-killer when it is an absolute must.

For those who never took preventive medicines, or took them only for a very short time, recover fast–most within weeks and in general 2-4 months. Those who take preventive medicines every day, take longer to recover because many of the preventives block the process of recovery so we need to compensate. We need to allow them to reduce medications slowly and stop them. Some of the preventives can take a year or more to reduce in full and though “not addictive” is what is said, they are actually very addictive. The politically correct term is “discontinuation syndrome” which means “addicted to the teeth”. Once the migraineur is no longer on any migraine medicines that interfere with the treatment, recovery is very fast.

If you have any questions, please send me a note. Join the medicine free movement–oh and I did not mention: this is also an herbs free and supplement free method that is based on my book , two published academic journal articles (one, two) and on the Stanton Migraine Protocol®.

Comments and questions are welcome!


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New Journal Article Published on the Stanton Migraine Protocol


An article I wrote is in “Article in press” publishing on December 1st. Title “Migraine Cause and Treatment” in the Journal of Mental Health in Family Medicine.


Migraine Cause and Treatment

Background: Research shows that migraine brains have hyperactive sensory organs and multiple sensory receptor connections. Hyper activity of these organs needs extra supply of nutrition to support increased electrical activity. Today’s medicines reduce or prevent the functioning of these neurons by blocking essential voltage dependent calcium or sodium channel instead of providing nutrients. We asked: if we provide support for extra electrical activity of migraineurs, would it prevent migraines without the use of medicines?

Methods: We reviewed published literature and conducted research over 6 months studying 650 volunteer migraineurs in a migraine-research Facebook group. Participants were screened for migraine types, answered a questionnaire on medical conditions, medicines used, and lifestyle. They were provided instructions on the use of the migraine protocol and were evaluated weekly.

Findings: Migraine frequency appears to be exacerbated by carbohydrate-rich and salt- and water-poor diets and may be worsened by medicines that block voltage gated calcium or sodium channels. Stopping these medicines, reducing carbohydrates and increasing saline in electrolytes appears to prevent and/or stop migraines.

Conclusions: H2O and Na+ efflux from cells caused by glucose, electrolyte mineral (Na+, Cl, K+) ratio may be disrupted in carbohydrate heavy diets causing migraines. Changes to diet that include increased salt intake along with reduced carbohydrate intake appears to prevent glucose induced electrolyte changes which then decreases migraine frequency. In the present study, all participants who made these dietary changes were able to eliminate migraine medications and remained migraine free.

Enjoy reading the full article! I hope to elicit more than usual turmoil since this article goes against all conventional migraine treatments but it actually works and there are no medicines involved. 🙂

Comments are welcome as always!


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Do We Need Pain Killers?

Before you take your next pain killer you need to read this!

I wanted to post a little abstract here–hard language but the title tells it all. It is not an open article so I cannot share it but I can write up a summary on it if you all are interested. The title tells it all:

“Decrease of Gray Matter Volume in the Midbrain is Associated with Treatment Response in Medication-Overuse Headache: Possible Influence of Orbitofrontal Cortex”
Franz Riederer1, Andreas R. Gantenbein1, Marvin Marti1, Roger Luechinger2, Spyridon Kollias3, and Peter S. Sándor1,4
The Journal of Neuroscience, 25 September 2013, 33(39): 15343-15349; doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3804-12.2013

******So.. medication overuse causes permanent damage!*****

Here is the abstract:

“Patients with chronic daily headache and overuse of analgesics, triptans, or other acute headache compounds, are considered to suffer from medication-overuse headache (MOH). This implies that medication overuse is the cause of headache chronification. It remains a key question why only two-thirds of patients with chronic migraine-like headache and overuse of pain medication improve after detoxification, whereas the remainder continue to have chronic headache. In the present longitudinal MRI study, we used voxel-based morphometry to investigate gray matter changes related to medication withdrawal in a group of humans with MOH. As a main result, we found that only patients with significant clinical improvement showed a significant decrease of previously increased gray matter in the midbrain including periaqueductal gray matter and nucleus cuneiformis, whereas patients without improvement did not. Patients without treatment response had less gray matter in the orbitofrontal cortex. Another striking result is the correlation of treatment response with the amount of orbitofrontal gray matter. Thus, we demonstrate adaptive gray matter changes within the pain modulatory system in patients with MOH who responded to detoxification, probably reflecting neuronal plasticity. Decreased gray matter in the orbitofrontal cortex at baseline may be predictive of poor response to treatment.”

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Medicines Used for Migraines & Depression

Are Medicines Needed? 

Migraines and depression are considered to be neurological diseases though some treat them as mental illnesses with the associated stigma [1, 2]. Both migraines and depression are energy crisis and can be stopped by voltage applied to specific brain regions in trouble[3-6, 9]. The cause is seen in scanners [1, 10]: dormant regions that have no observable electrical activity. When electrical stimulation is applied to a dormant brain region, it regains its function. Crucially for migraines, it has been demonstrated that a dormant area is shocked by a wave of electricity generated by the brain itself. This is called cortical spreading depression, which energizes the area to create action potential again [11-14]. This wave of energy reaches the meninges where pain sensory neurons are located [14] so migraine pain is caused by this wave of energy.

Similarly to how a cardiac arrest does not always get the heart to continue beating again, the electric shock of generated by the brain may not awaken the dormant regions either. Energy for proper functioning of both heart or brain must be created from something. To continue voltage generation after the shock, minerals have to be ready and waiting.

One can only drive a car on fumes for so long. Interestingly we understand this very well when it comes to our cars but we forget it when it comes to our body. Energy for our body is generated from what we eat and drink. The energy is carried to the cells by electrolytes. Electrolytes are water mixed with vital nutrients. Electrolytes take up 55%-70% of our body per gender and age with salt about 9 grams per liter. Brain regions that lack important nutrients will not function.

We understand that brain regions starved from energy are not able to generate action potential and cause abnormal synaptic transmissions [15, 16] (synaptic transmission is how neurons communicate). Yet rather than restocking the brain with nutrients, currently we use a medicinal route of some form of serotonin medicine, such as triptans or serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs or SNRIs). Unlucky migraineurs and depression patients (as well as fibromyalgia, bipolar, chronic fatigue and a host of other conditions) also receive voltage dependent calcium channel blocker medicines, one of which I tore apart in my last article. Given that these medications are so often prescribed, one would think that they actually work. But do they?

These medications don’t actually work for depression in over 70% of the time. And for migraines? Well, that is another story as I am about to discuss.  It is also important to note that where energy is needed, medicines that block energy actually work against recovery and dull the brain, using symptom management instead of prevention or treatment.

Why Triptans and SSRIs/SNRIs are Hit or Miss for Migraines

Serotonin for migraines sometimes works and sometimes it does not. Regardless if it works or not, it comes with tremendous side effects, often causing depression, violence, and fatalities. The Stanton Migraine ProtocolTM has treated thousands of migraineurs over the years and the statistics show that 80% initially take some serotonin preventive, usually an SSRI or SNRI, and also need abortives, such as triptans, and even after that they still have migraines! Not only does this show that serotonin does not work but also that there is a very dangerous practice of “more is better,” which may be followed by fatal consequences, such as serotonin syndrome.

Medicines given to migraineurs, by blocking all possible energizing channels, block the inflow of nutrients and the outflow of toxins.

Does Serotonin Make Any Sense At All for Migranes?

A brain region that is not able to generate action potential, as shown, serotonin is not the energizer. It is possible that the particular region that cannot generate energy happens to be responsible for serotonin production, in which case adding serotonin will indeed take the pain away. Taking serotonin is a band-aid and will not treat the cause of not having enough energy.

During deep brain stimulation of conscious humans, they were able to explain what they felt and how their depression lifted during the procedure [4-6, 17]. Since migraine shows the exact same patter and deep brain stimulation also works for them, though they were never made to talk and explain their stories while under procedure, they did improve and their pain went away.  It all sounds so simple since we know what generates action potential in the brain: salt.

So why do patients keep on getting serotonin medications knowing that serotonin has absolutely nothing to do with migraines? This is a great question that I would like to ask many physicians! Habits are hard to break but eventually they must!

There is a small chance that triptans or SSRIs may work for your migraines (30% or less) but it is 100%  certain that adverse effects will cause enough problems that will prevent your brain from working properly. In the long run, these drugs cause permanent damage–I have seen that happen.

Instead of popping the  next pill, learn what migraines are and learn how simple it is to prevent them. Since migraines and depression have the same cause as seen in the scanners, why not try the same solution for depression as well?

Join the movement for healthy life without medicines. Contact us for the solution!


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Your comments are welcome!


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Welcome to Stanton Migraine Protocol Website!

Welcome to the Stanton Migraine Protocol®, a protocol of great success that can help you learn what migraine is, what it is caused by, how it is caused, and why it is caused. The Protocol also teaches you how to stop an ongoing migraine, and how to prevent any new migraines from coming.

The Stanton Migraine Protocol® does not use any medicines, not an herbal or supplemental treatment either. It requires of you no expense, no tricks. Once you understand what migraine is, you will see why so many thousands are migraine free by applying it. Read some of the testimonials on this page to see. The Protocol need not cost you a penny. There is a free Facebook group you can join here to learn what to do. People may think “ah! But you must buy the book!” No, actually you don’t. The book is available in libraries (you can request your library to get it if it doesn’t already have it) and if you are an amazing kindle unlimited user, it is available free. So nope, you need not spend a cent on anything to become migraine free. The Stanton Migraine Protocol® is part of a nonprofit organization, which is endowed by several migraine sufferers who had success with the protocol. We use these funds to help offset costs for the needy, such as blood glucose and blood ketone testing equipment, and similar.

The Stanton Migraine Protocol® is a specifically custom tailored protocol of Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., an IRS registered nonprofit educational charitable organization. Our goal is to educate and support migraineurs around the world by providing the latest migraine prevention knowledge available. The Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., welcomes donations to help migraine sufferers around the world. In addition to direct donations to the nonprofit, you may make a huge difference by making your amazon purchases through Amazon Smile and select the Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., as the nonprofit of your preference. Amazon will donate 0.05% of every dollar you spend to support your chosen nonprofit.

The Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., is accepting inquiries from healthcare providers who wish to represent the Stanton Migraine Protocol® in their location as part of their healthcare services. Please contact us for more information.

The nonprofit also participates in a referral program that supports products we found to be of exceptional quality and are important for the health of migraineurs. After several years of searching for the best blood glucose and blood ketone testing equipment, we decided to support Keto-Mojo, which we found to be exceptional in quality and reliability for both glucose and β-ketone measuring. The people there are also nice to work with and will help you with any questions you may have.

For each full kit purchase you make through (click image to link to manufacturer), the Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., receives a small royalty (donation), and you can save 15% off the original purchase price. The discount will show up at the very last step in your shopping basket, right before you agree to pay. The discount is only available on kit purchase and not on refills.

North American link is here or click on the images below.

European purchase link is here or see below. 

Keto Plus kit –click image to purchase

Click Here & Save 15% on your Keto-Mojo Blood Ketone & Glucose Monitor Kit!  Works on any complete kit!

For Keto-Mojo products in Europe, please use this link to get your special discount on your equipment order. You receive a discount on your equipment purchase.

We support Health by Principle. Health by Principle company carries nutritional supplements I designed for myself. It is not required for anyone to purchase but if migraineurs wish to use these products, in the Facebook group, members receive a 15% discount. The product line includes electrolyte (iodized salt) and magnesium (4 elemental types magnesium mix: citrate, taurinate, glycinate, and malate). The product line grows over time as the company is branching into other areas of interest. I am retained as their scientific adviser for their supplements. I have no financial interest and receive no royalties or benefits from this company.

We support Cronometer, a digital-entry-based approach to tracking macronutrients and Calories. Migraineurs who are members of either of my two Facebook migraine groups (protocol, keto) receive 20% discount off their annual subscriptions and we maintain direct communication with the company to improve entry process.

And the last product of support, of course, is my book.

Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide

Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide

Thousands of people use the Stanton Migraine Protocol® all over the world successfully for all types of migraines. The Stanton Migraine Protocol® is based on the latest understanding of scientific research that recognizes that migraine brain is different from the brain of a non-migraineurs. Migraine brains have multiple sensory organ receptor connections–migraineurs are sensitive to light, sound, scents, touch, etc. The migraine brain needs more energy with a more mineral-dense electrolyte from non-migraineurs. The metabolism of migraineurs is also different–they are more likely to have metabolic disorders; more sensitive to electrolyte imbalances, weather changes, elevation differences, pressure differences, temperature differences, hormonal changes, and a variety of other elements affecting life.

The Stanton Migraine Protocol® incorporates several steps to evaluate the specific needs of the migraineur’s brain and to incorporate these special needs and maintenance. For package options and pricing and information about the Facebook groups, please contact Angela via the contact form below.


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