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Welcome to the Stanton Migraine Protocol®, a protocol of great success that can help you learn what migraine is, what it is caused by, how it is caused, and why it is caused. The Protocol also teaches you how to stop an ongoing migraine, and how to prevent any new migraines from coming.

The Stanton Migraine Protocol® does not use any medicines, not an herbal or supplemental treatment either. It requires of you no expense, no tricks. Once you understand what migraine is, you will see why so many thousands are migraine free by applying it. Read some of the testimonials on this page to see. The Protocol need not cost you a penny. There is a free Facebook group you can join here to learn what to do. People may think “ah! But you must buy the book!” No, actually you don’t. The book is available in libraries (you can request your library to get it if it doesn’t already have it) and if you are an amazing kindle unlimited user, it is available free. So nope, you need not spend a cent on anything to become migraine free. The Stanton Migraine Protocol® is part of a nonprofit organization, which is endowed by several migraine sufferers who had success with the protocol. We use these funds to help offset costs for the needy, such as blood glucose and blood ketone testing equipment, and similar.

The Stanton Migraine Protocol® is a specifically custom tailored protocol of Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., an IRS registered nonprofit educational charitable organization. Our goal is to educate and support migraineurs around the world by providing the latest migraine prevention knowledge available. The Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., welcomes donations to help migraine sufferers around the world. In addition to direct donations to the nonprofit, you may make a huge difference by making your amazon purchases through Amazon Smile and select the Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., as the nonprofit of your preference. Amazon will donate 0.05% of every dollar you spend to support your chosen nonprofit.

The Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., is accepting inquiries from healthcare providers who wish to represent the Stanton Migraine Protocol® in their location as part of their healthcare services. Please contact us for more information.

The nonprofit also participates in a referral program that supports products we found to be of exceptional quality and are important for the health of migraineurs. After several years of searching for the best blood glucose and blood ketone testing equipment, we decided to support Keto-Mojo, which we found to be exceptional in quality and reliability for both glucose and β-ketone measuring. The people there are also nice to work with and will help you with any questions you may have.

For each full kit purchase you make through (click image to link to manufacturer), the Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., receives a small royalty (donation), and you can save 15% off the original purchase price. The discount will show up at the very last step in your shopping basket, right before you agree to pay. The discount is only available on kit purchase and not on refills.

North American link is here or click on the images below.

European purchase link is here or see below. 

Keto Plus kit –click image to purchase

Click Here & Save 15% on your Keto-Mojo Blood Ketone & Glucose Monitor Kit!  Works on any complete kit!

For Keto-Mojo products in Europe, please use this link to get your special discount on your equipment order. You receive a discount on your equipment purchase.

We support Health by Principle. Health by Principle company carries nutritional supplements I designed for myself. It is not required for anyone to purchase but if migraineurs wish to use these products, in the Facebook group, members receive a 15% discount. The product line includes electrolyte (iodized salt) and magnesium (4 elemental types magnesium mix: citrate, taurinate, glycinate, and malate). The product line grows over time as the company is branching into other areas of interest. I am retained as their scientific adviser for their supplements. I have no financial interest and receive no royalties or benefits from this company.

We support Cronometer, a digital-entry-based approach to tracking macronutrients and Calories. Migraineurs who are members of either of my two Facebook migraine groups (protocol, keto) receive 20% discount off their annual subscriptions and we maintain direct communication with the company to improve entry process.

And the last product of support, of course, is my book.

Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide

Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide

Thousands of people use the Stanton Migraine Protocol® all over the world successfully for all types of migraines. The Stanton Migraine Protocol® is based on the latest understanding of scientific research that recognizes that migraine brain is different from the brain of a non-migraineurs. Migraine brains have multiple sensory organ receptor connections–migraineurs are sensitive to light, sound, scents, touch, etc. The migraine brain needs more energy with a more mineral-dense electrolyte from non-migraineurs. The metabolism of migraineurs is also different–they are more likely to have metabolic disorders; more sensitive to electrolyte imbalances, weather changes, elevation differences, pressure differences, temperature differences, hormonal changes, and a variety of other elements affecting life.

The Stanton Migraine Protocol® incorporates several steps to evaluate the specific needs of the migraineur’s brain and to incorporate these special needs and maintenance. For package options and pricing and information about the Facebook groups, please contact Angela via the contact form below.


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A Lecture on Migraines

It’s only a day and a half away! This is a discussion-type lecture via zoom with members of the Nutrition Collective in the UK. Anyone can register if you wish to join. It is at 6 PM UK time, 10 AM Pacific time on Wednesday this week, 8th of December, 2021! Register, watch the presentation, and ask your questions! 🥰

I am looking forward to seeing you there.

Medical and healthcare professionals earn credits for this course. Please see details at the website.

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Migraine Treatment and Prevention by the Stanton Migraine Protocol®

Definition of Migraine

Migraine is a genetic condition. Migraine brain has hypersensitive sensory neurons, more sensory neuronal connections, and different electrical properties than a typical brain1,2. Migraineurs waste 50% more sodium in their urine than typical subjects3. The most prominent migraine related genetic variants are associated with critical ionic channels that operate the brain’s electrical functions: action potential, resting potential, the delivery of neurotransmitters, and the resetting of the membrane potential4,5. Migraineurs’ brains are very sensitive to electrolyte imbalance as a result of channelopathy6-9. Migraineurs tend to end up with metabolic syndrome because of their carbohydrate sensitivity.

Continue reading
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All About Migraines: a Video Interview

Part 1! Awaitign part 2 soon:

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Stanton Migraine Protocol in the News Again!

Stanton Migraine Protocol in a Dutch Magazine?

What a surprise!
I had a couple of really busy days with interviews, one yesterday and one today, both early morning. If you know me: I am a night owl so mornings are tough on me.
It was interesting to see my reaction to a post by one of the migraineurs in the protocol group about a Dutch magazine publishing about me. Wow. Better than a cup of coffee! I was so happy and got energized on the spot. I wrote a blog article up to give a bit of the background of the book and the story in the magazine.
I have to ad that I don’t know the author of the article and she is not a member of my group(s)–not sure she ever was, at least not under her real name.
Part of the 2-page article is whited out because the magazine is by subscription only, so it cannot be shared openly online.
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Aimovig (R) Revisited

Should You Take CGRPs like Aimovig (R)?

I originally wrote an article in July 2018. Since then, more has been learned about Aimovig(R)–and the other CGRP inhibitors that have since been released. I watch several FB groups for complaints and other pages as well. Most people only have complaints about them. Some of the adverse effects are serious.
At the original publication on this article only very few adverse reactions were noted–and only constipation was listed on the package. Now complaints number in the several dozens. Here are some:
1) complete body inflammation–now many doctors prescribe Aimoving(R) with Prednisone
2) Hypertension –now many doctor prescribe Aimovig(R) with beta blockers
3) hair loss
4) pneumonia
5) bronchitis
6) rashes all over
7) major GI distress
8) fibromyalgia
9) all kinds of nervous disorders
10) constipation that requires constant prescription laxatives or worse
11) nonstop chronic migraine
12) constant sinus infections
13) The worst part: since the half-life is 29 days, if you end up with an adverse reaction, in may last for 3 months and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
And the list goes on… so… think about it very carefully before you take this. Migraine is 100% preventable by a nutritional change and an increase is some minerals.
Contact me for more information about the alternate medicine free prevention or join me and thousands of other migraineurs here.
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All About Migraines–an Interview


here you can watch/listen to an interview with Dr. Shawn Baker and Zach Bitter for the Human Performance Outliers podcast. We discussed migraine, how I see migraine, what it is, what causes it, how to prevent all migraines, and abort some that may sneak through.

Here is the YouTube link in case you prefer to watch it on YouTube.

If you prefer just voice, the original sound recording is here.

Watch this video and join my Facebook migraine group for help.


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Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc–Nonprofit

Announcing the Birth of our Nonprofit Company

Dear Fellow Migraineurs and Friends,

We have reached a new phase in our efforts to bring relief to as many migraine sufferers as possible. The second edition of Fighting the Migraine Epidemic Complete Guide book has been well received and the Stanton Migraine Protocol® has gained acceptance not only by you – a large, international segment of the migraineur population – but increasingly by medical professionals as well. An increasing number of new Facebook members are referred to us by their physicians. Now our focus must incorporate awareness of our findings on a larger scale, to educate an ever-widening circle of medical professionals and academic experts who can change how migraine is treated in the future and who can help us spread the word.

To achieve our goals, we have established the Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., a nonprofit corporation. It has been recognized by the IRS as a charitable educational entity, and as such it is eligible to receive tax-deductible donations. All donations are tax exempt and donations greater than US$250 require us to provide a receipt that proves deductibility.
All funds raised will be devoted to the educational goals described above through participation at important academic conferences, publications in influential academic forums, and supporting members whose budget is too slim to buy the book.
I am asking you to donate any amount you feel is appropriate; an amount you can afford. Simply visit the Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., website or our Facebook page and follow the prompts after clicking on the “Support Us” button.

100% of all funds received are used for helping migraineurs.

Thank you in advance for your financial assistance in helping to achieve our goals.

Your Greatest Supporter,
Angela A Stanton, PhD

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Migraine Interview with Biohackers Lab

Learn How to Get Rid of Migraines!

Listen to the podcast or watch the video on YouTube. The video is not very good quality (I need a new webcam) but the podcast version is great. Interview with Gary at BioHackers Lab.

Here is YouTube:

And here is BioHackers lab: https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep65-dr-angela-stanton/ for the podcast if you wish only the sound.

Please send message via contact if you have any questions.


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Should You Take Aimovig?

Aimovig™: A Miracle Migraine Treatment or Unnecessary Risk?

The moment I wrote this article, it immediately received big pharma attacks. That’s great!! It seems I stirred the hornets’ nest really big!

My research based academic articles, the actual clinical trials of the drug itself, and the FDA label details, concluded that the drug doesn’t work–only a couple of migraine-free days are gained per month. There are migraineurs on Aimovig who are currently my migraine group to learn how to become migraine free.

For big pharma it is all about the money! Keep that in mind before you jump and spend a lot of money! There is a free treatment that works for all–so far getting close to 5000 migraineurs who no longer suffer migraines. It doesn’t come from medicines. It comes from understanding what migraine is.

Be aware! Help those with migraines see that this drug is not any more magic bullet than any others in the past. it may also cause permanent damage–all listed in the detailed article linked to above so please read and share!


So many migraine sufferers who started takign Aimovig continue to have migraines! They are continuing their other medications as well. This has to be one of the most dangerous situations for migraineurs.

Please share and let them know: this drug is not the miracle it is being sold as.

Its half-life is 28 days! That means that if one gets a horrible adverse effect, it stays for over a month! The adverse reactions are not listed on the FDA label! But they are listed on the supplementary table at the research paper’s website.

Adverse Reactions

Here they are from the research paper: cold, upper respiratory tract infection, ankle fracture, viral gastroenteritis, sepsis, colitis, vestibular neuronitis, backpain, migraine, ovarian cyst, and sinusitis. One person also experienced cerebral venous thrombosis. Over 6% of the people taking it ended up creating antibodies against it (meaning they had an immune response that can either cause an allergic reaction or lead to autoimmune diseases) and some people quit the clinical trial because of adverse effects. None of this is written on the label! Attached is an appendix of their research–see table S3 for adverse effects:

Thanks for your help in helping migraine sufferers around the world!

Comments are welcome as always and are moderated for appropriateness.


Updated: 8/12/2018 4:47 PM by Angela A Stanton, Ph.D.

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The Stanton Migraine Protocol is presented in the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail (UK newspaper) asks:

Can you cure migraines by eating more SALT? That’s the controversial suggestion by one US neuroscientist – but what do leading experts think?

The article was just published in the Daily Mail newspaper by Jane Feinmann about the Stanton Migraine Protocol, one of my migraineurs, and me. This (very careful) article was written as a result of a YouTube video, which you can find here:

There is much more to the story than what is written in the newspaper, there is only room for partial story. For example, there is a huge salt phobia in scientific and medical circles, most still believing that salt causes high blood pressure, in spite of the many studies that show that salt doesn’t do so at all (here is the most prominent article on this subject in The Lancet). The increased salt consumption presents a stumbling block for scientists and doctors alike as well as the many migraineurs that join the Facebook group.

Given the success of the Protocol (see the many testimonials here) over the past almost 5 years and the lack of anyone’s blood pressure ever increasing, the increased salt consumption has proven to be extremely important rather than becoming harmful. There are also several non-migraineurs on the protocol, many joining specifically because they had high blood pressure, some uncontrolled even after taking several medicines. They all ended up with reduced blood pressure and much greater health as a result of the protocol.

There is a lot of evidence that the Stanton Migraine Protocol works to prevent migraines. Migraineurs choose to come off of all of their medicines once they are migraine free and they remain migraine free as long as they stick to the Protocol.

Enjoy the article and please share!

For those wishing to learn more about my protocol, the book’s title is “Fighting The Migraine Epidemic: A Complete Guide: How To Treat & Prevent Migraines Without Medicine” and is available in paperback everywhere, the e-book format only at amazon.

Every migraineur is welcome to join the FB migraine group as well (it is free).

Please share to reach migraineurs all over the world. ❤️

Comments are always welcomed and are moderated for appropriateness,


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