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At the neurologist for a follow-up:

“So I just had my follow up with my neurologist. The last time I saw him was in Nov for my 2nd dose of Botox. He ask me how I was doing and I said GREAT!! He was like, “excellent, so the Botox is working!” I said no it didn’t work at all, he looks over his glasses. I told him how I ended up with a 32 day migraine a month and a half after my last injection, how I started researching a ketogenic diet and came across Angela Stanton and all she has found out with her research. I showed him an excerpt from her book. I explained the protocol, his 1st comment, “oh god I couldn’t eat that way ” he also states he suffers from migraines, I almost said well I guess your migraines aren’t that bad. But I held my tongue. I continued to explained the sodium and potassium balance , the low carb, high fat and he just kept this smile on his face that looked like he was sitting in front of someone a little nutty. And I just kept talking. Finally he said well thank you for telling me this, I’ll be sure to pass along to some if my patients ( he wrote down nothing ) he stated that he believes it’s still the Botox working, I guess he missed the part where I told him I had a 32 day migraine after the Botox , geez! Anyways I said well you’ll know when you don’t see me again and I gave him a big smile! I plan on sending him a nice little note in 6 months telling him I’m still migraine free and it had nothing to do with the Botox or the nasty medications they have fed me for 7 years. I look forward to that letter 

–LM 3/27/2017

A dentist for a migraineur for whom anesthetics or injections don’t work:

“Related and kind of unrelated, but still have to share. Have been dental phobic to the extreme since a child. Anesthesia doesn’t work on me well, have had the EMTs called when I have had a horrible reaction to drugs while in a dental chair, have had to use my EpiPen with other reactions, have had dentists not listen to me and just think I am a nut case, always bring my husband with me to advocate that I am not, etc etc. …. not to mention I hate the noise and pain and strangers in my body space like that. I used to be toast for days after just a cleaning, with a guaranteed migraine. Can’t even think of how I was after major procedures. Fast forward to now, seven months in to protocol, and had a dental cleaning appointment yesterday. Took salt before. Still had hubby come with me. But I was pretty darn calm. And able to coherently advocate for myself when needed. Got through the cleaning and had milk and cream after for some energy. Felt a bit off still so took some salt. I was doing it all. … not sure what was going to work but happy I wasn’t in literally a comatose state as usual. Was able to walk up to the check out counter, have a conversation, pay while knowing how much I was writing the check for, and schedule my next appointment. And the best, hubby took me to lunch afterwards. We had a delightful time and I kept thinking: “was I really just at the dentist?!” And even better than that, I went to Costco after lunch, had a good family evening, and woke up this morning feeling awesome. We are going to live theater today about two hours from our house, and I am happy, calm, and migraine free. An experience like this (dare I say awesome) dental experience and a big day the day after never would have happened before finding Angela Stanton‘s protocol. It’s not just the migraines that improve …. it’s so many, many things in life!!!!! I will never take that for granted!”

–KW 3/25/2017

How to be an athlete with migraines?

“The problem:

I’m playing in an intense soccer tournament. 2 full days of sprinting. Before this group, I would just expect to spiral into full blown nausea, vomiting, and migraine and say farewell to my family. But I’m determined to stave it off this time. Ive read some older posts that recommend milk and salt and water pre and post workout, but will this sustain a long weekend of high intensity exercise?

The Outcome:

I followed your suggestion Angela: Protein loaded. Salt water during each match, followed by milk post match, then protein and fat for lunch. The results: nothing short of miraculous. I had zero nausea, zero headache, zero migraine. The following morning, I had some looming nausea and headache, so I followed the same plan during my next matches, but added gel at the end as you suggested and was completely pain free. I’m so excited. So shocked and feel like I can at least be anxiety free going into intense workouts. I have a plan now!”

–3/18/2017 NO

The importance of taking baby steps in recovery:

“Several years of having daily migraines, from 4 Up to 10. Unable to find the pattern. I have tried every treatment that different neurologists told me to. There were awful periods of non stopping pain. Like this past January, But I found this group, and I can’t thank you enough. Still trying to figure out everything, But trying every day sticking to baselines.. for first time in years, I have pain free days. And when It comes, It is a level 1 or 2. Learning how to balance. But I am getting there. Thank you Angela Stanton and each one Who make this group a gem. Love from Perú”

–LZ 2/20/2017

In talking about having hemiplegic migraines in the FB migraine group:

“I too have slowing on the left side (left temporal slowing), also migraines. Since I have been following Angela’s [Stanton Migraine Protocol®] a little over a year, my migraine activity has diminished from 25 days of the month sick, basically bedridden for 2-3 years, to almost zero migraine ever. I am able to plug back into life again, it’s incredible!

I have also noticed that seizure activity is way down & far attenuated from how it once was. Some people have both migraine & seizures. I have seen this called “migralepsy.”

I’m so sorry for your daughter, but how lucky for her to catch this early in life. The good news is, the brain has great plasticity & CAN actually heal. I can’t believe how good I feel with just one year on the protocol. And I’m 61, with seizures since age 14!

Again, thank you to Dr. Angela!! So your daughter CAN & will improve over time, with the protocol. So glad she & the baby are safe 🙏🏾I send you & your family good thoughts 🌻

I should also mention that during this healing year, I did three months on Ketogenic Diet. That REALLY pushed things forward for me, then I went back to what I currently follow, Stanton Migraine Protocol/LCHF. Seizures (as well as migraine) responded very well to Keto, everything significantly diminished, and the improvements have held 8-9 months later, on a less restrictive plan.”

–FC 2/11/2017

“Angela Stanton, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have now been following protocol to the best of my understanding for about 8 weeks. I immediately felt a reduction in severity and frequency of my migraines. However, over the past 2 weeks I have started feeling like a new person. My energy and focus are amazing. I feel like my 25-year-old self. I have also lost 9 pounds. I assume some of that was water retention. Nonetheless, my immunologist was very impressed. He told me that he and his 94-year-old mother eat a ketogenic diet to stay young and healthy. Although, I am not keto intentionally, he stated that what I have been eating is very close. I just can’t thank you enough.”

–TM 2/8/2017

“Followed the travel protocol for the first time … and thank you Angela Stanton! Best cross country flight ever!!!! Up early, delayed flight, there hour time change, and life is still good!!!!”

–KW 1/23/2017

A testimonial that is different from any you have ever seen or read! In my migraine group on Facebook yesterday:

“So as I’m coming up to being part of the protocol for 1 year, I am reflecting on what has changed in my life- the gifts I’ve been given due to Angela Stantons determination, insight, and knowledge she has shared with Migraineurs everywhere. Ironically, I’ve experienced more pain for the longest amount of time in a year this week. I honestly laid in bed last night and seriously considered taking a Triptan because the pain was really getting to me. I thought, if I wake up in the morning and it doesn’t start to break with my morning salt and a strong cup of coffee, I might have to. This would’ve been a big deal because I haven’t taken a Triptan since 2 weeks into the protocol- so again almost a year!
Thankfully, 20 min ago the gripping pain let go. This bout of pain that I haven’t felt in so long- which was not even close to what I experienced daily before finding the protocol, reminded me of how far I’ve come. I had symptoms I had forgotten I ever had. They just quietly disappeared over the course of the year.
For those just starting, confused, and intimidated- be patient. I am not a follow the rules kind of girl. I want plenty of freedom. However, I do better with structure and set boundaries. Many times I thought I could alter Angela’s protocol a little, or I thought why does she have to be so “intense” about it? Then I realized, duh, this is her research! If we don’t follow the rules, there is no control in the experiment! It also doesn’t work if you make it up as you go along.
Since January of last year, I have come off of Zonegran, Propanolol, Nortriptalin, all “supplements” for migraines, and all the various Triptans. I no longer visit a chiropractor twice a week if at all and no more expensive visits with the naturopath. I am healing. Because of Angela and her work I enjoy most days and can do most things. The sun is not my enemy nor the moon, I am not at the mercy of the weather , I can eat bacon, go to a concert,refinish furniture- mainly all the things that would attack my sense of smell, sight, etc. It is truly amazing. Thank you Angela!
I wish healing and happiness to all Migraineurs who want to be cured It is possible.”

–AF 1/18/2017

“Thanks to Angela and this group, this week it is 6 months since I have had an aura migraine, prior to getting one every 4 weeks or so. Such a great feeling, having control, being able to plan ahead without fear. Just can’t understand why this is not being recognised as best practice for migraine sufferers, it needs to be and will be one day for sure but scary how much resistance there is.”

–FH 1/16/2017

“Meeting Dr Angela Stanton and joining her facebook group “Migraine Suffers who want to be cured” has been life changing for our family, most importantly our daughter. Jessica had her first migraine at age 10 by her junior year in high school we averaged over $15K a year in doctors, treatments and medicines, none of which worked. It was decided by her team of doctors (neurologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, osteopath etc…..) she needed to be removed from school to heal. Jessica did not respond to medicine and never did heal, after 3 weeks back in class it was decided Jessica would finish high school in a Hospital Home Bound program ( two years) due to the high doses of preventive medicines, daily chronic migraines (100 days + at times) multitude of triggers (lights, foods, smells) loss of memory, inability to speak at times, severe stomach and neck pain and difficulty with balance etc…At age 17 her neurologist told us since she doesn’t respond to medicine (lets increase doses and enter new drug trials) and we can’t break the cycle (can’t go over 48 hours without a migraine) she might just have to live with this till age 55 when possible hormones would change. I was desperate to continue to find help and fell upon Angela in a migraine group. I reached out to Angela on January 4th, 2015 to discuss my daughters daily migraines of five years. She knew exactly what was wrong and with her guidance we experienced immediate results. It took over four months to slowly reduce the preventive medicines and a great deal of coaching through the pain to not take an emergency relief cocktail of drugs. Fast forward from two years ago yesterday. Jessica is a sophomore in a top university in Washington DC fulfilling her dreams and goals. She finished an internship last summer promoted by American Association of People with Disabilities and has learned to embrace her disability. As a young person reducing carbs and cutting sugar has been difficult so it has not been a perfect stop of migraines but it is a daily decision she makes. So yes, even though there will never be a cure for her daily migraines she can make a decision everyday if she chooses to have a migraine.”

–LRM 1/5/2017

“I have had migraines literally from the time I was learning to tie my shoes until a couple of years ago. At that point I was chronic with pain nearly every day. I had tried all of the classic diet changes, trigger removals, sleep positions, and more supplements than any person should ever take. I’ve joked that I would have eaten my shoe if that would have helped. I was about out of options when I heard of an approach that was based on the actual science of migraine. As an engineer that got my attention and so I bought the book, joined the group, and began learning about the cause and the solution. I had immediate improvement in my migraine situation such that I used Triptans only 2 times from that point forward, and both when I was on travel and unable to manage my diet as I needed to do. I’ve not touched meds at all in over a year, and now I go to bed each night knowing that I will wake up the next morning with no issues whatsoever. I also know that I will always be a migraineur … there is a genetic basis for what happens to us … but I now know how to manage this. The other big benefit is that all of my health indicators have turned dramatically for the better, and that resulted from reducing the carbohydrate that was throwing off my electrolytes so badly, which in turn leads to migraine. Angela Stanton has figured this thing out, and has given life back to so many who are genuinely interested in doing whatever they can to address their migraine condition.  I’m 55 now, retired, and am living the pain-free life I used to dream about with no expectation of ever achieving it.  Angela’s hard work has truly been a miracle for me!”

–KEI 1/4/2017

“Sharing my success. My migraines reduced again in 2016. Slowly but surely getting there. I must say that I have migraines since I have memory, maybe 3-5 years old. And now I am 44. It takes long time to heal, but the last few months I feel full of energy again. Thanks to Angela Stanton, and everybody in the group 🙂 Happy New Year to everybody! Looking forward to posting my first migraine free month. (see BG’s migraine calendar below)

BG Migraine Calendar

BG Migraine Calendar

–BG 1/3/2017

“Whilst I have years of migraines I am now fifty and they started when I was 13, got to daily migraines, tried all alternatives, loads of preventatives, including Botox, Triptans to point of 24+ a month, I am a different person and have my life back, it is New Year’s Day, I went to bed at three am after a fun night of dancing at a friends party, I stuck to water, dates, crisps etc, salt before bed, I have been up since eight and tidied my daughters Christmas bedroom, sitting down now with my hot milk and will take my dog for a walk while everyone is still sleeping. I am not there yet and still take Triptans sometimes, but I am soooo happy, I have my life back, my children have their mum back, my husband has his wife back. It’s a different journey for all of us. Thank you Angela Stanton and admins. Happy 2017 👍😀” 

–SJW 1/1/2017

“My dad and I have been suffering for years with migraines – since I was 4 and for my dad, I can’t remember a time in my life where he didn’t have them. Bedridden, agonizing, excrutiating pain no one around us really understands. We always have had a bond from the pain and suffering from our migraines. We’ve tried medicines, suggestions, anything to alleviate our migraines. We check on each other on how our migraines have been and whatnot. (Let me preempt my story too by saying my dad is a very, very stubborn and set man when it comes to anything he’s decided on.) He hates hospitals, doctors and any new “idea” about how to get rid of migraines because they haven’t worked for him. So last week, my dad came down to visit and he was supposed to come over for dinner two days ago but phoned me and said he was feeling a migraine coming on. I briefly told him of this group and told him how I’d been slowly upping my water intake and how I haven’t had a real debilitating migraine for a bit. I told him he needed to start drinking more water during his up times to prevent dehydration but for the meantime to slowly drink a glass of milk and put a pinch of ionized salt under his tongue. He said he’d try it and hung up. (I totally didn’t think he would but was saying it to placate me.) I called him today to check on him since his migraines usually last two days and he told me he started drinking more water during the day and tried the milk and salt like I suggested. He said he had to take a few Excedrin migraine (which usually never work) and briefly fell asleep. When he woke up a few short hours later, he said his migraine was gone. I was so surprised he tried what I suggested I was a temporary mute! I started in on the regimen protocol with less carbs/sugar and he laughed. (I guess I got over enthusiastic about it.) I told him I was proud of him and that I’d start slow with him. But I just wanted to say how grateful I am for having found this group. It is truly a life changer. 😊”

–ME 12/31/2016

“Another holiday/travel anecdote: I just spent 4 days in San Antonio migraine-free after flying from New York. Despite airplane and change in temp/humidity (normally big triggers for me) and having a non-protocol friendly xmas dinner the night before at my parents’ house, I was able to fight off signs of a migraine on the plane [going] there and was completely pain free for the rest of the trip, including flight back. Unfortunately, my mom had a 3-day long “headache” — which to me sounded like it might be a migraine. I finally convinced her to do the salt test on day 3 and ten minutes later (after complaining about how gross raw salt was) she raved “WOW!! The pressure in my head is totally alleviated!!!” She could not believe how salt could help when Advil didn’t. She had more salt again later in the day when the pain started to come back and same result!! She was thrilled. And I am so happy I was able to enjoy my trip and be active!! I intentionally booked a separate room in anticipation of needing a quiet space in case of migraine and I am sooo thrilled that I didn’t need to use it. I am so so grateful for the Stanton Migraine Protocol!!! I am hopeful for even more success in 2017.”

–EB  12/30/2016

“…thank you VERY MUCH Angela Stanton for the best Christmas gift I have ever had. I am currently 197 days migraine free, which will be 201 days by 25 December – providing I can continue to follow the protocol and avoid temptation. Having had at least monthly migraines since I was 11, this gift of a clear head at all times is spectacular…”

–SY 12/20/2016

“I feel like I can post this today and not jinx myself, as I am out of my usual migraine window. Thank you Angela Stanton and every single member that has answered my questions in the past two months since I joined this group. I joined, two months ago, in post migraine haze, after having regular monthly migraines for 29 months, and off and on migraines since I was 19. I was losing a week every month for the past 2 1/2 years. Four days to actual migraine, two days on either end, before and after. This month, month 30 of this terrible stretch, I HAD NO MONTHLY MIGRAINE! (!!!) Happy tears of joy. I kept waiting for it to happen. I scheduled, as I usually do, my life around the possibility. My family kept checking in with me. But I stuck to protocol, as it’s way more important to me to have a pain free brain than it is to put anything not protocol friendly in my mouth, and no migraine. My life is back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

–KW 12/18/2016

“I have been on the protocol for over a year and a half. My oldest daughter graduated college last year at this time. I managed to make it through the day without a migraine, but with the emotion and stress of the day it was very much on my mind that it would rear it’s ugly head. Fast forward a year later my second daughter is graduating college and although it did cross my mind that I may get a migraine this morning, it was a fleeting thought, and I focused on what I need to do for the day. Thank you Angela for making my life, and the lives of countless others, so much better. There is so much gratitude in my heart today.”

–LJD 12/17/2016

Thank you Angela Stanton & members [of the migraine group] who have helped me over the last year and a half.
I do my best to stay on protocol, because it works.
It works!!!
Not an easy task at times.

Even with the stress of 4 teenagers – one with medical & physical issues all with dyslexia.

I sat through their lighted nighttime Christmas parade for our town. No migraine!!!!!!
No migraine from the flashing lights. No migraine from too many people. No migraine despite my limbs being chilled. No migraine despite being thirsty for water.
I had this little thought that I’d be sick waking up this morning. Nope!
Protocol provided this mom a moment to enjoy my kids before they all take off on their own in a few years and a migraine free day following  
Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️🎄

–CMB 12/11/2016

Have to publicly thank Angela Stanton … this [Stanton Migraine Protocol®] is life changing! Joined two months ago, not perfect, but changes are happening that are benefiting my life in many ways. Thanks! Awesome example: husband looooves going to jazz clubs. I haven’t been able to go in years, despite also loving jazz music. Well, guess what? We went last night, and I am migraine free! Not even a little headache! This was no small feat on a Friday: we live 90 minutes south of the jazz club we like, and 90 minutes only in good traffic. On a Friday, after a storm that gave us lots of snow for our area, which combined with Friday rush hour is a disaster, we left four hours early. Had my multiple water bottles, had salt, had nuts and cheese, had milk and cream. Got there just in time, and I still felt good despite hours in car. I had a delightful salmon and zucchini dinner (asked for extra butter!), drank hot water during the night (winter here and cooold for me!), and enjoyed, truly enjoyed the music! No smoking there – thankfully. Not one head twinge ever through the show. Small club, super loud, intense, upbeat jazz music with a never ending beat. And My. Head. Was. Awesome! Seriously miraculous! Driving home after, I kept telling my husband how good I felt, as I drank my milk and cream. Thank you Angela for giving me my life back. So, so appreciative!!

–KW 12/10/2016

I just wanted to share that I successfully completed my first 90 minute yoga session! 😁

This is my first attempt in 2 years and it feels so good! I must say I feel like a beginner and in a sense I am, given the long hiatus/detour that was taken due to chronic migraines.

Little by little, step by step I’m regaining my life and my physical strength! I started protocol in July and have seen and felt immense improvements!

I’m feeling blessed and thankful today and I wanted to share my achievement with you all!

If I hadn’t found the Stanton Migraine Protocol I’d be in the same place of daily chronic migraine.

It feels so amazing to be getting my life back!

–ARD 11-16-2016

I wanted to share this testimonial since it is so funny of a testimonial that it got me laughing so hard that I laughed myself off the chair. With permission from the migraineur who posted this, I am sharing:

“Sometimes I just want to thank Angela Stanton. We are in the process of moving and down to the last day. I have literally thought about her at least 5x a day in the last two weeks as I use oven cleaner, scrub tile with a toothbrush and bleach, paint walls and windex Windows. Why you ask? Because I haven’t had a hint of a migraine! I’ve been around enough toxic fumes and chemicals that would have laid me out before. Typically I stick to vinegar and dawn soap but the heavy artillery is sometimes necessary😻 I’ve even painted ceilings with my head tilted backward at an awkward angle. Two of our contractors get migraines and I gave them milk and referred them to the [Stanton Migraine] protocol. They say moving is the most emotionally debilitating event rating second after a death. So…the full moon, my period, the stress, the paint fumes, the seriously increased level of activity and the emotions tied to all the crap I haven’t had time to sort through [because] of 5 years of chronic migraines has not brought me down! I’m simply tired….and that is normal!!!! Eternally grateful to Dr. Angela Stanton❤️
–AF 10/1/2016

“I told [my PCP] all about Dr Stanton’s protocol. He could not believe I was off my topamax, botox and zomig. I explained that I went from 25 migraines per month to an occasional [one] which unfortunately was really bad only because I gambled with carbs. I could tell by his facial expression that he thought it was crazy when I mentioned [the Stanton Migraine ProtocolTM]. After I explained, he said he was very interested in this. I said that I know this is against everything he probably learned in med school but sugar is the enemy, not salt… He said that the proof was in the fact that undeniably, its working. He wrote down the name of the book. And he typed on his laptop on my chart “to continue Stanton Migraine Protocol… therapy”.

Next, the nurse who came in was so intrigued and asked for the name of the book because she had been struggling all day with a migraine.

Tonight, I’m exhausted from last nights migraine attack. Today was strict baseline of eggs, peanuts, milk, scaps. Absolutely no simple carbs! Lesson learned. I do have a very high tolerance for carbs but I am not invincible! Lesson learned the hard way.”


Went to the University of Chicago yesterday because my dad has been bugging me to see their neurologist forever. GUESS WHAT HE SAID?! “Stop taking paid meds and increase salt/water intake and also spend at least 30 minutes outside every day.” I couldn’t believe it. My jaw almost dropped. The first and only medical doctor I’ve ever seen that suggested something that goes along with the protocol. He did prescribe me abortives that I’m supposed to take before it rains and before my period but he said overtime once I become more hydrated and build my strength up that I probably won’t need those either. SO EXCITED I COULD CRY.


Wanted to share something. I’ve had medication induced hyper tension for many years. I was put on a low presser (can’t remember the name) at age 18, propranolol around age 30, for my migraines. Started off innocently enough, 10 mg daily. My last increase was 80 mg, four times daily. I have been on more bp meds than my dad, who has had 5 heart attacks, quadruple bipass, and too many stents to count, even in his legs. I’ve been in this group less than a week, and trying to push fluids, and keep my electrolytes balanced. (I ordered the paper back book, but it’s yet to arrive) so I’m doing my best.

As of yesterday, I’ve not had a full blown migraine in almost a week, I’ve lost 10 pounds, and my blood pressure went from an average 174/132, down to 122/62. I’d not had meds in 11 hours, in case my doc wanted blood work. After telling her of Dr. Stanton’s protocol, she became very interested. On another nice note, I have to take my bp tid X 30d, and bid, X 4 weeks, and if mybp stays down, she’ll reduce my meds!! Yeehaw!! Thanks Angela!!


I had migraines for nine years, but now, as I follow the Stanton Migraine Protocol, the migraines are completely under control.
I started getting infrequent migraines after chemotherapy. Three years ago, they became very severe and lasted three days. I had all the usual symptoms of migraine, but they even affected my body’s temperature control and I would shiver uncontrollably under three thick blankets on a very hot day. A very high temperature soon followed. My legs were so weak that my son would have to help me down the stairs at work to go home. I went on sick leave, and took to my bed for at least three days a week.
A doctor sent me for an MRI and lots of other tests, which all came out negative. I was put on an anti-depressant as a preventative and it did help to reduce the frequency and the chills and fever stopped. However, I was still bed-bound for three days out of twenty-one, and hated the side affects. It has severely affected my memory even eight months after stopping, so I don’t recommend anyone to go that route.
Ten months ago, I was searching for more migraine groups on Facebook and came across Dr Angela Stanton’s group and her book. It was the best thing that had happened for a long time. I joined the group and Dr Angela asked me answer some questions about my health and diet. She spent a lot of time assessing and guiding me. I cut out all sugar and the tea I had been addicted to. It wasn’t easy, but has been well worth it. I followed the Stanton Protocol and started feeling better. Angela Stanton was there for me with advice whenever I asked her or had any concerns. I tapered off the anti-depressants slowly and became migraine free after a couple more months. It’s like a miracle to feel well and be able to work and socialize again.
I’ve got my life back due to Angela Stanton! She has shared her time, knowledge and brilliance with great kindness and I’ll never be able to thank her enough.


Dear Dr. Stanton,

I ordered your book and just finished it this past weekend.

Within the first 20 pages of your book, I had to put the book down twice because I was crying that finally someone understood me. I felt like you were describing me, either that or you and I are somehow related!

I am a 47-year-old, mother of two, married for 27 years, college-educated woman who has been suffering with migraines for as long as I can remember, though the last 10 years they have become quite debilitating. So many points you made in your book hit home for me that I never connected with having a “migraine brain.”

Like you describe, I too am very hypersensitive when it comes to sounds, smell, etc. In addition, I have always had very low blood pressure. I normally run in the 90s/60s. Though I have never been diagnosed with RLS, I do have certain times that I exhibit those symptoms. I am definitely going to be mindful now to see if this correlates with a migraine (though I am hopeful my migraines will be becoming a thing of the past).

I had a complete hysterectomy at age 35. At that time, I was put on hormone replacement therapy which I am still on. I tried weaning off this a few months ago but I ended up with terrible hot flashes and was not sleeping at all. At the same time, my migraines became even more intense and more frequent. (I have kept a log of my migraines since February of this year and generally have about 9 migraines per month.) So, I am back on estradiol 1 mg every day and the hot flashes are gone and I am sleeping great. The first week I went back on the HRT, I did not have any migraines but, of course, they came back. After reading your book, I realize that the migraines were most likely due to the stress of what my body was going through, not the hormones themselves. This was an ah-ha moment for me!

Another ah-ha moment for me was how severely dehydrated I have been my whole life. I would not drink as much as I should because I literally would have to go to the bathroom just about every 20 minutes. Of course, I have been eating all wrong so the water just ran through me. Let me just add that I love salt! However, my husband was diagnosed with hypertension years ago and so I have cut down on my salt over the years since he could not have it (coincidentally about the same amount of time that my migraines have gotten worse and more frequent), ah-ha!

So, I attempted your protocol Saturday (before finishing the book) which I completely messed up (eating a banana for breakfast without anything else) and ended up in bed all day with a migraine. Finished your book Saturday night and attempted again on Sunday. On Sunday, I started hydrating and eating my salt again. I actually woke up this morning [Monday] feeling better than I have in YEARS! I have had more energy today than I can remember. I know this is just day #1, and I am sure my diet needs work, but I can’t even describe how great I feel today. When I woke up this morning with no head pain, no nausea, no heavy feeling in my head……it is a miracle! In the past 48 hours since starting your protocol of hydrating and not just drinking, for the first time in over a year I actually did not have diarrhea or a very loose bowel movement this morning. This was surprising to me because one would think with the amount of fluids I have consumed in the past 48 hours, I would actually have a loose bowel movement. However, because the fluid now has something to cling to with the appropriate elements being consumed, the changes in my body function are already become apparent! AH-HA!!!

My son told me today that I look different, that my face was different. I saw it too, my skin looked fantastic! THIS IS DAY #1!

I am already weaning off the Topamax. This drug has been sucking the life out of me for the past 3 years. I am so excited to be medication free!

I can’t begin to thank you enough for your work. I believe that your protocol is going to change my life. When I think of all the family events I have missed, all the sick days I have had, and what my family has seen me through, I can’t even believe this might be over. I already am feeling so much better than I did even days ago and it is because of your work. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. I have been in the medical field for over 25 years and have seen firsthand patients who are shuffled in and out of exam rooms, given a pill, and sent on their way. This is not the way I ever wanted to live. I am so excited for my future and am happy to help you in your work in any way I can. In the meantime, I will be spreading the word about your wonderful book.

God bless you and thank you again so very much,

I am now 5 weeks migraine free AND no vertigo!! My husband and 17 year old son, now watch what I eat (LOL) and help me maintain my food. My 17 year is so impressed with the changes in me that he is writing his debate speech on “Big Pharma” and the negatives of prescription drugs. One of my prescriptions was $4300 (No that is not a typo)- which is what started my search for something better/different.

I have stopped apologizing for my “special” orders at restaurants and I take my own food to dinner invites.

We stood at Panera for 15 minutes the other day waiting for the poor kid behind the counter to look for the book, so I could look up nutritional info on the soups. I don’t care and was not going to apologize. Just a side note: Their squash soup and tomato soup both have a lot of sugar!!

It is crazy to me that this has affected my son so much so that he writing his debate speech about pharmaceutical companies!

Thank you Angela A Stanton PhD!!


After less than one month on Angela’s protocol, I was able to stop 6 years of propranol use, 80 mgs, t i d.. I was on more blood pressure meds, than my dad, who has had 5 heart attacks, a quad bi-pass, and triple stents. I’d lost about 10 lbs as well. My only problem was too much sodium in my blood work, and I’ve learned to reduce when necessary, and push more water, to equal balance. This protocol works, if given the opportunity. Once someone has had enough pain, and is ready to put forth a little effort when saying that they’ll “do anything to make the pain stop”, well it’s simple. Follow the protocol. Paleo diet just doesn’t allow for certain dietary needs for our brains. We need more of one, less of another. I’ll stick with Angela, any day!


Here’s another success story … This time a year ago I was suffering through daily migraine pain … literally every day. I read the book about this time last year and joined the group a couple weeks later. From December to present I’ve touched triptans only once, and can now control my migraine activity with relative ease. I still get out of balance from time to time, but those excursions are due to my own choices … I’m human after all … but I am no longer simply a victim of of uncontrolled chronic pain. 🙂


Today is the day I officially uninstalled migraine buddy off my phone. Why? Because I don’t get migraines anymore! I have nothing to report. Hooray! So for anyone new to the group, do this. It works. 😉


We are in flight…on our way back to Las Vegas…this time with my sister joining us.  I remember at the end of this past March when we came to Vegas and I had just discovered you and the protocol….. I had a pretty successful vacation but still had daily twinges of migraine.  Today….. I am returning completely free of the head pain!  It is so wonderful…you will never know how much you have changed my life.

— Marge Kelly Moriarty

Hi Dr. Angela – I just wanted to report that my tachycardia and palpitations have been GREATLY reduced by taking magnesium taurate as you suggested! I’m down to 12.5mg of amitriptyline with zero negative effects. I’m holding off on the beta blocker until I’m clear of the amitriptyline. I printed out what you’d written for my Dr. and he was very open and grateful for the info. He even asked for the name of your fb page so he can direct his migraine patients to it! I was floored! He has no problem giving me Toprol instead of propranolol, should I need it. He’s still convinced that once I’m off the Elavil, my heart will settle 100%. In case no one has told you today, you are SO deeply appreciated! ❤


So, went to visit my doctor today. Having bp issues totally UNRELATED TO PROTOCOL… My doctor has seen me through years and years of migraines and ER visits, not to mention so many meds, “there is nothing more to try”.

Well.. She is totally blown away by my progress and is going to seek this group out (she gets migraines also). She said to me “Don’t change a thing”!!!

I am proof that this works. Yes, there will be days we slip and days where perhaps the weather gets the best of us, but don’t give up or doubt this protocol for a minute. THIS WORKS! Be patient and listen to what you’re told and what your body says. Sacrifices have to be made, but well worth it in the end. Anything is better than a migraine.

Thank you, Angela and all the admins for all your hard work and listening to questions, sometimes over and over again. You are all amazing. Thank you.


Such a gratifying day! I told my neurologist today that I was breaking up with him because I do not get migraines anymore. (Down from 25 per month). He was very intrigued. I gave him a paper with Dr Stanton’s book name, fb group, website, and link to recently published article. He immediately brought it up on his laptop. He was skeptical thinking that perhaps hydration alone (cutting out diet soda) was the main reason my migraines stopped. I politely disagreed and explained further about electrolytes and balance, etc. He was then concerned I was getting too much potassium from food and what is in the S!CAPS. After I explained further and he was reading Angela’s website quickly, he said he loved it. He said he WILL read it and will recommend it to others. He has patients everyday asking for non-drug therapy. He said he will recommend this as an option and use my example as a success story. I told him that I’m sorry we were breaking up (lol) but I appreciate everything he tried to help my migraines over the years. I gave him the name of this fb group and I told he was welcome to join and learn more. Thank you again Dr. Angela. I never thought I would ever be so happy about a break up.


I hadn’t had a migraine or even hardly a niggle of a migraine for four months before the bacterial infection that made my legs swell. I have never counted ratios at all, and I have a high carbs threshold. I use urine colour to keep migraine free. I stopped all extra salt for five days, only taking about a spoon full in cooking. I didn’t get a migraine until three weeks later. It was quite a bad one again with vomiting, which I hadn’t had since starting the protocol. Two weeks later, another, but slightly less severe. It was like starting the protocol from scratch again. Nothing else had changed except for the five days without added salt. I’ve now been migraine free again for six weeks and will never stop salt again!


This testimonial is a blog written up by one of the migraineurs who read my book and is using the Stanton Migraine Protocol with a caveat: she is a Marathon runner! Interestingly I have several Marathon runners in my care. This is a two-part long blog so I link you to both parts. Part 1 and here is Part 2. Enjoy the story and wish her luck for her next Marathon!


I (and the admins and the migraine group members) received an awesome testimonial today that I am sharing with permission:

“Time for my thank you to Angela Stanton and the group. I managed to play racquetball (running, jerky head movements, loud noise) for the first time in 17 years. AND it was on the first day of my period. First time I can remember doing serious exercise or going without a menstrual migraine in years!!! …Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for changing my life.”


An awesome new testimonial; this time from my “Keto Mild for Migraine” group. This is an “experimental” group in that while nutritional ketosis (ketogenic diet) is great for many health conditions, I was not sure how it would work for migraines and how deep a ketosis is necessary to get it to work–literature is quite all over on the subject and few medical facilities even know the term. I knew that some members were doing great but I received the first such comment today and received permission to share:

“Thank you, Angela Stanton!… I would never have put the connection to that had I not come across your information as I was googling information on migraines one night. I work for a Law Firm and having headaches that would come on during the night and continually having to do whatever I could to alleviate them, while trying to keep a sharp mind for the attorneys was getting challenging. You are a genius and I am just amazed that … water, salt and potassium … literally changed everything. Even my dear friends are amazed that my head isn’t hurting 🙂 . The only change in my life is YOUR protocol. No Imitrex and I haven’t even been taking the sinus medication that I feel like I lived on for years (always felt like a crushing sinus headache). In fact, I would be a little worried if I didn’t have sinus meds close by. I can’t imagine how much I’ve taken over the years to alleviate the pain before the vomiting started. Anyway, so glad I found both of your groups and I will get a blood ketone meter so that I will know exactly where my ketosis may start/stop…”


I suppose I better start time stamping the testimonials as I copy-paste them from the migraine group.

Hi, just back to report that running the marathon on Sunday was an incredible experience. I felt confident to push harder and took 26 minutes off my previous best time, despite challenges of hills, wind and rain. But the best part was having a clear head and vision afterwards. Sore muscles yes but otherwise I have felt fabulous since then, which is a new experience for me. I am so overwhelmed and ecstatic! Thanks again Angela Stanton, this has been such an amazing journey!

–NM August 15, 2016

Another testimonial today from a sport enthusiast among my migraineurs in the FB migraine group that was in response to the previous testimonial of the Marathon runner:

“Although I don’t run marathons, I have a love of riding my bike. I use to mountain bike (younger years) and road rode, but the consequences were horrific… same as with you- ER, MORPHINE, you name it. But I just couldn’t give it up. Until one day I did. I just couldn’t take the pain anymore.
Now, on the [Stanton Migraine] protocol and Angela Stanton’s support I can ride and feel like a new person… Love life without migraines! I’m 1.5 years in to this and NEVER thought I would be normal again…”

— MD  August 15, 2016

Heh, one more testimonial to share with you for today from the mom of the master’s in mechanical engineering graduate whose testimonial I shared with you yesterday (see separate page for her testimonial)!
“Angela, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤ I’m overwhelmed that she succeeded. In April of 2015 Zofia was struggling badly, having constant dizziness and frequent vertigo episodes. We’ve been to the best of the best doctors and clinics and nothing truly worked.
If it wasn’t for your genius and heart Angela, none of this would have happened. Zofia regained her health back and that’s all what counts.
We are forever grateful. ❤ ❤ ❤ “

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  3. Maureen Mckernan senical says:

    In May I had 15 migraines they would hit me out of the blue couldn’t take time off from work so suffers through them! Then I joined angel Stanton on Facebook and bought her book what a difference! I’m changing my diet reading what others symptoms are and realize I have or had them! I have maybe one or two every few months know but I do my salt water or potassium and I’m able to avoid them!!! This for me is a life changer and I am so thrilled with the protocol!! Thank you Angela for your hard work and dedication!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Be Healthy says:

      Thanks so much Maureen! I am so glad your life brought you in contact with me. 🙂 Congratulation for your achievement and keep up the good balancing and well-being.


  4. Cheryl Harding says:

    In January 2015 I met Angela in another migraine group, she told me about her group & little did I know she was about to totally change my life. I’d been having migraines for about 30 yrs & they were now pretty bad, every week for 3-5 days. I was also eating bags of candy every night . I kept going back to Drs but nothing was helping, I had a appointment with the top migraine specialist at Vancouver General hospital for March of 2016.
    I pretty much stopped all sugar & followed Angela’s advice right from the beginning.
    I was in pretty bad shape before this, napping everyday , seeing a psychiatrist for depression ( possibly from the pain) I really just wanted to die.
    I’m now in control of any migraines that do start which isn’t very often. I have a ton of energy for 65 & my mood is way better. I can now do my own cleaning, can plan meals, traveling & lots of other things without worrying about having to cancel, I even did all the gardening & grew a vegetable garden. My husband jokes I have more energy than he does & he’s pretty athletic. I can never repay Angela Stanton for all she’s done for me, she has truly given me my life back & was always there to help me through this when I needed her. Thank you again Angela from the bottom of my heart, I owe you so much.

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