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Angela A Stanton, PhD

Angela A Stanton, PhD

I am Angela A. Stanton, PhD. I received my doctorate in a field that incorporates several specialties with the focus on neuroscience and the hormones associated with decision-making. The measurement is by economic games and heavy mathematics. My official doctorate is PhD in Economics with my dissertation entirely neuroscience, adding to what is referred to as Neuroeconomics (see my CV at the end). I specialize in hormonal (neurotransmitter) variations of the brain and how those variations change the decisions a person makes. Although I am not an economist in the classical sense by a long shot, I do have a couple of well-known papers that are economics and mathematics. One is very well-known (and quite hated by many neoclassical economists); it was specifically requested by and was published in a special edition of the Revue Française d’Economie translated to French (not by me). This is the English original and here is the French translated published version (kind of fun to see it in French). 🙂

I now focus only on neuroscience and specifically on certain brain functions and irregularities as they relate to chronic pain. You can find my dissertation for sale on amazon  or the original academic published form free at the Journal of Dissertations or part of it in an academic journal published article that was coauthored by my doctoral chair, me and an MD who was present during my experiments (she did not take part in the experiments themselves, only ensured safety). This particular academic paper only represents chapter two of my dissertation.

In the process of my doctoral research many of the experiments I conducted on human volunteers manipulating their neurotransmitters you can find published in academic articles and some are sold on amazon. I am very honored to have been an invited participating author in the Encyclopedia of the Mind. My latest book “Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: A Complete Guide. How to Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medicines” is available in paperback and e-book all over the world in stores, libraries, and online. The e-book is only available from amazon.

I also dabbled into constitutional law as part of my dissertation for human experiments required a published thesis on human rights with respect to experimentation with their body and body parts (my thesis is section 3, chapter 5 “Forfeited Consent: Body Parts in Eminent Domain“). This thesis is now textbook material for law students in some universities (not all). It is a mathematical analysis of justice making process (injustice in this case) and mockery of the justices’ arguments.

New Book Release

“Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: A Complete Guide. How to Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medicines”

Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide

Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide

is released in e-book and paperback. For a limited time, signed copies are available to be ordered here in paperback.

Why Migraine?

My doctoral studies did not start out with the goal of understanding migraine (please find AngelaAStantonCV-12-9–2017 in PDF), but they helped me because of two key reasons:

1) My doctorate is multidisciplinary, meaning it requires the understanding of many fields. It taught me to be broad in my vision and stay open-minded to be able to think out of the box and to connect the dots. I have become more of a visionary scientist (I would call that a theorist if there was such in medicine) than a lab scientist. I take advantage of being able to connect dots that are invisible to others.

2) I too am a migraineur so seeing the problem from within allowed me to ask questions that other researchers or doctors cannot think of.

I have discovered the cause of migraines and have been living a migraine and medicine free life for many years now. I am passing on the wisdom to thousands of migraineurs and also to many doctors now all over the world. I have a long list of testimonials posted on my special website to Stanton Migraine Protocol®, which is now the gold standard and only true prevention and treatment for migraines without medicines. Many doctors and even a local hospital now sends migraineurs my way for treatment and there are several doctors in my migraine group to learn what I do.

Member of the following associations:

Although membership associations may not be important for many people I deal with, they are very important because it is their publications that guided me toward understanding the connections between disparate literature to be able to connect them to one coherent understanding of migraines.

American Academy of Neurology (AAN)
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
International Headache Society (IHS)
The American Diabetic Association (ADA)
The American Physiological Society (APS)
The Society for Neuroscience (SfN)

Current Research

Since my focus is migraines and migraines are so connected to nutrition, my current research is the full understanding of all metabolic processes and to help migraineurs prevent the inevitable type 2 diabetes and the associated metabolic diseases migraineurs end up with. The reasons for the sensitivity to these metabolic disorders is genetic. However, genetics is a probability and not a certainty. The course of one’s life is influenced, but not directed, by her or his genetic predisposition. Therefore, with proper nutrition, migraineurs can reverse and prevent their health condition. What that proper nutrition may be is the focus of my research.

Angela A. Stanton, Ph.D.

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  1. Dear Justin,

    I cannot give any medical advise over the internet. I suggest that you contact me via my FB migraine groups.

    In terms of serotonin syndrome, which is an increase of serotonin, it can lead to sexual dysfunction and a drop in testosterone. Because of the way SSRIs occupy the receptors of the reuptake (which would tell the neuron to stop making serotonin), sometimes long-term or even permanent damage may occur.

    The keto diet with intermittent fasting is one of the best diets for healing, with carnivore being the other. But the healing comes from fasting. As a migraineur, fasting can get you into serious migraines. I recommend you join my migraine groups to learn what to do. I have 2 groups and I recommend you join both. The bigger one is not keto nor is fasting allowed, but I check your metabolic health there and see if all is ready for you in terms of fasting. This group is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MigraineSufferers

    The other group is a keto group, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KetogenicDietforMigraines but you can only join this group if you no longer have serious migraines and not taking any meds.

    See you in the group,


  2. Justin says:

    Hi Dr. Angela.,
    I came across your article about serotonin syndrome and felt very inclined to reach out to you. I hope this message reaches you. I have suffered from migraines for years. Was put on an ssri then prescribed sumatriptan. I definitely feel that I experienced serotonin syndrome. I am now off all meds and believe I am suffering from PSSD – lingering post ssri sexual dysfunction. Do youhave any experience with this label? I would love a consult with you to discuss if at all possible. I feel as if my serotonin levels are completely out of balance. I’ve been documenting how certain foods are triggers/helps and have totally revamped my diet to keto and intermittent fasting. I am very interested and determined to heal, find a cure, and understand this. I’m just looking for help and guidance. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


  3. Hi Marcia,

    The Stanton Migraine Protocol® is very different from what Dr. Buscholz recommends. The Stanton Migraine Protocol® actually teaches you what triggers in the food and how to counter that chemical.

    For example, fruits he discusses to not eat, such as bananas, are believed to be high potassium foods and are recommended for the general population; he just tells you to not eat it but not why.

    Bananas have less potassium than half an avocado but, depending on size and ripeness, contain between 6-15 teaspoons of sugar equivalent in addition to natural MSG. Sugar is a major trigger for migraineurs, read one of my articles here: Migraine: Do We Have It All Wrong? and for some MSG causes headaches. I am not suggesting to eat bananas because of the sugar content–unless you like to eat them before they ripen and are nearly still green. At that time their sugar content is minimal and are mostly resistant starch.

    As you see there is a lot to learn about food. The Stanton Migraine Protocol® teaches you the biochemical cause of migraines and how to prevent them. I offer a free option on Facebook or a private consult for fee. If you prefer the for-fee option, please send a note via the contact form, which sends an email to me.

    Have a wonderful evening,


  4. Marcia Hogg says:

    Hello… I just found you minutes ago. I’m interested in this protocol. I’m 49, female, suffering for 26 years with migraines (without aura… “just” phonophobia, photophobia, horrid stiff neck, etc) and they’re getting more frequent. I’m at about 10 per month. I take Axert and OTCs, but nothing prophylactically right now (after trying SSRIs and beta blockers). I have done the David Buchholz migraine protocol with some success since 2013, but mostly I find that I’m MORE sensitive to food triggers and have to be more diligent for minimal return on investment. It’s exhausting. I take CoQ10, B-complex, Magnesium glysinate (citrate causes migraines for me), but I’m not always as regular with these as I ought to be.

    I’m seeing my neurologist tomorrow for a follow-up. I told him ‘no” to Depakote and Topomax, but given how uncontrolled my headaches are, I’m certain he’s going to try to talk me into either drug. Brain fog and vision disturbances are not options for me as I’m a teacher who loves her job, and I can’t work with brain fog. My vision is already hard to treat.

    Anyway, is your protocol markedly different than that of Buchholz? I’ll order the book and pour through your website. I sent a “join group” request on FB. I live in Calgary, Canada, where barometric weather shift and dramatic and constant.

    Thanks for any help you can offer,
    Marci Hogg

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