Many testimonials in the FB protocol migraine group or from the FB keto migraine group. If you wish to see more, please join the group!

The following is a huge list of testimonials from the past few years. I didn’t collect testimonials prior to the middle of 2016. I didn’t realize at the time I started collecting them and posting them (with the migraineur’s permission), that this page was going to dominate the Stanton Migraine Protocol’s website and that there will be so many testimonials. I frequently spend hours reading through the testimonials, finding that reading the feedback helps me and encourages me to continue the hard work. It takes a full time job for me as well as for all the volunteer admins of the migraine groups: Kristin Elizabeth Ingram, Terri Corley, and Andrea Katz. We do it for love and to help migraineurs. We work endless hours and deal with the health of tens of thousands of people. Reading through the testimonials collection makes it all worthwhile. ❤


No More Botox!

Today it was time for my Botox-appointment. I have gotten Botox every 3 month for the last 2 years for my migraines. But this time I haven’t had it since December. When I first heard that I was going to have to wait until may 29 for my next Botox I got really desperate! Botox has been the Only thing helping me to a somewhat normal life. But that desperation lead me to ask around in migraine-groups for other clinics where I could get Botox earlier, and there she was Eva A. answering my questions with an other answer! The Stanton Protocol. And I, in my desperation, jumped right in, could barely read due to severe migraines. But did it anyway, read the whole Book through the migraine-fog , read the protocol, started to apply it! This was in the beginning of April. I Never thought I would cancel my Botox appointment by free will, But here I am! I canceled the Botox! I don’t need it anymore! I have found something so much better! I am so so thankful! ❤️💕Angela Stanton Terri Haas Kristin Ingram

–SH 5-29-2023

Migraineur Runs the Boston Marathon

Angela Stanton I promised I would report on how my marathon went. I ran a 3:16 (7:23 pace per mile). and finished in the top 10% of women at the Boston Marathon, even higher in my age group. It was a tough day. Lots of rain, including hail, wind and hills. It wasn’t my fastest ever time (which is 3:13 from NYC marathon) but I finally finished without nausea, and I don’t feel sore at all. I did feel underfueled during the race and that is going to take some tweaking if I want to get faster.

But I beat 90 percent of women, 99 percent of whom were likely stuffing white carbs the whole weekend. There may be a way to address carb thresholds in the future but for this first go, I am very happy. No edema, no feeling dizzy at the end, no migraine i did drink some seltzer in the finishers chute. Gratuitous photo of the medal. Food was carnivore.

–JS 4/18/2023

Feeling and Looking Best in Life:

Hi all, feeling so grateful 🙏 here today as I reflect on being at baseline for over a year in this group. My life has totally changed in so many ways. Migraines are almost nonexistent. If I feel prodrome I’m able to rescue very quickly.
I feel and look the best I have in a long time. I’m gaining weight and am back to resistance training and exercising. I also finally took the leap and started my own myofascial release practice and am seeing clients.
I came into this group at a terrible point in my life. I had just come off of an SSRI and was in chronic pain and felt like I was at the lowest point in my life. I had tried a misguided version of keto and intermittent fasting and my metabolic health was a mess. This group gave me structure, support, and actual facts without the need of any medication.
I doubted, I cried, I complained, I cheated, I said I would quit. I was mocked by family and friends. But I persisted.
In many ways I’ve never been so proud of myself. And I’m am deeply grateful to Angela Stanton, Terri Haas (my guide on the side) and all admins, Andrea Kats, Kristin Ingram for your guidance.
When I tell people about this group they are totally shocked that I pay nothing. They don’t realize the value that is here.
I actually love the way I eat now. I love knowing exactly what I am putting into my body and how it will react. I know my limits and I’m still pushing the boundaries a bit. But it was all worth it.
For anyone new, please keep going. Talk to admins. Post all your questions. And just trust the process. I can whip a meal together now in 10mins and then feel amazing afterwards. 😂
This protocol shifted my entire life. It wasn’t just a “diet change” it was a complete reset to everything I thought I new about myself. And I will be forever grateful. 🙏 🥩🧂💦

–JM 3/13/2023

30 Days Migraine Free!

I am day 30 with no migraine! It has been a very long time since I have gone this long without one! I am so thankful for this Protocol!

I foolishly went for a massage on Wednesday that caused me to develop a severe cervicogenic headache which would normally trigger the cascade of events that cause me a migraine. I felt awful all that night and most of yesterday BUT no migraine! It was close but I am thrilled that it didn’t develop!

I am still very sore and a bit headachy today but things are slowly coming around.

I just wanted to reach out and express my gratitude for this group. I have finally found something that works!

–KWM 2/19/2023

A Winter Trip to Alaska!

In 2 hours we will be on our way back to The lower 48 heading home to our South Dakota home via Omaha NE. After a 5 week visit we are both wishing we didn’t have to leave!

Angela, I thought I was done with New beginnings but I’ve decided I’m not that old! We have both fallen in love with Alaska and have put an offer on a beautiful home near Anchorage. We will be opening a framing business in Anchorage in June or July depending on how fast we sell our home and get packed for the long drive across Canada.

I never dreamed that I would ever take on a business again and yet, here I am at 71 planning a major move and starting up a new business. It will be the 3rd location for our son’s framing business and the biggest location and store.

I couldn’t be more excited if hubby had said we were taking a cruise. Alaska is so beautiful and we’ve had a wonderful 5 weeks. If anyone had suggested such a thing 5 1/2 years ago I would have groaned through the pain and brain fog and said they must be joking! Instead, because of Angela’s migraine protocol I am embracing this exciting opportunity! There really is life after migraine and it’s the best thing ever!

Angela Stanton , Kristin Ingram , Terri Haas , Andrea Kats , I can’t thank you all enough for all you do for everyone here! ❤️🧡💛

–1/16/2023 MCB

The Stanton Migraine Protocol heals the whole body!

Hello, dear people, Angela, Terri, Kristin, Andrea, I have some extraordinary news! Today I had my abdomen ultrasound exam. The results are astonishing. In August 2019 my results were not bad, but there was one stone in the left kidney, 0,48 cm, some fatty liver signs and the beginning of atherosclerosis in abdomen aorta. And guess what, today not one of this elements showed!!!! No stone, no fatty liver, no sclerosis in aorta! It is beyond all my expectations. Is it possible, such an improvement after only two years of my/our carnivore way of eating! My dr was excited just as I was 😂. Incredible, but true…Thank you, Angela, for giving us new life, health, happiness and much love to each of us! ❤️❤️❤️

–1/11/2023 MP

The Whole Family is on the Stanton Migraine Protocol:

I thought I’d pop in here to update Angela and the great moderators who helped me through the protocol, and to reiterate my eternal gratitude. I was reflecting recently on just how much has changed since I found the book.

I had migraines 3-5 days a week, had tried but stopped triptans and antidepressants due to them not curing anything but zoning me out. I had terrible adult acne on my face and back, was bloated frequently, was tired often and would need to take naps in the day. Low blood pressure made exercise challenging. I had a sore back. I had geographic tongue and bad breath. I was sick!

I joined the group and jumped on board out of desperation to cure the migraines as the vestibular effects made me unable to care for my baby. But I was surprised to find that it not only improved migraine but everything else I just listed. Even today I still notice things that used to be painful or make me sick, such as motion sickness or having to stay up very late, are completely resolved or greatly improved.

My life is completely different because of the protocol. I get up very early with energy to get myself ready and have breakfast made for my family, I can focus during the day in my work, I am calmer and feel ready to tackle what comes in life because I’m not in pain and exhausted. My body works like it ought to.

In childbirth I saw these effects. For my first birth before protocol I am sure I was hypoglycemic at times, I got dehydrated, totally exhausted, nauseated, etc. It was a very long labor and I was very tired. After 2 years on protocol I had my second baby. I was never tired. It was hard work, but I rode out the whole thing with energy and excitement! I was not nauseated, shaky, cold etc. It was also much faster and easier. Once again, my body worked like it ought to.

I used to be a physical therapist. It astounds me that in school and internships we never learned anything like this. Only stretches and strengthening, without addressing nutrition and hydration, pain, and neurological status. Crazy! Now I am training into a new career with my husband. This job has very strict medical criteria to be accepted. I was able to demonstrate that I no longer have migraines, I am perfectly functioning and take no medications, have no neurological deficits. I would not have qualified for this job without the help of this protocol! Once again, I am grateful.

It is only so frustrating that the accepted story is that “I must have been misdiagnosed [with migraine], because migraine is a condition not curable… it must have been an allergy, or something…” 😞 and yet here I am, cured!

To anyone unsure or skeptical that this protocol is “woo,” or similar…I’d encourage you to ask why you are here in the first place? Has something else worked for you? Are you happy with the effectiveness of medications and the whole way your body is functioning? For me, this seemed crazy, but I was desperate and gave it 100%. Then I started reading. Angela’s book, The Salt Fix, Bikman, etc. Read and educate yourself on why medicine doesn’t work for chronic illness and maintaining health. 3 years later I am a different person. I can live a life that I am proud of and I can see the joy in my days without a cloud of pain and fatigue. it is not the “easy way out” but it is very much worth the hard work.

Angela, Kristen, Teri, Andrea and many others who helped me, I hope you see this and understand my million thank yous” from myself, and my husband and children ❤️

Oh, I could go on forever…I won’t, but I have to also mention how grateful I am for the sake of my kids health! I was so sad that my kids would likely inherit migraine… but now I am so confident that they will not and need never experience it because I raise them on protocol. Everything we eat at home is protocol anyways. It was difficult to challenge the accepted standard that babies need rice cereal and puréed fruit. But my kids have eaten meats, cheeses, sashimi and more from 6 months or so. When my oldest HgB  was around 10 it was recommended I giver her frequent snacks of fortified cereal 🙄I opted for desiccated liver and measured her at 12 in just 2 months. They are robust kids, only occasionally mildly sick for a day or two. Never needing medicine and with no conditions. Most of my friends children at these ages suffer from constipation, “will only eat French fries,” etc. not protocol babies!

1/6/2023 APdL

Encouragement to a New Migraineur in the Group:

Hi Melissa, I am happy to share my story as I was just like you – I had migraines for more then 30 years since my early teens. debilitating ones, I would go blind in one eye, I don’t need to describe the agony to anyone from this group. They got worse and worse with peri menopause- literally daily- I would spend days in the dark, also thinking suicidal thoughts as I couldn’t handle it anymore. I basically had no life. Was in so much pain and couldn’t function. I was so dependent on triptans, and tried everything under the sun. Nothing and No one helped. Someone told me about Angela’s Book and I joined the group. It wasn’t easy for me at first – I was overwhelmed and wasn’t ready for the big lifestyle change. Give yourself time… !even if it doesn’t happen immediately. Take in the information at your own pace and ask questions- you will always get help! I am still learning but I’m doing most of it right and I am migraine free for about 5 months now which for me is an amazing miracle!! I owe it all to Angela and the group. I was like you – lived on triptans – and now I have to tell you the best thing – I went away and didn’t even pack them! I forgot! (I still had them around… just in case…) when I came home, I threw them all away! It will happen to you too I am sure of it – don’t give up even if it’s hard at first – you will have many happy migraine free days ❤️

LH 11-11-2022

Wedding of a Migraineur: Migraine Free:

I would just like to say thank you to Angela and the admins, I’ll be migraine free now for 2 years this October, and I was able to get married this September 4th with no worry of migraine (on the highest stress of my life and no sleep!). My younger self always dreaded thinking about a wedding because of the possibility that I’d end up not being able to see any of it with a migraine, but I was actually excited and migraine was the last thing on my mind. Writing this makes me tear up, I got what I always wanted with all the thanks to Angela’s book and this group. My bridesmaids carried my salt pills around with them in their bags all night so whenever I needed one, they had me. I specifically asked my vendors to be migraine friendly (no flashing or direct lights on the dance floor, lots of meat for dinner with sauce on the side). Not to mention my now husband is the one who introduced me to Angela’s book and has helped me throughout the diet and life changes. If you’re reading this and still having migraines, you don’t need to be! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

–MH 9/23/2022

Golf Championship Ranking Success of a Migraineur:

Hello Angela, admins and everyone. I just wanted to share a good moment. On Sunday I won the B section championship at my golf club. My opponent was 50 years younger! I was so happy but know that I couldn’t have done that before Protocol so just wanted to thank you Angela from the bottom of my heart.

–CM 8-23-2022

I was Interviewed by Dr. Robert Cywes & Found This Testimonial in the Comments:

Sofia Mari

2 hours ago (edited)So happy to see two of my favorite people pop up on my feed today! This coming October will be 2 years migraine-free for me thanks to Dr. Stanton’s protocol! I’m so grateful that someone shared the link to her group on one of the fb migraine groups because less than 1 month after starting the protocol I got to enjoy my first rainy day without a migraine when they would normally have me running for a dark room with ice packs and pain meds (and in Florida our rainy season is 6 months of every year, so a lot of time lost to head pain). And then 1 month into the protocol my migraines stopped and thankfully have not returned! It was a few more months before I think I fully exhaled and knew this was the right path for my health. And now I’m about to celebrate 2 years without migraines! From her protocol I learned how to prevent migraines with barometric pressure changes, with monthly hormonal changes, and so many other scenarios which had set off 15 years of every form of migraine for me. Last week I had a major surgery and I was able to do it without any symptoms whatsoever by bringing my own prepared food and knowing the protocol…and now a nurse at that hospital is hopefully on her way to becoming migraine-free as well. 😊 I can’t share enough about the amazing work Dr Stanton has done and the amount of time she dedicates to helping as many people as she can, always staying up until the late hours of the morning answering questions. She and her fb group admins (all migraine-free as well) do everything they can to help others become not only migraine-free as well but also to enjoy better health in general by experiencing the benefits of a keto/carnivore way of eating. My 80-year-old parents have done the protocol as well, so if they can do it then I believe anyone can do it! 💜

–SF 8-17-2022

Giant Catfish Fishing Migraineur:

Migraineur and his buddies with the catch
The migraineur and his giant catfish

My migraineur hubby went to Spain this summer to fish for giant catfish and he also took his mum to Wimbledon. Thanks to Angela’s protocol he was able to enjoy this with no migraine. 👏🏻 Flights, heat, adrenaline and some stress (cancelled flights!), pressure changes etc, and he did brilliantly. We’ve come so far since we started. He now manages it (all) on his own, with support and some prompting from me.

Still some way to go though. He still does get [some] migraines but super chuffed that he can do things like this without pain. 👏🏻👍 Thank you SO much to Angela, and the amazing admin in this group. I’m so amazed and impressed with you all. 😍

–NC 7/18/2022

Five-Year Anniversary on Stanton Migraine Protocol:

Yesterday was my 5 year anniversary of finding Dr Angela Stanton and her migraine protocol. It has been 5 years since taking an abortive medication for migraines. 5 years of decreasing medications that have left prolonged medical issues. 5 years of feeling my best and enjoying every single moment, of every single day, pain free! It took a team of people supporting me in this group, and I write their names in my gratitude journal every morning. Thank you Angela, Terri, and Kristin. Alison Inchausti MB Mentor you were also a huge piece of my success, and I’m ever so grateful!

I chose this photo because it’s representative of life after migraines. I plan on swimming around Mackinac Island again this August. Why? Because I can. My kids remember the days of mom unable to get out of bed. They now have the memory of watching her finish an 8.2 mile swim around our favorite island.

No one needs to live with chronic pain. Always here to help with questions and guide you to our group.

–HD 6/27/2022

Original in Swedish, via Google Translate on Facebook:

Det slog mig att min morfar dog när han var i min ålder av hjärtinfarkt till följd av åldersdiabetes. På den tiden trodde man det var normalt för man visste inte bättre. Åldersdiabetes, hjärtinfarkt och alla andra autoimmuna sjukdomar är reversibla. Dvs dom är självförvållade och kan återställas med en kolhydratfri kosthållning.

Så här kommer mitt vittnesmål om kostens betydelse för en hälsosam kropp. Det handlar inte om tro utan om ren vetenskap.

Genom DNA prov är det nu vetenskapligt bevisat att min kropp är överkänslig mot kolhydrater och behöver kött. Varför berättar jag det. Jo, för att i över 35 år var jag vegetarian och helt ovetandes utsatte jag min kropp för skadlig och ohälsosam belastning. Min lever överbelastades med att dagligen tvingas ombilda glukos (kolhydrater i olika former) till det skadliga vita fettet som lagrades runt mina inre organ, i mina blodkärl och som bukfett(10-12kg). Jag utvecklade insulinintolerans som ett förstadium till diabetes 2 och behövde ständigt fylla på med frukt, bröd och andra snabba kolhydrater för att hålla blodsockret i schack. Eftersom jag aldrig åt skräpmat så trodde jag själv att jag åt hälsosamt. Under den här tiden då jag utsatte min kropp för en nedbrytande växtbaserad kost så trodde jag dessutom helt horribelt att jag var en bättre människa än mina köttätande medmänniskor. En rolig bisak var också att jag förr pruttade metangas mer än 20 ggr/dag som om det var en bra sak mot kanske 1 gång/vecka nu när magen är i balans igen.

Sen 4 år tillbaks äter jag i huvudsak animaliska råvaror inkl mjölkprodukter företrädesvis närproducerade och aldrig halvfabrikat. Aldrig sötsaker eller sötningsmedel! Min lever har återhämtat sig och jag är inte längre insulinintolerant. Jag kan lätt vara utan mat i 10-12 timmar utan att blodsockret svajar. Jag är noggran med att tillföra tillräckligt med vatten och salt varje dag. Kroppen har lärt sig att åter producera ketoner som tillför kroppen en jämn energiförsörjning helt naturligt precis som när vi var små barn. Trots mina 73 år har jag med mitt nya sätt att äta ofrivilligt återfått samma matchvikt på 70 kg som jag hade när jag var 30 år. Min kroniska migrän och allergier försvann på kuppen.

Jag delar dessa fakta eftersom jag vet att i Norden delar jag samma genetiska DNA vad gäller kosten med en majoritet av mina medmänniskor och mer än 20 % av Sveriges befolkning lider av migrän alldeles i onödan. Med ålderns rätt har jag också förstått att man måste börja med att ta hand om sin egen kropp och att ändra sin egen livsföring om man vill förändra världen.

En sak är säkert: jag behöver inte längre vara orolig för att drabbas av övervikt eller diabetes, hjärtinfarkt, cancer, astma och andra allergier, IBS, ulcerös kolik, alzheimers eller andra autoimmuna sjukdomar som alla trivs i en sockerrik miljö. Min önskan är att kunna undvika att belasta sjukvården och istället få välkomna en naturlig död när den dagen kommer.

” Lev nu och dö sen” har blivit viktigare än någonsin.

Jag vill tacka Angela Stanton för hennes excellenta forskningsarbete och vetenskapliga protokoll för en bättre hälsa utan migrän och autoimmuna sjukdomar. Här är länken till hennes bok:


Slutligen vill jag tacka mig själv för modet att våga följa min egen inre känsla. Och förstånd att inte kompromissa med den väg som min kropp och mitt hjärta visar.❤🙏

In English via Google Translate through FB:

It hit me that my grandfather died when he was my age from a heart attack as a result of age diabetes. Back then, you thought it was normal because you didn’t know better. Old age diabetes, heart attack and all other autoimmune diseases are reversible. That is, they are self-confused and can be restored with a carb-free diet.

Here comes my testimony on the importance of diet for a healthy body. It’s not a matter of faith but pure science.

DNA testing has now been scientifically proven that my body is allergic to carbohydrates and needs meat. Why am i telling you this. Yes, because for over 35 years I was a vegetarian and unknowingly exposed my body to harmful and unhealthy load. My liver was overloaded with being forced to reshuffle glucose (carbohydrates in different forms) daily into the harmful white fat stored around my internal organs, in my blood vessels and as abdominal fat (10-12kg). I developed insulin intolerance as a preliminary stage 2 diabetes and needed to constantly restock on fruit, bread and other quick carbs to keep blood sugar in check. Since I never ate junk food, I thought myself that I was eating healthy. During this time when I subjected my body to a degradable plant-based diet, I also thought absolutely horribly that I was a better human being than my carnivorous fellow humans. A fun fact was also that I used to fart methane more than 20 times / day as if it was a good thing against maybe 1 time / week now that the stomach is balanced again.

Since 4 years back, I eat mainly animal ingredients including dairy products preferably locally produced and never semi-manufactured. Never sweets or sweeteners! My liver has recovered and I am no longer insulin intolerant. I can easily go without food for 10-12 hours without swaying my blood sugar. I make sure to add enough water and salt every day. The body has learned to reproduce ketones that add the body a steady energy supply naturally just like when we were young children. Despite my 73, with my new way of eating, I have involuntarily regained the same match weight of 70 kg that I had when I was 30 years old. My chronic migraines and allergies went away on the coup.

I share these facts because I know that in the Nordic countries I share the same genetic DNA in terms of diet with a majority of my fellow human beings and more than 20% of Sweden’s population suffers from migraines unnecessarily. With age, I have also understood that you have to start by taking care of your body and changing your own lifestyle if you want to change the world.

One thing is for sure: I no longer have to worry about being overweight or diabetes, heart attack, cancer, asthma and other allergies, IBS, ulcer colic, Alzheimer’s or other autoimmune diseases that all thrive in a sugar-rich environment. My wish is to be able to avoid the burden of healthcare and instead welcome a natural death when that day comes.

“Live now and die later” has become more important than ever.

I’d like to thank Angela Stanton for her excellent research work and scientific protocols for better health without migraines and autoimmune diseases. Here is the link to her book:

Finally, I want to thank myself for the courage to follow my own inner feeling. And understanding to not compromise with the path my body and my heart shows. ❤🙏

–SK 6-22-2022

From Father to Daughter to Father Again:

On the 16th September 2021, I received a call from My daughter’s school telling me that she was ill and was asked to come and fetch her.. Went there, thinking that she might have had a flu or something like that! On seeing my daughter (age 11), she told me that she got a migraine. I asked her how she could say that!. She said: ‘I got it from you’.

I must admit that I was panicked! When she was back home ….. same (as mine) series of symptoms: Aura, vomiting, severe pain on one side of the forehead… for nearly 6 hours.. I had 30 years of migraine (started at the age of 13) but never felt so devastated.. thinking that all her life she would have migraine and I know how it disturbs life.. Then on the next day, I felt so tired, that I called sick. (However, my daughter went back to school as normal!). That day, I thought a lot about migraine and was determined to make a good search of the possible causes.. as I have always believed there must be something wrong in the ‘puzzle’.. Frankly speaking I landed on a book called ‘The salt Fix’ by Dr. James DiNicolantonio.

Then searching about salt and migraine, I was directed towards your research.. From there, joined the migraine protocol on fb….. Read nearly all your articles and posts… By the evening, was convinced that your research is the answer. I also looked back on the amount of salt we (me and my daughter) were consuming.. That was way too too little! Was convinced that we had to increase our salt intake and to balance the different minerals as well. That evening, when my daughter was back from school, I told her that we would start a small experiment, involving salt and low carb….. which she accepted …..and up to this date…. Daughter has had no migraine.

As for me, I had migraines, but intensity was reduced by around 60%. I knew that the simple fact of increasing salt intake led to a less severe migraine.. The question which I was asking myself: why was it that my daughter was not getting migraine, while I was (though on a reduced level). So, I decided to observe critically what she was actually consuming more or less that me: The answer was milk, that is calcium – it took me a few days to figure this out…. (I was not used to drinking milk – very rarely). So I started with broth (which I have read from one of your posts) and I decided to drink milk everyday – Ever since I increased my Calcium intake.. I did not have a single migraine attack (whether mild or strong).

I cannot stop being thankful to you Angela – You might probably not know what positive impact you have done of our lives (me and my daughter)… May god bless you and I must sincerely say that I will, forever, be thankful to you!!! If ever, I can be helpful to you, in whatever way.. please do not hesitate to reach me.

–VC 6-21-2022

One Great Doctor:

Yesterday, I had a stomach ache and a fever. I went to my doctor for a Covid test.
As she reviewed my labs, she said “I still can’t believe your CAC score. Genetics are amazing. So many of my patients have lower cholesterol and eat only lettuce, but their [CAC] scores are so much higher than yours”
I reminded her that I was eating this way to feel better. To prevent migraine. She talked about her lettuce eating patient who has had migraine for 20 years…
I should probably hand her a copy of the book. This doctor is vegetarian, but never pushes me to change how I eat.
Thank you Angela Stanton. Thank you to everyone who is part of this. My life has changed totally because of you. (I’ve been doing this since late 2015)

–CSA 6/15/2022

Slowly but Surely: One Foot After The Other:

I’d like to share a little bit about my first month on the protocol for anyone who is new to this group. Maybe it will inspire you if you feel overwhelmed. I think I joined last summer, but I simply read posts until I decided to dig in and give the protocol a go. I was so afraid I’d be kicked out for lurking for so long, but I was resistant to ‘having to do all this’ because I’d been eating lower carb food for years and my migraines were vastly improved, but I wanted to say goodbye to the last of them.

The protocol just seemed too complicated to figure out! So I took it in stages, first I ate up a freezer full of meals I had made (hate to cook, so about once a month I made up huge batches and filled my freezer) that were pretty healthy, but they included quinoa, millet, rice and veggies. I couldn’t waste it, just my nature. While doing that I made my meals more meat and dairy heavy, easing in.

Then I decided to work with Terri Haas. She was so patient and broke things down for me in simple steps. I chose the carnivore diet way, seemed the biggest bang for my efforts. We had a two hour session, amongst so may thing she reassured me that I could just do one thing, to just start the diet, not to worry the blood work or 5 hours test for now. That was a relief, I gave up on western medicine years ago and was doubtful that my ‘just in case gp’ would agree to the bloodwork. Next session she taught me about the Cronometer, that was tough, so much to remember! But after a day or two or more crankiness over that I was sailing along

A week in I was cranky again, hated eating such big meals and the taste of meat, I whined, the group supported me in a big way and gave me ideas for food pairing. For me the only way to understand everything was too jump in and just start. I’m really enjoying my food now and my stomach feels so much better! I no longer have to take food on my hikes because I’m not getting weak and hangry when my blood sugar levels dip, I just eat my 3-4 meals a day and 50g of meat before bed, it’s really exciting! Chaffles are yummy, sour cream and cheddar on my ground beef helps the taste a lot, pork butt steaks paired with chicken brings the fat down to meet my macros, Ricotta Soul bread is delicious and Wheyamels are a great way to bring your protein up.

The last two days I’ve had great success with barometric pressure headaches, I was able to stop them by adjusting my potassium and salt, this protocol really works! I’m still learning but am feeling empowered and looking forward to continuing on.

I’m so grateful for Angela Stanton, Terri Haas, Kristin Ingram and Andrea Kats and everyone in the group who offer their experiences and advice 🥰


From Migraines to Working for the President of Cyprus:

My name is Tatiana I am from Cyprus and a Sociologist by profession. When I started my journey with Angela’s protocol, four years ago, I was in constant neck pain, bloated stomach, fuzzy head and low energy. Everything I loved doing in life was making me sick, like swimming, exercising, working long hours and even eating. I had migraines once a month, but I have been a migraineur all my life. My life was always within my limitations and I was choosing only part time jobs because I could not function in a stressful environment with long hours.

Trying to implement the Protocol, I was skeptical at the beginning, because I have tried everything to relieve my migraines with no success. Within a month I saw some progress but I was still having migraines. I fall and picked up my pieces many times, but I insisted because it was my only choice so as to feel better. As you may understand, I didn’t have a clue how to measure and weight, and all the information coming to me were completely new. I was saved because I trusted Angela, something very important for me, and I learned to hear my body. I took the slow road of healing because that was all I could take, stretching all my boundaries. Today I am migraine free for four months, I have a lot of energy and none of the problems I described above and hoping for a total migraine free life.

If you are wondering why now, to write this testimony, its because I am ready to start a new life that I missed for so many years. I was offered a very important and demanding position by the President of Cyprus. I am now ready to honour the President’s appointment, something I would have denied years before, simply because I was not in a position to do so.

I dedicate my success with a big THANK you note to Angela who with her knowledge, kindness and dedication held my hand all these years. I also thank all the administrations of this group who were there when I needed them, and with their persistence I learn how to stretch my limits. Lessons learned. Believe in yourself, stretch your limits and trust Angela because she has all the Knowledge that no doctor can give you.

–Tatiana Zachariadou 5/9/2022

Men to Men: If you are a Man with Migraines:

“I am reading your book and almost in tears. A seventy year old man who for the last thirty years has tried to figure out what was wrong with him. I figured out on my own years ago that I have silent migraines. In the beginning I would complain about just not feeling well and having an overwhelming sleepiness come over me. It progressed to slurred speech, clumsiness, light and sound sensitivity, etc. A couple of years ago I went on the keto diet because I heard it helped with migraine. And it did help but weather changes are still my nemesis. I am very active. I play a lot of golf and I walk when I play so you can imagine trying to play a sport when your coordination is diminished and you’re in a brain fog. The Tri Migraine Complex describes me to a tee. I will keep reading on. So exited.”

–LC 4/28/2022

Migraine Medications, Sugar Crashes, & All That Jazz!

I ended up finding this group in a roundabout way. Was searching online for info on serotonin syndrome (after being on SSRI and Triptans) and found info from Dr. Angela Stanton. Ended up searching her name on Facebook and found both this group and the keto group. Came into this group looking to help migraine but ended up realizing I was sugar crashing constantly. (After being told by three different drs that I was healthy and may just need to go back on all my meds to prevent my anxiety *sugar crashes*) Angela helped me to see that my metabolic health was not optimized and my body was not ready for the TRE and high fat keto diet I was doing. It’s been a game changer. Although this group is about migraines I have benefited way beyond that so far and it has only been 2 months. I’m truly grateful! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

–JM 4/27/2022

Six-Year Anniversary on the Stanton Migraine Protocol(R):

This post [the post in the FB migraine group contains photographs, not included here] from 6 years ago came up in my memories today. I was still chasing down rabbit holes looking for something that might reduce my migraine frequency. I was getting almost daily migraines at that time and would have felt a reduction to 10-15 a month would have been a blessing.
Next month it will be 5 years ago I found this protocol and started the struggle to figure it all out. There were days I was frustrated to the point of tears but thankfully Terri, Angela, and Kristin, along with so many wonderful group members, we’re always ready to lift me up and answer my questions.
Within 4 months I knew this was the solution as I was already getting migraines only if I slipped up and ate off protocol. It’s now been 4 1/2 years since I’ve had a migraine, and right now I can’t even recall the last time I had a visual prodrome.
Along the way I’ve gotten off of 2 migraine meds, nsaids for arthritis, 3 stomach meds, and meds for allergies. I’ve lost 43 lbs, am down 3 clothing sizes, and am stronger and healthier than I’ve been in years. Friends and family have commented on both the physical and emotional changes that have taken place too. All my life I had puffy bags and black circles under my eyes, no more!
I am so grateful for all the helpful and kind people who helped me get to this point.

–MCB 4-19-2022

Just One Month Into the Stanton Migraine Protocol(R):

Just wanted to share that my first 4 weeks in and moving toward nailing the protocol ratios and salt balancing, I’m migraine free this month AND I have lost 10 lbs, including 2″ reduction in my waist line. Never knew I was so bloated from grains and sugar!
Other neat side effects – my teeth stay super clean and shiny feeling all day long, and my sleep quality has greatly improved. According to my fitness tracker, even when I’d sleep for 8 or more hours, I never surpassed more than 90 minutes of “deep sleep.” This week I’ve been averaging 4 hrs of deep sleep per night (of 8 hr ave). The 3am migraine wake up call was my standard.
Loving the salt and the “diet”, even as I’m working on figuring out the ratios. Next up is my first 5 hr test after the Easter weekend, now that the keto mojo has arrived. Now to stay away from my beloved Easter chocolate!

–TL 4-15-2022

Going Strong 3-4 Years on the Protocol:

I’m not good with measuring the passage of time, so I am not sure if I have been in this group 3 years or 4, and in fact I am awful at measurements in general, evidently especially when it comes to the food I eat. I bought this scale to weigh food portions that I never actually used, and have never used a chronometer and not really sure what it is…. But I am endlessly curious, tenacious, intuitive and persistent in things that matter to me and evidently, especially my health. My point here is that even though this seems a daunting undertaking, every step you take in this direction, exact or not leads you towards a more healthy you, even if you make mistakes along the way. As with many of you, when I discovered this group, I was quite debilitated and more than frustrated with how western medicine’s approach to my severe illness, solely through medication with such lack of wholistic perspective. When I received Angela’s book ( from a friend who was tired of hearing my tales of migraine woe) I was skeptical, as I am sure many of you were and perhaps some who still are. Nonetheless, I jumped in and decided that I would give it a try, with nothing to lose. I was fortunate and had immediate positive results, minor at first but in the course time, eating a low carb/ keto diet, my body gradually has metabolically healed itself and my health continues to improve. As I “gracefully” embrace my 66th year and welcome Medicare (love social medicine), I want to thank Angela Stanton and all the wonderful admins for all their generosities of hard work to help make our transitions to better health not a horror of frustration, but a carefully guided and supported adventure towards a pain free life. Cheers!

–DZ 4/12/2022

750 km Driven Under Weather & Covid-sick Children Duress:

I have to share a HUGE win, thanks to this protocol and its whole team.

On Tuesday I had an unexpected and hugely stressful trip to make. Our kids got stuck with covid 750km away, alone in a hospital and not allowed to be sent home on any public transport or stay in any public space. My husband and I had to drive in horrific rain for over 8 hours, after being awake and working the whole day. I expected a migraine from stress. Instead, I packed in a rush, anything I could grab my hands on. It was all within protocol food but not ideal. Still, I kept my animal leucine levels right and kept water and salt on my side. We then collected the kids in the middle of the night, turned around and drove back for another eight hours. It was so stressful, I even forgot to eat at some point but never experienced hunger, any dizziness or discomfort or prodromes. I even kept coffee at one a day under these circumstances. My husband and I couldn’t recognize me 😉

Here is the win. My BG and BK kept within the ideal range. Zero prodromes. Zero hunger. High energy even with 32 hours of no sleep and high stress. My husband is the healthy and resilient one. But it was me who drove the last 500km as a champ and making everyone laugh, even keeping the kids in check with dishing out some consequences 🤣🤣I’m also in my premenstrual period which often saw many migraines. And I was super calm and focused, had to write and read many complicated health regulations and update family members 🙄

It feels as if I developed more resilience to all the factors (stress, hunger, lack of sleep, period, aircon in the car, barometric pressure) that would cause me migraines in no time, in my previous life.

I’ve now slept with interruptions from the kids, checking on their fever, and still, I have zero prodromes, feel stable, daily BG and BK within ideal range. I’m so relieved and grateful at the moment. 🙏🙏

I wanted to share the win. It’s huge for me. My siblings migraineurs are also watching in disbelief ♥️🙏

–DB 1/26/2022

Three-Year Migraine-Free Vacation Anniversary:

–WLW 1/13/2022

Merriest of Christmases:

“Thank Youuuuu!! Angela Stanton for this group and you book! Last night was the first Christmas Eve in 11 years I did not have a Migraine. Wow!! Am I grateful!!! Merry Christmas and MUCH LOVE!!! p.s. I have been telling my friends, strangers, doctors, physiatrists, physio etc all about your book and group. Spreading the ripple effect of Healing and Love……”

–LG 12/25/2021

Through Snow, Ice, Rain, Fog, and an Unexpected Overnighter: No Migraine!

So, for our newcomers who are still wondering if this protocol will really work, I had another huge day yesterday. The pastor of our church is a good friend and also a neighbor who lives right across the street from us. As many of you know The central states were hit with a terrific wind storm and even a few tornadoes yesterday. I was enjoying a pajama day and just taking it easy, hadn’t even had lunch yet, when Pastor’s wife called to tell me that her husband had had a heart attack and was to be air flighted to the heart hospital 2 hours away. She had made a reservation in a hotel adjoining the hospital but because of extensive surgery 6 days ago she wasn’t able to drive. So she wanted to know if I could drive her to the hospital.
So, I rushed to get dressed and fed and when she had her bags ready I we took off in her car and my hubby followed in ours so that we could leave our her car for her and her daughter who was flying in from Virginia to help her. We got about 45 minutes away and encountered rain. The further we drove the harder the rain came down. We drover for 2 hours in the rain and lightning and sometimes visibility was so poor I could only see 4 or 5 cars ahead of me. What was normally a 2 hour drive took 2 1/2 hours.
Needless to say, when we reached our destination my neck and shoulders were in knots! When we reached the city the hospital is in we encountered down-pouring rain, lightning, 54 degree temps, and fog. But, we had arrived safely and all went in to see how pastor was doing. I have to say that for a man who had just had a heart attack and a procedure to put in 2 stents he looked really good and was in good spirits.
I went to the hotel with pastor’s wife to help her with baggage since she isn’t supposed to be lifting anything. After I got her situated we went back to the hospital where she returned to her husband and I found mine so we could head home. We left the hospital at 8 pm in a downpour and it was still 50 degrees when we left. By the time we reached our truck I was soaked to the skin. We had a 2 hour drive to get home if road condition and rain were OK.
We got a little way from town and the temp had dropped to 28 and the rain had turned to snow. We did encounter a short section that was icy but not too bad. We got to the halfway point and stopped for supper. It was snowing pretty bad by now and we had been warned that there were blizzard conditions just 10 minutes from our home. So we checked the weather and found that there were sections of whiteout between our town and where we stopped. Also the interstate was closed from our town to the western border. There was a group of truckers at the table across from us and they advised us to stay put as they had just driven from the west and were waiting out the night themselves because of road conditions.
We got a room and stayed put for the night. I didn’t have my pillow or my sleep mask but was so tired I did fall right to sleep. Because hubby has to be at work by 6 am we got up at 5 to head home. I woke with a bit of a cervi headache but it was tolerable and after a few stretches I was good to go. Thankfully roads were clear and the rest of the drive home has uneventful. We got home and I went back to bed as hubby left for work.
Thankfully I had kept up with my hydration and had carried extra salt pills just in case. Through this grueling trip I experienced no prodromes and no hint of a migraine. So for of you who are wondering if this protocol really works, I can honestly tell you it absolutely does!
I still remember how frustrated I was 4 1/2 years ago when I started this journey. I recall many a post I made through tears and how kind Kristin, Terri, and Angela were in responding and helping me through my questions and concerns. It was so worth it all though as I now have a life that is so much more fulfilling. I can be spontaneous and not worry that events like this will through me into a multi day scourge of pain. I can live my life so much fuller than I ever have before. Since my migraines started as a toddler I still find this to be the most amazing thing I have ever experience and I will forever be grateful for the time and work that Angela and the admins here put into this and into all of us! ❤

–MCB 12/16/2021


The Magic of Salt!

“I’ve posted a few times about how I have been trying to help my adult daughter with chronic migraine and the group has been very supportive. I’ve been encouraging her to take little steps at a time (that works best for her). I got her the salt capsules and a case of 8 oz. bottled water, and suggested she just try a salt capsule with 8 oz at bedtime and when she gets up. One week in, just one migraine! She forgot to take the bedtime capsule and woke up with a headache, but she took the morning capsule and said the headache would come and go, but was not bad. She did not get her usual end of period migraine, did not get her end of work week migraine. No triptans for a week. She told me this morning that it was amazing how much just 2 doses of salt helped. Next steps–she is going to try to increase the salt to the recommended levels. She has also been increasing beef in her diet and cutting back on carbs a little. When I saw her the other evening, her affect was brighter, and she told me she got a lot done at work the other day. I think not being in pain has got to be a part of it. I am feeling so hopeful. Thanks again for the support.”

–RNR 12-9-2021

Migraineur Watching Lightshow with Moving Platform & Loud Music! And No Migraine!!

“I’m still in awe of actually being able to be living a migraine free life! Monday I drove to Iowa to visit family. I spent yesterday with my sister and visited my mom.
Today my daughter and her significant other took me to dinner at an amazing restaurant in Omaha where I had a petite filet topped with a piece of seared pork belly. Mmmmmm, something new to prepare! It was a half inch thick slice of belly seared on both sides and it was wonderful!
After a wonderful dinner they took me to a concert to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. We’re talking moving platforms for the performers, lights moving up and down from the ceiling, curtains of light, moving spotlights, laser light show, and flames of all colors flashing around the auditorium.
In the past the volume of the show combined with the flashing lights would have seen the beginning of a migraine before the show was over. The show started at 7:30 and they finished their final number at 9:48! We were seated just a little above stage level to the side of the stage so very close.
All this and nothing! No light sensitivity. No issues with my eyes, not a tiny twinge of head pain! So amazing! Again I thank you Angela Stanton and your angels, Terri, Kristin, and Andrea!
Oh, and I took these picks after we moved to empty seats faster from the stage. We watched most of the show much closer!”

–MCB 11-18-2021

One Month Anniversary: Triptan Free for the First Time in 50 Years!

“Hello, my dear friends!
I want to share with you my joy. Today is the whole month from my last triptan! The first time in last 50 years of my life I didn’t have to take a pill for the whole month. My first anniversary! Hard to believe but true! Love you all from my whole heart!”

–MP 11-17-2021

Migraineur Camping for the First Time & with Cycle:

“Wanted to share my first camping experience with my husband and with my cycle, yes I got my cycle the day before we left. As many of you may know my cycle has been a literal monster/evil visitor in my life since I was nine years old. Before protocol I suffered tremendously with pmdd and at least two weeks each month of pure excruciating drug resistant migraines.
Protocol has slowly healed me but I still fought a fight each month. I moved to keto and then to CD. The last few months things have been improving. I still get pain but it’s something I can handle.
So with STRESS of packing, driving, elevation, setting up camp, sleeping in a new place, temperature drop, small arguments with your husband, dog a bit stressed out, camp fire smoke, missing some of your waters, eating a bit late, breaking down camp and BEING ON YOUR CYCLE, I was able to mange to not get a migraine and only got a cervicogenic headache once I got home.
I also managed to completely stay CD. I packed ground beef, salmon, steak and eggs and butter. This is beyond unreal and even though I lived it, I still can’t wrap my head around that I was not trapped in my bed for days on end, instead I was camping. Just amazing to me.
Thanks again Angela Stanton and your support team of wonderful women. Terri Haas, Kristin Ingram, Andrea Kats”

–CD 11-8-2021

Deep Diving with Migraines!

“Just back from an idyllic 2 weeks in the Maldives. Journey each way was 2 international flights + 1 domestic flight over the islands (just WOW), and a speedboat. Lots of wildlife to see above and within the ocean. Couldn’t resist going diving there. Completed 4 dives. Thanks to Angela Stanton and her tireless efforts I completed all these flights, and double dives, without any migraines 😁🥰.”

–TC 11/7/2021

One Year Anniversary on the Stanton Migraine Protocol(R):

Last week was my official 1-year anniversary of being migraine-free and I’m so incredibly grateful to Angela, the amazing admins, and the members of this group!
Last month I celebrated a year of my first rainy day without a migraine (Florida has a rainy season of 6 months with frequent low barometric pressure, and I was debating moving out of state right before I read about the protocol, so a rainy day without a migraine was a big deal for me)…and now this month marks a full year without a migraine regardless of weather, hormones, stress, etc!
It’s mind-blowing to me that the barometric pressure can be as low as it is right now (29.68…lower than we normally have even with a hurricane here in Florida), and I’m just finishing a week of strep throat and two weeks of bronchitis plus 2 rounds of antibiotics on top of that. To not have a migraine with all of this going on in the past 3 weeks to pull me out of balance feels like an absolute miracle, though I know it’s straight up science and really staying on top of my salt and waters throughout all of this.
I haven’t had much of an appetite these past 3 weeks and could barely swallow anything except liquids in the first few days, so getting in balanced meals was a challenge. I had to rely on stuff I had stashed away in the freezer from a batch cooking day last month and ate when I could get bits of food down, but no migraines during this whole crazy month!
In the midst of all of this I had completely forgot about the 18th being the anniversary, so I wanted to take a minute tonight and share this in hopes that it encourages others. A migraine-free life is truly possible! 💜
–RM 10-28-2021

Long Time No See:

“I have not posted for a long time but I wanted to thank you, Angela Stanton, and your admins for all the help you gave me several months ago. I have found such relief from my migraines due to your protocol. It used to be I would have only a few migraine free days a month and now I am down to only one migraine every couple months. I attribute this to being uber careful to keep up my salted water protocol, religiously taking magnesium, and the lifestyle changes like very low carbs and focusing on protein. To all those who may feel overwhelmed and anxious and don’t think this will work, keep trying! It works. You can do it!”

–SW 10/1/2021

University Pain Specialist Supports the Stanton Migraine Protocol(R):

“Sharing my last University of Michigan Pain Specialist appointment…Walked in w/copy of Dr. Stanton’s book. Dr said due to my progress, he read book. He was intrigued w/the “Sodium Channels”. Recommended to 2 of his current pain patients. He is going to Share with U of M Neurologists! What’s extra encouraging is he Proclaimed I’m now in recovery stages of CRPS !!’ 👏👏👏Thank you, Angela Stanton🙌

–LM 9-2-2021

One of our Most Active Migraineurs!

“I still have problems believing how well Angela’s protocol works (I am a skeptical person). But day after day, week after week without a migraine and no triptans! I have some prodromes but less and manage to navigate them. Another challenging weekend with travel, volatile weather, eating out, doing downhill biking which means taking a lift to the top of a mountain and then bike down – constantly causing air pressure changes. And I managed to stay migraine free. Thank you Angela! ❤️ I was going to give this protocol a couple of months to see if it helped. I already after some two month can tell that it does for me. And thank you admins, Kristin who helped me navigate pressure changes, Terri for you inspirational food and advise. And all of you salt sisters and brothers ❣️

–EA 6-26-2021

A Tough day in the Life of a Migraineur Attorney:

“Dear migraine fighters: I am very happy today and wanted to share my happiness with you all. I had to work yesterday during the whole day. [My] clients had to attend a General Shareholders’ Meeting and wanted me to accompany them as a lawyer to fight for their rights. The meeting started at 8:00 a.m. and I had to get up at six, much earlier than usual. In fact, I couldn´t sleep well and woke up at 5:22. I prepared my (extra) salted waters in advance and took them with me. I thought I would be back home and able to eat around 3:00 pm so I did not take lunch with me. The meeting was very tense. I had to confront the board of directors and involve myself in very intense discussions with them during the whole day (almost twelve hours in a row). It was an extremely stressful day. The meeting finished at 7:30 pm. They shared some sandwiches with the shareholders. I only ate the ham there was in one of them because all the other sandwiches were made with non-allowed foods. At five o´clock my lovely husband came to the meeting and brought me some meat and foie. Unfortunately, I was so busy I could not finally eat it. I could not eat until arriving home, at 8:30 pm. I am telling you all these details because I did not finish the day with a migraine and I have woken up today feeling perfectly fine. That is absolutely incredible. I think it is the first time in my life I go through such a stressful situation without suffering a migraine. Also before protocol, if I could not eat lunch within a normal time frame I got a migraine too. So, two different factors that lead to migraine were occurring together without me getting a horrible headache. Thank you very much to Angela Stanton and to all the lovely administrators that have helped me and continue doing so, through this journey: Kristin Ingram, Andrea Kats, Terri Haas. I am and will be forever grateful for this. Being able to live and work without a migraine is the best gift I have and will ever receive in my life.”

–CFL 6-28-2029

One Year Anniversary of Being Migraine Free!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share that this month makes ONE YEAR migraine-free! 🤩 I’ve experienced prodromes a few times but was able to keep it from going any further. Thanks again to Angela Stanton, the Admins, and to all members for continued support!”

–WS 6/7/2021

An Amazing Migraineur Experience:

Thank you Stanton Migraine Protocol! I don’t fully follow protocol to the letter, but the lessons I have learned here just got me through a 24 hour race with 40 miles of mountain biking, 25 miles of hiking, 4 miles of kayaking and a huge stressful/scary rappel — all at between 7000 and 10,000 feet in elevation — without a migraine during or even after! Salt, hydration and protein are amazing.”


–CC 6/7/2021

Success Only After 2 Months:

Last week I messaged my neurologist that I’ve been migraine free for over 2 months, and that I was willing to keep my May appointment to discuss how I’m doing it. Or if he preferred, just cancel my appointment. I received a message back that my appointment is cancelled, but he’d like the information. It’s a trip to the next town, but I’m going to drop off Angela’s book and my unopened migraine meds.
I messaged back the link to the MigraineSufferers group, and invited him to join. Hopefully we’ll see him!

–Nolcha Fox 5/4/2021

One Year Anniversary in the Facebook Migraine Group:

I am in my mid 50’s. One year ago today, I joined this group and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! It has taken a lot of hard work, diligence and stick-to-it-ness, but it has been so worth it!! I want to give a huge ✨THANK YOU✨to you, dear Angela and to all the wonderful admins who are ever-ready to answer questions, give needed encouragement and direction, and help us all to stay on track. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Before I joined, I was despairing and discouraged at the thought of having to take yet another triptan to just be able to function thru the day. The first week I joined, I began to read thru the files and in “quick tips” learned what to do in regards to barometric pressure, and I also discovered how sensitive I am to it. I couldn’t believe that I was actually beginning to ward off migraines throughout my days and in the middle of the nights! I am so glad that you teach us how to balance our electrolytes! Angela, thank you for all your hard work and research and perseverance, and for taking the time to instruct and to help us to see and understand; to learn and discover. Thank you for charting our blood tests so we can see improvement and keep going forward, hopeful and healthier, without meds!

I still have a long ways to go, but my quality of life has greatly improved since joining this group. My husband and children are amazed and so encouraged. I was thrilled to be able to go on a 30 mile bike ride with my sons, migraine-free! Granted, it took a lot of planning and diligence and hard work along the way. It always does – but what joy and victory to not end up in bed with excruciating pain! I no longer have to take naps, I can think more clearly and I have more energy throughout the day. I am so very thankful that I can continue to work on reversing my insulin resistance so that I don’t have to end my days weak and with diabetes. Thank you for allowing us to go at our own pace, and thank you for encouraging us to keep going forward. I still have a lot of reading and learning to do, here, but I’m excited to keep on going, learning, and working on being migraine-free!

THANKS AGAIN, Angela, Kristin, Terri, Andrea! 😊💕

–AB 4/22/2021

A Bit of Vacation on the Wild Side:

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a little success (big to me). I’ve been having a great time on Cocos Island, which is a long way north west of Australia. The flight involved a refueling stop, so two take offs/landings. Both times were delayed so forward planning was difficult. I followed [Stanton Migraine] protocol though and arrived migraine free. I then had 2 days of non-stop excitement – and some stress (tiger shark following us in the water for 500m after rip took us out) fishing, shark swims (more friendly types), canoeing, and a mild case of sunburn, still migraine free. Internet is dodgy here – comes and goes… the weather system that’s passing over us (now passed)… A pretty unusual phenomenon apparently – 3 tropical lows, only 1 formed a cyclone though. Cocos Is. is literally a tiny dot in the middle of the first two pressure systems. AND still I’m migraine free, not even a prodrome. I find this amazing. I’m so grateful. I’m also able to be a much more engaged, fun parent to my teenagers.. Thanks so much to Angela and the Admins for all that you do 💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏

–JH 4/11/2021

What Six Months on the Stanton Migraine Protocol Can Do:

Thank you so much for this group and for your book Angela Stanton! I’m still VERY new but have actually been able to keep a migraine at bay today after having a migraine all week long (one I was totally down all day) by using the salt test and then taking the rescue needed! Amazing! I have a LONG way to go but I’m applying what I learn as fast as I can. I’ll do the fast as soon as I can figure it all out and do the blood work soon. I’ve already cut out all the refined carbs a few days ago and my sweet tea and I’ve been doing the salted waters since Saturday. I’ve even tried some recipes from the Files and they are delicious and my family likes them too!! I’m so excited after suffering with migraines for more than a decade that I’ve found you and this amazing group!! Thanks to everyone who contributes to this group also!! ❤️
–AW 4/8/2021

Curious Doctor!

“I had an interesting experience today…
I had a 7-month follow-up doctor’s appointment today (not to discuss meds here but only to give context: I’m tapering off medical cannabis that I had been taking for two years for break-through EDS pain prior to finding the migraine protocol).

The doctor asked how the migraines were since the last appointment and I shared with him that I’ve been mostly migraine-free without migraine-related meds since October since finding Dr. Stanton’s protocol. (I love the look of surprise on the other person’s face whenever I make that statement, lol. It’s truly a joy to watch someone’s reaction when I tell them that there’s a way to live without migraines and without meds for them.)

I gave him the gist of the relationship of electrolyte balancing to migraines and he was very interested!…turns out his son has migraines, and he wrote down the name of the protocol and book because he wants to be able to pass it onto his son and to other migraine patients in the future. He frequently has patients who are migraineurs because of so many turning to cannabis in hopes of relief, and because “migraines” is one of the qualifying diagnoses for the prescription…the point being that there is the potential for him to share the root cause solution with a lot of folks! He wanted to know more about the WOE protocol and was very interested in the science behind everything. It was like watching a lightbulb come on as he was listening. He was smiling and writing down notes and said he would pass everything on to his son.
I also shared with him about vitamin B1/thiamine and its various implications with the current health pandemic amongst other things, but I think he was still deep in thought about the migraine protocol.

Feeling very excited today that a few minutes of sharing with this one person might be able to help so many migraineurs! Grateful as always to Angela, Kristin, Terri, Andrea, and the members of this group. My life has forever been changed. ❤”

–FM 3/29/2021

Tears of Joy:

I’m crying my eyes out right now because I got my period which usually makes me pretty emotional. I am also going through and extremely stressful time in my life standing for my rights in a sexual harassment claim and the possibility I may be out of a job at the end of March. That being said, I am crying TEARS OF JOY because I don’t have a migraine and I can’t remember the last time I didn’t get a debilitating migraine during my moon!! Normally this kind of stress would trigger a mess of migraines 😭 These are tears of incredible relief and gratitude for my journey to being migraine free! Thank you Angela, administrators, and all of you for your support! I am so profoundly grateful to be sharing these words!!!

–JLC 1/29/2021

On the Protocol for a Couple of Years:

Just want to tell you Angela Stanton and your lovely administrators and group have help me so much with my migraines. You have given so much info that I can now stop a migraine in its tracks. Also, I know my triggers. Your work and this group is amazing! I have been battling migraines since I as 6. I’m drug free. What freedom! Thank you! I’m spreading the word.

–JM 12/16/2020

One Year Anniversary of No Migraines:

Today is exactly 1 year since I have had to take sumatriptan for a migraine! I want to thank Angela Stanton and all the admins who have guided and encouraged me since joining this group in September 2019. This protocol works! Living migraine free for the past year has been amazing and I can’t thank you enough!🙂

–KBH 12/11/2020

Progress Report from a New Migraineur in the Group:

Hi! I have not, until now, written anything much about my progress because I wanted to be stable enough before sharing. Now I am happy to report that my migraine and overall body condition has improved tremendously. Before starting protocol I had approximately 26 migraine days per month. Now I am down to 2-3 per month. I am mostly medicine-free!!! It is beyond amazing.
Some happenings since I started:
Started CD in May, tried ZC for a month in the fall, due to spikes to dairy. Later went back to CD but got too much trouble from dairy. Again started ZC in October, but had difficulty with eating only meat, so cheated with an occasional mini tomato and dark chocolate. One month back decided to stop cheating, Now I have followed ZC strictly for a month and have never felt better.
Some other info:
It took me 8 month to fully get my body habituated to full salting of waters and K:Na ratio of 1:1. Now if I take less salt than this I get prodrome. It took, for some reason, very long time to tolerate this much salt for me. Angela mentioned that that is due to my long-term deficiency. Magnesium is another long time project. Tried Magnesium Citrate from different brands, and got prodrome/migraine each time. Now I have slowly habituated myself to take magnesium malate, glycinate and taurate without issues. TTFD has been hard to get habituated to also. Now though I can take 1/10 of a capsule every day without problems, which is a big deal for me. Will increase slowly.
I feel better and healthier than I have felt in 20 years! Due to this my confidence has increased. I know now I am not a disabled person, as I thought I was. Due to this new strength, I have dared applying for a new job and I have been accepted. My job now has better working hours and pay, and I know with help of protocol, I can do it! This is all thanks to YOU!❤️💚🧡💙💛

–MS 12/5/2020

Thanksgiving Post from a Happy Migraineur:

Confession time, I’ve been a little skeptical about the whole migraine eye thing… I mean I believed/understood it conceptually but as a tool to monitor I just felt like I couldn’t really see the subtle differences day-to-day and thought well if I keep looking for it I’m going to see things that aren’t necessarily there… weellll, I woke up this morning with a migraine… and I just looked in the mirror and burst out laughing at the ridiculously obvious migraine eye staring back at me! I’m doing okay managing the headache but just wanted to share my amusement at busting through my own skepticism… and I’ll take this moment on this day of gratitude to say I APPRECIATE ALL THE WORK YOU ALL DO TO SHOW US THE PATH TO HEALTH, life is a journey and I keep learning! Happy Thanksgiving all!

–CD 11/26/2020

Ex-Vegetarian Migraineur Progress Report:

Dear Angela Stanton and admins, just want to check in to let you know the protocol is still working very good for me!
I did start eating meat (was fish/vegetarian) though, figured I could not do it with fish alone. My normal number of migraines was 1-2 times per week, since starting the protocol I have had 4 migraines in 19 weeks! Three of which were during my 5-week holiday in Italy where I had a harder time sticking to the protocol and drinking enough water.
I am infinitely grateful for having gotten my life back again. I am 71 but feel 40, the age before the migraines started.
Keep up your good work!

–AG 11/24/2020

10 Pain Free Days–First Time in a Long Time

10 days migraine free and sleeping better than I have in years! I had prodrome twice in the past 10 days and did the salt test both times.. I responded to the results and felt better within an hour both times. Previously, experiencing prodrome meant 3 days of my life were about to disappear. It is incredibly empowering to finally be able to do something when you feel a migraine coming on. It makes me tear up to think all these years my body was crying out for salt and/or potassium and I never knew. I’m still very new at this, but I wanted to encourage anyone just starting. It is very overwhelming to make the lifestyle changes, but just be gentle with yourself and absorb a bit of new information every day. I find at the end of the day, when I’m tired, I get frustrated with weighing food, entering info, etc. and am tempted to give up. However, it becomes a little easier each day and seeing the fruit of the labor keeps me going. I also re-read the reviews of Angela’s book on Amazon to remind myself of so many people having success. Thank you Angela and team for this miracle.

–SGK 11/4/2020

On the Protocol for only 14 days:

2 years ago I suffered a daily chronic migraine that never went away. I have been in pain ever since that day.
Just over 3 weeks ago I found Angela Stanton and her wonderful team.
I use to take 2-4 panadol every morning on waking just to take the edge off.
It has been 14 days on protocol and I haven’t had a panadol since
Not in my wildest and craziest dreams did I ever think this would happen.
I am religious with my salt and milk and am yet to really target my diet as I’m just at Baseline.
I have had Botox every 3 months for 2 years, eat panadol like candy, stab myself with Ajovy needles and a million other therapies that didn’t work.
I have had the BEST holidays (Australia) with my kids. For the first time in years I have been pain free or just a 1/10 pain.
I hope and pray every single member
finds success here. Thank you Angela. Thank you from my whole entire family.

–KQ 10-3-2020

Celebrating First Migraine Free Days:

Topic: Gratitude for a migraine-free rainy day today. 💜
I shared some of this in a comment on another post of mine, and I wanted to wait until the end of the day and not jinx myself, lol, but I wanted to take a moment of gratitude for Angela and the admins.

I’ve only been doing the protocol for about 3 weeks, and I was kind of dreading today due to knowing that the barometric pressure was gonna drop to a whopping 29.74 this afternoon, which only a few weeks ago would have had me prepping with meds and curling up in bed, bracing myself, even only as low as 29.94, so for sure this drop would have had me in agony. As the end of our 6 months of rainy season in Florida come to an end next month, I was wondering if I would have to move elsewhere by next summer because of the daily migraines from the roller-coaster weather.

But today, following the protocol as diligently as I could, even while running out real quick with a low-grade fever and body aches to get the Covid test done, I made sure that I balanced my meals with the virus-modifications Angela gave me this morning of stopping my carbs until I get the results back, and picking up zinc lozenges and all that jazz, and making sure my waters were properly salted as needed today and that I got in every one of my daily water that I’m up to so far as I work toward baseline…

Well, I was in the kitchen this early evening when I heard the thunder start. Normally I would cringe, bracing for the pain. I used to be able to predict within 48 hours of when we could expect rain, and within a half hour of when it would actually start, based on my symptoms. But today I stopped everything and realized I had ZERO migraine symptoms! And on top of that, despite the body aches etc, I got to actually rest and look out the window and ENJOY a good rainstorm and marvel at how long its been since I last enjoyed the rain. I missed that little pleasure so much that I had started listening and watching rain videos on YouTube just to enjoy the sound without a migraine! Lol.
So thank you, Angela Stanton, and Kristin Ingram, and Terri Corley, and Andrea Kats, (and if there are additional admins that I haven’t met yet!)…truly. You are giving me back my life when just a year ago I had nearly lost all hope and promised myself I would try for just one more year to find the answers…and I am so incredibly grateful! I only hope that I can give back to the group one day in the way that you have helped me in just these last three weeks alone. 🙏🏽💜

–SM 9-30-2020


Brand New To Our Group, & Can’t Believe First 5 Migraine-Free Days:

“Ok so I don’t want to jinx myself here but I haven’t had a migraine in 5 days now! Which is amazing considering I have had a chronic daily one for like 7 weeks! I felt pressure/pain in my eye today and like my words were getting mixed up (a usual sign for me that a migraine is coming), so I did the salt test and the pressure/pain reduced so done the salt water waited then ate my dinner and OMG no migraine attack! 😩 I couldn’t believe it av been sitting on edge waiting for the horrendous pain to kick in but nope just some pressure type sensation in my eye slightly on and off.. Is this too good to be true? Am scared it is haha! I hope everyone is well ❤️

–RS 8/27/2020

Amazon Blocks 5* Reviews Posted for My Book:

“Having a very frustrating afternoon with Amazon. They are telling us that they won’t accept a review on your book from our account! I know that I wrote a review back in 2018 already, yet I can’t find this review anywhere to even just be able to update it!
Have sent an email to the help desk to see if it can be remedied. Anyway, thought it would be nice to write the review from my husband’s perspective, as mine exists out there… somewhere in cyberspace!

Here’s what I’m trying to get them to post Angela Stanton:


I bought this book for my wife some time at the end of 2019. After having got it out of our local library it quickly became apparent that she needed her own copy. Bought this on kindle and then paperback as well because her copy is now bulging with post-its and notes written all over the place. This book saved her life and our marriage. She was in pain 2 out of every 3 days and this went on for years and years. We despaired of her ever being able to just make a date and be able to keep it. Her world became very small as she moved from bed to the couch and back to the bedroom again.

After 770 days of following Dr Stanton’s protocol I am delighted to report that she has been completely migraine free for 357 days IN A ROW!! (She had a few hiccups in the first year as she learned to juggle all the various aspects of dietary and lifestyle changes, but she persisted and figured out what her body needs for optimal wellness and even in that first year she experienced enormous relief within the first few weeks of following the protocol.) She’s now doing so well that we have sold our house, moved to the coast and are in the process of buying a yacht to go sailing around the world! Two years ago just getting her to agree to go to the movies was almost impossible and now she’s ready to sail the world. Thank you Dr Stanton for giving me back my wife. I wish I could give this book a fifty star review!

To anyone debating whether or not to buy this book I have the following to say:

BUY THIS BOOK and read it as fast as you can!
Follow all the instructions diligently and persevere. It may seem overwhelming in the beginning. Don’t get flustered by this. Just keep on plodding away and doing the next right thing.
Don’t give up when it seems like it’s too hard – the miracle is just 5 minutes around the corner.
This protocol works.
You deserve to live a life free from the hell of migraine, as do the people who love you.”

–LK 8/18/2020

From Serotonin Syndrome & Migraines to Healing:

This just seems too good to be true but I am forever grateful I found this group through Angela’s article on Serotonin Syndrome about her mom. My sleep score last night was excellent at a 91 on my FitBit, I’m now dreaming, my memory and brain fog is lifting, I woke up rested and ready for the gym this morning, my BP is no longer high, so far the migraines have mostly lifted with only a little pressure every day but nothing that water and salt can’t take care of, and no digestive issues. I still pinch myself that this is all possible without medications and expensive supplements. The day I was forced to quit Amitriptyline cold turkey due to SS (Serotonin Syndrome) and temporarily put on Propranolol a month ago on July 6th, I cried to my husband and said hold my hand as we work through this together and no matter how bad things get regarding my health and my headaches promise me one thing. Hold me accountable as I never again want to go down the destructive path of pharmaceuticals chasing a cure.

You see, I had been seeking help for 4 years for my suicidal depression and insomnia that progressively got worse and then the migraines increased in frequency and intensity throughout that. We chased cures in both the natural and finally pharmaceutical world. It broke us financially, almost lost our marriage (but thankfully it’s much better now), came crazy close to ending my life several times, and hurt my health. So–when I was diagnosed with SS it was the straw that broke the camels back and I was done chasing cures. I knew nothing about this group until I read Angela’s article in a desperate google search scared with how my body was in SS. So now you can see why I still can’t believe it (but know science doesn’t lie) and am forever grateful that it’s working!!!

–DS 8/10/2020

From Almost No Hope to a Pain-Free New Life:

June 2020: “😔 I have tried everything to help reduce/cure my chronic migraines. Now, 40 years old I am considering disability before I try one last thing, the protocol. I have read most of the book and done a lot of research and it just makes sense. The reason I have not done this is because I have been veg for the last 25 years, 15 years of which I was vegan. This goes against every moral fiber of my being but I will do anything to have the zest for life I once did. I don’t even known how to safely start this transition without shocking my system both physically and mentally but it is my last hope 😢 I’m wondering if I can hire someone for some guidance? I’m feeling really lost. Thank you.”

July 2020: “😭😍Happy tears😍😭 Vegan gone protocol here and can’t stop bursting into tears of joy on a regular basis. Happy tears when I wake up without a migraine. Happy tears when I realize I haven’t been engulfed in fear, waiting for the next attack. Happy tears because I know my triggers and when I’ve set one off a Motrin, hydration, salt, and good food will stop it. No more heavy meds and I know I won’t need Motrin soon! Happy tears because my depression has lifted and I can see and think clearly now. Happy tears because the person I had completely forgotten existed has come home!!! Happy tears because I had forgotten how good food tastes even though it was a struggle to consume at first.

I am still doing my best to learn the protocol but I can’t believe how wonderful the impact has been. When something goes a bit sideways, I immediately know why and I can fix it so that there won’t be a next time. I was processing my disability claim and now I’m processing all the incredible things I CAN do with my life. I have a beautiful practice of giving thanks to the beings that have given their life so that I may honour mine.

Thank you Angela Stanton and everyone who has supported me so far. It’s only been a few weeks but the impact on my life has been profound. The depths of gratitude are deeper than then ocean. Thank you all for being you and for all that you do ❤❤❤❤❤❤”

–JLC 7/14/2020

A Successful Trip After Just 5 Weeks of Protocol:

“Before I found this protocol I hadn’t driven in months. We moved from Charleston SC back to Florida on May 31st. I had to drive my own car the 7 hour trip, which landed me in the ER on June 1 with a vestibular migraine attack. I coincidentally got the $2,000 bill today (insurance covered $6,000 of it) for my CT scan, bloodwork, ekg blah blah blah. This past week I had to drive the same trip there and back to tie up some lose business ends for my husband…I drove the whole trip there and back no problem. I worked out for an hour daily, and walked everywhere. Thank you Angela Stanton and admin team! 🙏🙏🙏 I would have never dreamed this was possible a few weeks ago. I honestly don’t think any drug could have worked as well, as fast as this protocol has for me. I plan on doing my baseline bloodwork and 5 hour blood glucose and ketone testing in two weeks when I hit the 5 week mark. While on this trip, since Charleston is now a Covid hotspot not much was open at our resort so my food options were limited. I didn’t have a car there, and the hotel only offered limited food service at the pool from 11-4. My only options were really burger meat, scraping the chicken and cheese out of taco shells, and farmed shrimp or salmon. Only veggies they had was iceberg wedge, otherwise carb options were burger buns, fries, etc so all not really options for me. I did bring my own hard boiled eggs in a cooler, air dried beef jerky, pumpkin seeds, avocados. I was able to Uber to Whole Foods once and get a small amount of premade beef, some whole milk, celery stalks and peanut butter, and strawberries for my minuscule mini fridge. I salted closer to every water since my carbs were lower (I’m not saying this was the right thing to do, I just intuitively did this). However I noticed I went from feeling 90-95% myself before the trip, to actually feeling better on the trip like 95-100%. I’m wondering if it’s more likely because I had to restrict my carbs more, or because I was salting more of my waters or both? Do you all think maybe if my blood testing comes back appropriate, I should try to move toward keto? I don’t think I’m ready for cv [carnivore diet] yet, coming off a vegetarian diet I don’t want to go too extreme and then fall off the wagon. Thank you all for your help!”

–JG 6/28/2020

New Member Reading the “How to Exercise” file in the FB Group:

Holy moly my fingers always swell when I walk 😅 I’ve learned more in the three days I’ve been in this group than I have researching all my issues over a lifetime 🙏🙏🙏 it’s like a manual of me lol I always have everything mentioned in here, and no other doctor in the planet has ever had an explanation for any of it. This protocol has been nothing short of a miracle already. I went from not working out or driving for months on end, to brisk walking for exercise and driving in 3.5 days. Literally. I even did a low key strength training session today. I cannot believe it! I’m so beyond grateful 💕”

— JG 6/11/2020

Ulcer Vanishes; Healthiest Ever:

I wanted to share a huge win – some of you may remember earlier this year I had agonising stomach pain and blood in my stools – the doctors suspected a perforated ulcer but my endoscopy was delayed due to Covid hitting. Angela Stanton advised me to stick to a carnivore diet which I have done for the most part and I came off the PPI drugs about 6 weeks ago. On Thursday I went for the scope and they told me I had the healthiest stomach they had seen all day – no signs of any ulcer or gastritis whatsoever. What an amazing testimony to the healing power of carnivore – I told them I healed myself with meat and salt!!!!!

I still get stomach pain if I eat off plan, especially anything that is raw. Nuts are a huge no no as are berries or even a squeeze of lemon in my water – I’m fine with that though as long as I get my steak and butter.

Thank you so much to Angela and the other lovely admins who advised me earlier this year. 🙏🏻

–VJ 5/31/2020

Harry Potter & The Stanton Migraine Protocol:

I’ve had 💯 success, thus far (just over 4 weeks in) stopping migraines using salt, but today was my first time using potassium. Woke up with head pressure and a bit of pain. Grabbed my Barometer and sure enough pressure was on the rise. I ate 30g of avocado 🥑 and about 45min later, I was good to go!! 🤗
I’m currently reading 📖 Harry Potter with my granddaughter (virtually since she’s 3000 miles away) and I can’t help but feel like this protocol stuff is Wizardry 🔮 🧐

–PLP 5/18/2020

Almost a Year on the Protocol, including the Carnivore Diet (CD):

I have something, which I hope will encourage those in the early part of their journey.

I started Protocol in July last year and have been on CD since late January this year. I’ve just had my first full month migraine free after 40+ yrs of migraines. This is big news for me. I have felt the last few weeks in particular more of a resilience in my body. This month I’ve had multiple prodromes but have been able to shift all of the them which has been very empowering.

I remember reading on here some great advice: ‘healing is not always linear’. This helped me so much to persevere as it has taken 9 months to get to this point.

So I know there may still be ups and downs, but for now I feel I have escaped a dark, shadowy tunnel of pain and have come to a warm, beautiful, sunny day! My quality of life has improved a thousand percent!

So thank you from the bottom of my heart Angela Stanton, Kristin Ingram, Terri Corley, Alison Inchausti and all the other people who contribute on this page. To help us all so generously and selflessly shows what amazing people you are ♥️🌺🌷”

–CC 5/1/2020

I Received a Testimonial by Email Today:


With the world being in such a crisis, I do hope you are doing well and that you and your loved ones are safe and happy.

I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that today is my 1 year anniversary on the Stanton Migraine Protocol and my life has forever changed. I have been meaning to do an intensive writeup documenting my personal experience and I may find the time now to do so. In the meantime, I want to tell you that your book and protocol has forever changed my life!!! I know now, what it feels like to feel normal. I went from 12 migraine days a month, to one mini migraine about every 7 weeks.

I will forever be grateful for your expertise and aid in assisting so many of us who suffer. The journey hasn’t been easy, nor do I expect it’s over, but I recently have gone about every 7 weeks now before I get a migraine and the last several ones have been partial days and I’m fully functional and even question if its a true migraine since I can still eat and move around.

A remedy that I learned is a brisk fast walk after doing hydration protocol at the onset and this hugely affects the quality and length of the migraine for me.

I read your book and underlined everything constantly and then made my own table of contents to help me find the key items that didn’t stick with my first read. I followed the details proposed by the book and began the KETO diet. (I follow The Diet Doctor) for recipes and insight, and I never leave the house without
My barometric app on my iPhone that runs 24/7. Which has been huge for me.

I didn’t sway from the protocol and when I wanted chocolate so badly for a week about 3 months in, I went back to your book to learn that I needed even more salt.
I never fell prey to cravings or social pressure to bend, and in the year, I have had 3 or 4 items in totality and all by choice. This truly enable me to learn what my body
Can and can’t have and how it reacts to all the migraine trigger elements. I cannot believe how good I feel and I was never overweight, but have lost the 7 extra lbs.I could NOT lose and love the fact that my weight is so incredibly stable now.

I do get postural headaches or tension headaches every now and then but I can treat those and be fine. (Work related)

The journey was quite hard, first weaning off the OTC meds and tryptophan (which I only took 9 pills in total). THANK GOD! And then the 3 day migraines in bed suffering was not fun, but I just knew I would find answers if I stuck with it. My husband had never truly seen the migraine suffering until then, and he was very supportive. Without your book and protocol, I know I would be bed-ridden by now suffering more often and probably depressed, which is not something I’m as likely to get.

I have shared your book with so many, and several have purchased it, and many have been helped just by hydrating properly.

I do hope you are well and want you to know you have truly helped ONE more in a line of so many.

With much love and gratitude for life!

–CS 4/7/2020

A Testimonial Worthy to Save and Share from Twitter:

Dr. Jen Unwin and migraine

–JU 3/24/2020

Encouraging a New Migraine Group Member:

This protocol is not something that you can partly do and hope to have any results, unfortunately. If you aren’t on protocol yet, then it makes sense it’s not working 😕 I would suggest that you rip the bandaid and get to baseline ASAP. Know that things might get a bit worse while your body adapts during those days. Then, the fog lifts and your pain disappears and you’ll be SO happy you won’t even know what to do with yourself. That was my experience… I was depressed, anxious, feeling so helpless, my health was going down the drain and my quality of life was worsening every day. I started on protocol, knew it might feel worse for about 5 days while I fat adapted, and I’m so glad I made the decision. There is no medication that offers the same symptom free relief… but it takes work.

–MF 3/13/2020

The Surprise of a Lifetime!

I had a very cool experience today. (I’ve learned so much from this group!) This week has been SO tough at work, allergies, pressure drops, and stress. Every day I’ve had a headache at least a 4-5/10 pain scale and my company is WFH right now so I’m in back to back Zoom video conferences all day. Not easy.

Anyway – I’ve resorted to caffeine and Excedrin migraine out of desperation because it helps for a few hours and I absolutely have to make it through my workday.

Today as I reached for the Excedrin with 8/10 migraine, I thought NO! I am going to take extra salt. Normally a salt test doesn’t do much and feels inconclusive – so I took 1/4 tsp with about 16 ounces of water. Then 30 minutes later I felt slightly better so I took another 1/4 tsp with 16 ounces of water and took a 30 min nap. I felt absolutely desperate.
I woke up and my migraine was down to a 4/10!!!

I took another dose of salt/water (this is way more than I normally take, but my gut kept saying I needed more.) and within 30 minutes my migraine was 100% gone and I actually had energy!!!


Before coming here, I never would have even thought to supplement salt. Now I am slowly, but surely learning how to respond to different situations and I’m finding more relief consistently! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻

Question: does allergy medicine and pseudoephedrine cause me to need way more salt???

–SG 3/13/2020

Give it Only 2 Weeks of Try:

I just want to say, that having become a chronic migraineur (17 or more migraines per month, with an increasing number not responding to triptans) in the last couple of years and with many rebound migraines, due to abuse of triptans (in my ignorance and naivety, I assumed that only NSAIDs caused rebound headaches/migraines), since starting ‘protocol’ ie getting to baseline and eating only ‘allowed’ foods, I have not had any migraines. Whenever I feel one come along, I do the salt test and act accordingly. And it has been working. It is only early days yet (ie I started this only about two weeks ago), and I am just very very grateful. Thank you Angela Stanton and all the wonderful and dedicated admins and all the compassionate and helpful members of this group who respond and help whenever i post a question! 

–EC 3/6/2020

A YouTube testimonial both for the Stanton Migraine Protocol and for CD:

Family Vacation:

Hi Friends! Trip Report Part 2–after 2 lovely weeks in Baja, hubby and I headed to Belize for a family reunion in honor of my parents’ 50th anniversary! Long international flights, and then 15 of us exploring jungle and beach, swimming in rivers and salt water, snorkeling (with sharks, sea turtles, manatees and rays), bird watching, howler monkeys, Mayan temples, and plenty of boisterous family time–no migraines. This time I successfully avoided all the tropical fruits (my kingdom for a pineapple!) and had zero drinks (my kingdom for a mojito!) Really though, I’d give up any food or drink for the biggest pleasure of 10 days with my nutty family in hot sun and humidity and no time lost due to headaches. Plus, I was able to help my sister and my niece both arrest migraines with salting. And many of the rest of them (non-migraineurs) also popped their salties to keep up hydration in the heat. It was a family tradition!  I can’t ever tell you enough how grateful I am, Angela Stanton!

–TC 2/24/2020

A Message to New Migraineurs with POTS & Other Dysautonomia by A Migraineur with POTS & Other Dysautonomia:

I have a pretty severe dysautonomia also orthostatic hypotension — my blood pressure falls very low like 50/40 and would faint every time I stood up. I couldn’t play sports in middle or high school because I would faint. I’ve fainted at numerous concerts, festivals, outdoor activities, picnics, farmers markets, grocery stores, the list goes on. I have a big plastic chair in my shower. I used to carry what I call a “chair cane” it literally has a little built in chair.

Since I’ve joined this group and began the carnivore protocol – my life has been transformed.

First – salting a lot all day has been transformative for my fainting. I salt 1/4 tsp with every 16 ounce glass of water. I’m over 220 lbs so it takes a lot more water to be at full hydration, so that’s something I’ve cleared with Angela. Check with her on salting.

Second – hydration. I only drink one cup of coffee now and it’s helped me soooooo much. I drink close to optimal hydration levels for my body weight now, and I feel SO much better.

Third – carnivore diet. I can’t say enough about this. It’s helping my hypoglycemia and blood sugar crashes, my mood, my anxiety/depression have literally melted away. I sleep deeply at night (magnesium also seemed to help with this…) and the list of benefits of carnivore is never ending. I feel like I’ve been given a new chance at life.

Be encouraged. This group is SO wonderful and supportive. Do the reading and commit yourself and you will find healing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

–SG 2/21/2020

Travels With Friends:

“Hello from mid-travels, friends! We had a wonderful 2 weeks in Baja, including snorkeling with sea lions, long hikes in the hot sun, looking for shells & birds, riding waves, hanging with friends talking, and this day, a highlight, out on the water with a pescadero, looking for whales. We saw gray whales and humpbacks (with calves!) breaching, spouting, diving, from as close as probably 100 feet! It was incredible. The best part is, though I had a lot of eating variables, some heavy wind/weather/sun/pressure factors, and a couple of prodrome days (due to overexposure/dehydration), I was able to pull out of all impending migraine. My friends were amazed at the salt factor, and we talked a ton about the SMP.

As a funny aside, my hubby and I did most of the grocery provisioning, and though we got stuff others asked for, there was definitely a LCHF bent. At the end of our trip, one friend with Celiac said she’s going to try a month with no grains/sugars, and another friend said, “Is it possible that with all this cheese and milk and avocados and nuts, I’ve LOST weight? My pants are looser!” We both smiled. Anyway, thanks as always, to Angela Stanton, as I am able to travel this amazing world healthy, happy, and whole. Next stop, Belize!


–TK 2-13-2020

As a 6-Year Old Sees Her Mommy without Migraines:

Out of my 6yr old “mommy, I feel like your headaches don’t come as much” 🙌🏻 🙏🏻 thank you Angela Stanton and all admin!

–JJM 2-11-2020

New Book? Copied from My Other Blog:

SLF says:

My heart just skipped a beat while reading that you are working on a new book. Since finding your second edition (which I own in print and digital) my life has completely changed. I have gone from a migraine sufferer to a migraine boss. I used to carry an array of prescriptions in my purse and now I carry salt packets! I workout everyday and instead of falling asleep to the throbbing of my head, I peacefully listen to sleep sounds.I preach your research and recommendations to everyone in my life who will listen, migraineur or not. I appreciate your continued work and commitment to getting your knowledge out there so that migraine sufferers can get their life back. I pray medical professionals find you and wake up!”

–SLF 2-11-2020

Visiting the Neurologist:

“Saw my neurologist today. When she walked in and asked how I was I responded great! I have reduced my refractory migraines by almost 75% by changing my diet and supplementing with salt and magnesium! She said well I was just standing in the hall looking at your chart trying to figure out what I was going to suggest next. I saw you crossed a bunch off of your current medication list and there’s really nothing left we haven’t tried. She seemed excited for me and sat down and listened to the protocol and took notes the whole time. Angela Stanton, I gave her your name and book title and also told her she could check you out on Facebook. She said she doesn’t do Facebook- weird because she’s very young- but she was definitely going to get online and read up on it. She was encouraged and happy for me, not condescending in the least. She asked if I needed any prescriptions or anything at all and I said nope- I am good with my self treatment plan! What a change! Taking my life back one day at a time! A million thanks Angela!”

–KDD 2-10-2020

The First Day in This, the First day in That:

“I would like to share something… Today was a day of a few firsts for me! It was the first day… since I can’t even remember… that I woke up without any head pains, anywhere! Today is the first day where I felt seriously normal… happy, energetic, and NO pain, no head fog!! 🤯 I have only just started making a few adjustments based on the protocol since the weekend… and WOW. The salt and milk before bed, drinking throughout the day, taking my little salt pills. It has made an impact already. And of course my diet changed in November, so I am eating much better.

I am just starting to read Part III in the book, and I look forward to learning more and developing a better, healthier me!! My husband even noticed the marked difference in me today!! I look forward to continuing this way of life, and learning along the way. This has been a true lifesaver for me… I can’t even put into words, and I’ve only just begun.

I even had an appointment with my headache specialist today (neurologist), and told him the adjustments I made since November. I explained to him the protocol I started, and showed him the book. He was very happy with the results I’ve experienced, and said “just keep doing what you’re doing”! Today was really, an utmost fantastic day 😎 With gratitude!!”

–AMM 1/21/2020

Trashing Medicines No Longer Needed:

“Cleaned out bathroom cupboard last night. Threw out both left over boxes of prescription meds for migraines … with a bit of a smile. Guess I’m done with that chapter of my life. I do have a very large stash of burger kind salt sachets in my wallet😀😁☺️”

–CP 1/20/2020

A Very New Member:

“I have a LONG way to go with protocol, but I’m happy to report the following after just one week of being introduced to it:

-I stopped all sugar and grains

-My frequency of urinating has gone down (I was going about 5 times in the first 4 hours of being awake).

-When I have a “good” meal I am satiated longer, which means I’m snacking less

-(Cue the drum-roll…) I’ve had fewer migraines (and the ones I had or started to have didn’t last long)

-I’ve only taken one Excedrin Migraine (which is a big deal for me)

-I’ve decided to stop Aimovig (what has it done for me in the last 8 months anyway?)

-I’ve been around sweets from Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts and felt disgusting inside at the mere sight of donuts

Thank you, all!”

–RMB 1/17/2020

A Year in Recap from One Migraineur:

“Happy Everything to all of you lovelies!! I have not been around much at all, because, well, I feel so darn good that I’m too busy to be on FB!!!! So, here’s a better later than never recap of a long-overdue race report.

For all you newbies out there, I’ve been on the SMP since June 26, 2017, and Keto for two years next week, on Jan 1 2018. Hang in there and just do what you’re told so you become a ghost-member like me!!! Wooho!!

Aug 25, 2019, I raced that darn Half Ironman I had been training for with the all of you cheering me on. Thank you for that  Going to keep the report short and highlight the colorful lessons I have learned: one of which just struck me while out running this morning.

History: I came into these groups a big-hot-overmedicated-mess-of-a-heart-attack-stroke-death-waiting-to -happen-kind of mess. RIDICULOUS!! My docs would never believe I am the one who is going to say…

I raced that Half Ironman-70.3 miles of swimming, biking, and running, and I survived migraine free-almost 

The biggest lesson I have learned since this race: watch your hydration more closely than you ever thought you had to. I thought I had been doing so well, but I’ve learned that edema is evil and sneaky and creeps in much more slowly than I ever thought it could. I learned that just because I have been migraine-free for so long, that I am not invincible to all the other sensitivities brought on my special electrolyte fueled body-brain. HA!!!!

I went into this race well trained and thought I had been tracking hydration properly and watching all signs. Well, race day proved I needed a lesson in humility. I somewhat panicked due to the high temps and every time I took salt I felt the need to take 8 ounces of water with it. Ugh, the need for extra sodium is not the same as water. I know this! I do! But, even in the last weeks of training, panic set in, and I forgot this. I had edema going into race day that I ignored because my head felt fine. MISTAKE!! Can we say prodrome of a disaster waiting to happen. Ugh,

In this 7 hour and 20 min race, I sadly stopped to pee 6 times! SIX! Now, normally, for this amount of activity, I would have gone to the bathroom once, maybe twice? But, six times?!? I drank too much and then could NOT get enough salt inside of my body as I continuously washed it all away. I was on track to meet my 6:30 finisher goal, until mile 9 of the run hit and I bonked. I was doing great burning ketones and watching my heart rate, and then I became a sobbing mess who wanted to quite, I walked to mile 9.5 and remembered there was food on the course and I am here to confess, and to also report with pride, that I took care of my crashing BS and ate those lovely oranges and yes, I even drank the coke. The only fruit (besides a few berries) and sugar in two years. I had never ever cheated and haven’t since, but I was not going to die over this. I knew the oranges might take a bit to kick in which is why I drank the coke. Let’s just say I stopped hating life so much by mile 11 of the run and I was able to run VERY VERY fast for the last 2.1 miles and crossed the finish line smiling-and ALIVE! Please see my profile pic as proof:)

The last few months since the race…..haven’t biked or swam and hardly have run since my last half marathon in October. I am a single mom in grad school and teaching full time so I am busy. Also, my body needed a break and time to recover. Angela, Terri, and Kristin (no tagging skills today darn it!)got me through the week post-race and the 8 pounds of edema I needed to shed. Yep, 8 pounds. I also got one helluva migraine with that edema. Today, I ran 4.6 miles, took my salt and regulated my water, and I felt great. My ketones and BS responded better than they have the last two years. I realize now, that I felt sooo good from keto in the beginning that I went out too hard too fast and should have taken things slower. So I’m happy I’ve given my body time to rest. I am down 15 pounds since the Half IM in August, and I am certain it’s all edema. Totally nuts!

If you’ve kept reading and have made it this far then you must be feeling pretty good from the SMP. LOL! But, seriously, I am still a firm believer that I can race fasted and make it thorough a HIM. Still amazed by my body and what it is capable of. I am rocking life without migraines and I am so so so so grateful for Angela and the life she has given me. DON”T GIVE UP! I don’t care how difficult it is! You are worth all of the work and this works! Search my name in both groups if you’d like my back story and near-death experiences due to migraines. It’s still unreal that I am writing to tell you I raced a Half Ironman and lived to tell. hahaha!

Thank you Angela, Terri, Kristin, and Alison!!! Grateful for you every single blessed day!

End of 2019 and start of 2020 testimonials.

–HD 12/27/2019

“I made it, from one side of the world to the other without a Migraine!!! Thirty hours travel from start to finish. Had to pick my way through several meals on the plane, and couldn’t get my hands on anything dairy in Singapore, as in cheese or whole milk, but other than that. It was fine. My sister, who also suffers horribly with migraines has ordered the book and as she was off to see her doctor due to her very high blood pressure … she carries slightly more weight that she would like and also has some hormone imbalance issues. She must of told her doctor about the brief conversation her and I had had about Angela’s book, so Doctor ordered insulin resistance test for her straight away and agreed that diet changes to Protocol would be greatly beneficial to her health. Off topic, may you all have a wonderful, happy, high fat, low cal, migraine free Christmas xx”

–CP 12/24/2019

Migraine-free Travel:

Just wanted to say I have been travelling for 18 hours, 9.5 of which were on a plane. I have arrived safely at my destination feeling great. This was my first flight at baseline, fully hydrated, tracking and off all grains for nearly 3 months. I followed the flying instruction document and it really worked. I have never got off a plane feeling so ok. I checked my eyes for prodrome in the mirror of the bathroom every 1.5 hours or so. Drank my waters every hour alternating salt and adding potassium on the second salted one. And ate my cooked steak, raspberries and kefir on the plane. (Steaks on the plane!) My boyfriend was so jealous and asked that we could take steak for him next time too. This protocol really works. I needed time to get to full hydration and also for stuff to settle down but the results are incontrovertible. I know I am going on holiday but I have had terrible back pain, lots of stress and I have still come through ok. Thank you to all, Angela and all admins xxx”

–LW 12/21/2019

Four Months Migraine Free:

“Hi! Just wanted to share that I have been both migraine free and all forms of headache free for four months! Not even during my wacky menstrual cycles…a hurricane…the time and weather changes…a couple of colds…you name it. The last time I got sick was after I had a massage. I haven’t gotten another one for fear it would break this magic spell, but I decided I needed to conquer the fear. Before my appointment today, I did “tiger” exercises to calm my nerves and of course have been following the protocol for the past few months. Drum roll, please….I did not get sick! Hip Hip Hooray! I am endlessly grateful to Angela Stanton, all of the admins especially Kristin Ingram and Terri Corley, and also Truc Klover. I can’t put into words how wonderful the Stanton Migraine Protocol is and how amazing it is to be migraine free. 🥰”

–ES 11/23/2019

A Recovering Former Sugar Binge Eater:

“I have to share another victory in my life but more importantly a victory in that the STANTON MIGRAINE PROTOCOL works. Most know by now that I’m a former recovering sugar binge eater. Sugar, sweets was my poison of choice. My mother lives in the next town to mine and I don’t get up there very often, so when I do I had always viewed it as a treat to go to Dairy Queen, after all I had it in my head that I don’t have very many pleasures in life and I’m going to take this one for sure. There was a time in my life when I was actually talking to my mom and visiting with people I love however all I could think about was when can I leave and go get me some Dairy Queen. Man how sad that was. Plus when I got there the process of placing the order and them making it felt like a million years, I would get so frustrated and impatient. Boy this really was pathetic. HERE IS THE victory, yesterday I went to my mothers. I saw the Dairy Queen sign and that was it, I only saw the sigh. Nothing more, it passed over my eyes and it was gone. It did not linger, it did not pull me, it did not fuel the desire, it was simply seeing something and moving on. 😃😃😃😃😃 sorry if you are tired of me talking about this but I just can’t shout it enough that if I broke free and others can too. No longer being a prisoner to the poison of sugar. THANK YOU once again to Angela Stanton and all the admins. This is just so unreal to me, I just can’t believe I’m living to experience this victory. So the victory truly is that I did not go to Dairy Queen so that lead to not having a migraine for four days. Being pain free is far sweeter!”

–CD 11/2/2019

What High Blood Pressure?:

“I am at my neurologist right now. Excited because the last time I came here my blood pressure was 145/88. After, the last few months of salting I was worried it would be higher. ( worried just a tiny bit because I trust Angela’s knowledge).
So, my blood pressure is 112/72
Doctor walked in and immediately acknowledged that I looked heathy, pain free and happy and wondered if his guess was correct.

3 1/2 years of unbearable Trigeminal Neuralia pain is behind me for now!”

–JCF 10/20/2019

Reading About the 3-am Wake-up Migraine:

“My, oh my, oh my!!! I’m new here and I’m reading Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide… by Angela Stanton. I’m about a third way through the book and I’m so excited. Wish I had come across Angela’s book years ago. I have been on a Ketogenic diet for a while, when I started a few years back I was desperate and found it so helpful and soon learned that when I stray (increase my carbohydrates) the migraines also increased. Now after coming across this book and Facebook page, I am coming to understand in a much clearer way why avoiding the carbs has helped and how to tweak things. I am learning so much! The section in the book about the 3:00a.m. migraine wake up call –brought tears to my eyes. There is so much that I identify with. It’s like coming home, finally being understood. It’s hard to put the book down, I’m learning so much. Thank-you Angela for your research and for sharing it in this book. And thanks for this Facebook page, I am learning so much from reading posts and files here as well.”

–MG 10/16/2019

Sharing to the world:

“I just ordered and received a second autographed copy (Thanks Angela Stanton !) of Angela’s book and now am looking to share my first copy with someone in need. I posted the following to my local Next Door neighborhood group and looking to spread the word and share these great ideas curing migraines.

About 3 years ago I started having severe migraines which became chronic and debilitating to the point where I was spending 2 weeks in bed every month and had a migraine at some level every day. In desperation, I tried all the meds and every modality of health available. I was pissed off and desperate facing a life-long disability. Long story short, I no longer have migraines and have been migraine free for over one year. I am back to work and feeling grateful to have my life back at hand. My success was primarily based on a diet change which I only discovered when a friend of mine sent me a book. I have bought a second copy of this book Fighting the Migraine Epidemic and would really like to pass it on to someone, like me that is suffering and serous about reclaiming their health. I have nothing to sell anyone but I would like to provide this as a gift, as it was provided to me.”

Share the word!”

–DZ 10/15/2019

Morning shower:

A moment of gratitude: In the shower this morning, I was thinking about where I was two years ago during similar beautiful October weather. I was home, in pain, and on leave from work fighting with NJ Disability, popping triptans just to get through the day, and spending every last dollar on therapies that were not working. I couldn’t stop working and had to go back to work in November because migraines are not considered a disability and I needed the insurance so that I could continue to get my meds. I was so desperate and depressed. It would be another couple of months before I discovered this group. Within a week of going on protocol (and lots of hand-holding by the admins) I was on the road to empowerment. Empowerment over my condition which led to empowerment over my life. Though I still get tripped up believing that I can eat anything, I am 100% in charge of how I might feel from one day to the next. I am in control. I’ve been able to shift my life to work that I’m happier doing, no longer a slave to insurance premiums to pay for drugs that were just making me worse. So, I just wanted to pause and say THANK YOU ALL, to Terri Corley for your ability to kindly kick my butt when I need it, to Kristin Ingram, for your gentle encouragement and humor, to Alison Inchausti for your warmth and understanding, and especially to Angela Stanton for your selfless dedication to helping migraine sufferers. And to all the new folks, hang in there. This really, really works. You have to put in the effort. You have to experiment and fail more than a couple of times. But trust the process.

–JR 10/15/2019

Wow, check out those triglycerides & after baby!

“My husband and I do this bio-metric screening each year to earn $$ on our insurance plan. This year I just couldn’t wait another two hours to eat, I am nursing an infant after-all and it had already been at least 12 hours. I was pretty nervous how things were going to go after eating, but boy, my BP was perfect, my non-fasted BG was 86. Everything else was pretty well in line as well, given that i had just had my black coffee and breakfast, nursing, post cesarean life, she was pretty impressed and I am beaming with pride, 3 years ago, my triglycerides were over 700, now in the normal range  For the non-believers and naysayers – trust the process.”

–EG 9/23/2019

Medicine Tapered:

“Hi everyone,

Just a little update. I’ve been successfully lowering Lamictal which was creating a sodium interference and also seemed to be presenting a host of other bizarre and in some cases terrifying symptoms. The taper off continues to be gradual and will take more time but each decrease makes me feel healthier.

I haven’t had a full blossomed migraine since December of last year and the heart/stomach issues I had abated. After a gazillion tests (3 EKG, 24 hour monitor, stress test, enzyme test, colonoscopy, thyroid, gallbladder test, upper GI), it turns out I am very healthy. I may never know exactly what caused the terrible symptoms I had earlier this year but I’m so glad to be talking about them in past tense.

I’ve kept up with all of the diet changes I made from reading the protocol, which has been 10 months now. I’ve been more quiet here but am still reading updates. Hope everyone is doing well today”

–BK 9/7/2019

Little Victory:

Little victory to share

For three days I have had a very trying trip with my family and guests ( lack of sleep, loud smelly train (for seven hours one way, five hours another), got overheated in baking sun each day, walking 7-10 miles daily, taking Uber numerous times with air refreshers), and guess what… I survived without pain killers. This is an impossible dream that is becoming reality. I had to push myself not to be everyone’s problem. And it worked only because I was addressing every prodrome with salt and water

I even dragged my suitcase to the train station in heat. This is very unusual for me to survive so many challenges at once in so little time

I am still behind on my studies but what a difference! I compare with 2012 challenge when Our ten-day Europe trip ( honeymoon) was spoiled… five days of horrible pain. I did not know how to address prodrome. We helplessly watched the attack forming, then hitting me and …canceled plans for the day. What wasted time n money, killed joy, disappointments, you know how it goes….

Not this time. ❤️ Thank you, Angela Stanton 🌹and everyone here who is so encouraging and supportive of each other.”

–NV 9/3/2019

Look what family members can do!

“Yesterday my husband had open house and one of his coworkers had a migraine. She was about to go home and he told her to salt test and it showed she needed salt! He helped stop her migraine. He told her about protocol and my journey! I was so proud of him when he told me he did that!

Then today! A paraprofessional walks in my room with major migraine eye! I had her salt test and she was amazed at how fast her eye came back to normal and she was able to stay at work today. She knows about protocol because she saw me at my worst before I found protocol!”

–KL 9/4/2019

A new member is scared to apply the protocol and many members have responded with support. Here is a response from one of the many veterans in our protocol group:

“I was a vegetarian for nearly 20 years when I humbly stumbled upon this WOE [way of eating]. Scared as hell was an understatement. Girl! Over 2 years later and I say bring it on. Meat and all. Worth every single fear and tear and frustration of learning an entirely new lifestyle. My docs all say the same thing, every time they see me… “I don’t care how much salt you ingest or what you’re eating or what you’re not because I never thought you’d be migraine free.” We are the evidence our doctors need. I was a $200k+ med patient that the industry didn’t want to lose. Jaws drop when they hear of my success. No meds and allll the fun!”

–HD 9/4/2019

Funny how people think! Migraineur camping:

Camping with friends. First they teased me because of what I eat. Then they teased me because I didn’t want a beer. Then they criticized my unsafe level of salt consumption. Then half of them went home early with horrible migraines. I’ll tease them tomorrow.”

–HS 9/30/2019

A picture is worth a 1000 words: A member’s migraine diary (in the group 12 weeks):

Migraine Days WM 8-25-2019

–WM 8/25/2019

Blood Test Victory:

“Also- I just got all my bloods done incl. cholesterol as my dad and doctor we’re both worried it would be extremely high- even though I told them it would be ok.
The doctor almost fell off her chair with my results!
Both good and bad cholesterol were amazing she said and she said everything she learnt in school about high protein/fat diets has gone out the window!
Woo- hoo Angela Stanton 👍👍👍”

–SAM 8/19/2019

A 50k ultramarathon run by a migraineur on hilly terrain in ketosis–no migraine:

50K ultramarathon trail race in Marquette, Michigan is successfully done! Migraine-free, which is remarkable on a few levels which I’ll explain below. I’m pretty sure there are some things I can improve on as far as migraine management, water intake, and fat adaptation during endurance events. For reference, I’m 50/50 CD [50/50 macro ratio on the carnivore diet] for 6 months.

Started race fasted at 5:40am. Bg/bk 83/0.7. Temps: humid and 61*F. Normal pre-exercise hydration and salting routine. Didn’t eat until 4 hours later at mile 15 when I took my bg/bk and bg was down to 73, but physically felt fine. This is the longest I’ve ever run fasted. Ate 1 oz mozzarella and 1 hard-boiled egg from my pack. The only time I remotely felt hunger was about 2 hrs into the race, mild stomach grumbling that faded as I’m guessing glycogen ran out.

The final 16 miles of the race were the most technical trail miles and the highest, hardest 4-peak climbs. Like, scaling sheer rock and pulling yourself up sections. So hard, so fun, not super run-able. Temps made it up to a sunny 80*F and humid, so not too bad, but blazing hot on the exposed granite rocks. My goal was to take in an average of 1 salt-cap and 8 oz water/30 minutes, ended up with 1 salt-cap and 11 oz water/30 minutes. *Room for improvement there! Started with finger-swelling edema at mile 17. Probably could have double-salted after that, but I’ve given myself a salt-heavy migraine during long training runs that respond to K [potassium] afterwards, so didn’t want to chance double-salting. Angela’s edema document was swirling through my head for many miles!

Ate at mile 21 (1 egg, 1 oz mozz) before a big climb, and again at mile 26 (1o z mozz) before the biggest/hardest/most technical climb of the race. Did not take the time to test bg/bk before eating at those stops. Honestly, didn’t want to lose time doing it and I was starting to lose fine motor skills and the ability to focus after so many hours on the trail!

My goal was to finish under the 12-hour cutoff with no migraine, and I finished in 9 hrs 9 mins with no migraine! At the finish, I drank 8 oz water with 1 salt-cap and a few minutes later 6 oz whole milk and 2 T HWC [heavy whipping cream], then took bg/bk 10 mins later and it was 98/2.2. Wish I had taken it before drinking the milk, but I was exhausted and not totally thinking straight 😆. Felt very mild tightening prodrome in my forehead which responded negative to salt, so ate small amount of NY strip steak, then more steak on way home (7.2 oz total). Head totally clear until an hour later with very mild head tightness returning, responded to salt, then absolutely fine the rest of the day. Was NOT hungry at all afterwards, but ate some spot prawns, roe, butter, milk, HWC for dinner, total of 1535 calories for the day. And that was forcing myself to eat. I normally eat 1800-2000 cals/day during training. Felt fine the next day, with no real appetite, went hiking and climbing, but edema weight gain of 3.4 lbs (no visible swelling). (***note from Angela: this is normal body healing. Inflammation after a race like this heals.)

Average heart rate: 157. I train at 140 or less. The climbs were so intense, I’m fine with that heart rate during a race.

Overall place: exactly in the middle for overall and age group. I was expecting bottom of the barrel, until I started passing people the last half of the race!

Overall, I’m pretty darn happy. This is the first endurance event I’ve done since starting Stanton Migraine Protocol 9 months ago, and it was migraine-free and sugar/grain-free! My goal is to work towards no bg drops during long runs and experiment with the macros appropriate for me that allow me to run fasted, continue to manage my Hashimoto’s and migraines, and then see where that takes me in my love for endurance running.

I ended this race with a smile, too. Not a migraine….a smile. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to Angela, Kristin, Terri, and Alison for your tireless support and knowledge, along with other migraineur endurance athletes (Heather Dixon) who have shared their journeys and allowed me to learn from you. ❤️

If you’ve read this far….WOW you deserve the medal! 😬🥳”

–SM 8/19/2019

A migraine cure testimonial from horses and a cat:

Some time ago, one of my migraineurs complained about her horse–animals shake their heads when they get a headache. My cat did too. I started to salt my cat’s water and within a day she stopped shaking her head. I have been placing a little salt into her water every day.

Then this migraineur told me her horse was shaking its head and she decided to give salt to the horse. The horse is migraine free. This is what she wrote to me today:

My horse has had no “migraines “ since starting the salt protocol and my vet actually called me for what I had done to “cure” my horse and he helped 2 more horses 😍

So we had helped my cat, her horse, and the veterinarian is now curing other horses from migraines by giving them salt. We cannot argue with the benefit of salt for migraine anymore.

–AF (horse) and me (cat) 8/1/2019

Bike race of a migraineur:

“Well I survived my 1st bike race! I realize that switching to Keto definitely helped me keep my ketones down and BS up, especially after long hard rides! Leading up to the race I was dealing with frequent cervi headaches, which my PT said was caused by “ bikers neck ” thankfully the hard hit of PT helped. the morning of the race I was up at 4:30 am and struggling to eat breakfast, ugh! Hard when your body is saying “ GET BACK TO BED! “ Once we parked the car I tested BS/K and was 5.3/0.9. There were 2500 people racing and it’s a mass start; I was terrified!! Main goal: don’t crash! Luckily there was a steep hill right off the start and we quickly thinned out.

My goal was to be done in 3 hrs, I was done in 2:04!! I was 48th out of 270 and 2nd out of my age/gender category, which I think there were 52 of us, so was really pleased about that! I did not need to eat at all during the race but salted like crazy!! It was 27C and very dry! On one of our hills that was 1.8k long and STEEP!! I was gasping with a terrible dry mouth but in that situation you cannot grab your water bottle or you risk falling over! I was worried I didn’t drink enough as many crashes happen with people dropping water bottles but in the end I felt great! Most important NO MIGRAINE!! I figured with all the stress leading up to and with the race I would surely get one… but nope, nothing!!

Post race they had burgers and beer, I clarified that the beef was pure beef and then just stood there with a meat patty in my hands, chowing down with a lot of funny looks 😁 I added in some fruit and more salt and water. Since our car was parked so far away, I couldn’t check numbers till we got back there. My BS 5.6/0.4. I’m so happy I was able to complete this goal in honour of my dad, I know he was there helping me through the toughest parts💕 I’ve decided to do another race here in 4 weeks and then head back to CD [carnivore diet] to get this IR [insulin resistance] crushed!! Oh and absolutely no muscle soreness post race 🙌🏼🙌🏼”

–LM 7/22/2019

New member’s first post:

“Can I just say what an outstanding theory Angela has uncovered in her book Fighting the Migraine Epidemic! Yes! There is a lot of reading materials but every word I’ve read so far has been extremely concise but not difficult to follow. Every statement Angela makes in her book and other materials has been followed by detailed scientific explanations as to WHY and HOW these specific reactions are linked (the medical science is not just Angela’s own word – I have checked the well credited citations). 

In short, I just want to say in my, and my mother’s [name], dealing with countless doctors and after spending literally tens of thousands of dollars of money, not a single paid doctor or specialist has ever taken a fraction of their time discussing ways to Prevent or Cure migraines or even what causes them – other than to prescribe heavy medications like Topirimate and Butalbital.

So, [Angela] Stanton if you are reading this – thank you for taking the task upon yourself to research, test and publish your work in such a way that so many people are not only truly understanding the true cause of migraines 1 but are starting to live without them! Once I read that Angela was a migraineur herself, I knew she could actually know what the feeling of a migraine was – which, unless you suffer from them, you can’t imagine. It’s like telling us guys how childbirth feels like!

So, my deepest gratitude to Angela for her continued work, and to all the volunteers who make this group possible. And my best wishes of success to all those on their way to becoming migraine free. My journey is just beginning and now comes the commitment and lifestyle changes. So here I go!”

–DA 7/22/2019

A birthday to remember:

For my daughters’ 9th and 11th birthdays this past week we decided to skip having a party and instead put the $ towards our first family vacation. It was 5 days, 4 nights, only an hour and a half from our home, in the lovely little Michigan-German town of Frankenmuth. We stayed at Zehnder’s Splash Village, which is an amazing hotel that includes a humongous indoor/outdoor waterpark. I never could have planned, much less executed this trip before protocol. Not only was it humid and 90 °F most days, but the waterpark has 3 areas – loud, louder, and loudest. 😆 Guess what? Not so much as a twinge of pain the entire time.

The one bit of trouble I did get into resulted from trying a single slice of leftover “cauliflower crust” pizza my kids wanted to share with me one morning (I’m well aware that means rice and/or potato flour). I said to my husband as we left the hotel that morning, “We’ll know how many carbs were in that crust within an hour or two.” Right on schedule, an hour later I was feeling strangely dizzy, shaky, and just plain off. I salted, salted, salted, took some down time in the hotel, and within the next hour we were off to the waterslides! Two hours and much excitement after that, back to feeling fabulous, we took this family selfie on our way out. The rest of the vacation – foods, people, shopping, aerial park, fireworks, SUPER loud arcade – oh, and starting my period *the day* we arrived!, went off without a hitch. I’m so thankful to have had these experiences, and so happy to be back home with my beloved steak and butter. 🙃 Thank you, Angela, admins, and everyone else I’ve learned from in here. This was a huge test and I’m so grateful to have reached this point and made these memories while my kids are still kids. 💙💚💛”

–ER 7/7/2019

New member:

Hi to the group. I don’t have nearly the detailed story so far as some in the group but wanted to share my success because I know it’s important for us all to input our experiences as part of the collective learning process. I’ve been doing near-protocol for 3 months. I just finished a term of school and plan to devote more time now to food perfection. However, even with changing from a high carb, high sugar routine (I ate this way out of convenience and habit) to near-protocol, I’ve eliminated migraines except during the two “hormone storms” of the month – ovulation and menstruation. And these migraines are gradually getting better, allowing less meds per headache. I have previously depended on meds in these times, becoming totally debilitated by pain and nausea without them.

I am incredibly thankful for this change and have witnessed for myself the importance of diet for the purpose of maximizing health. As so many in the group have expressed, the feeling of freedom from chronic pain is almost indescribable, especially for those of us who have suffered for years and decades. I lead a busy life and protocol has become more or less routine. But no matter how routine it becomes, I find myself occasionally daydreaming about what a gift this knowledge is…and how it seems too good to be true. And how surreal and wonderful it feels to say “but it IS true!” I don’t know if that amazement will ever wear off; I’m guessing probably not. Excited to keep going!

–EAWA 6/22/2019

One year Stanton Migraine Protocol anniversary report by a migraineur:

“Anniversary Alert! Last night I was looking back in my journal to this day in 2018: “June 20: Investigating a new protocol for migraine. Complex but interesting.” That week I had had near-constant prodrome and a couple of totally disabling headaches. As my migraines had been worsening over the past few months, I had been to a neurologist for the first time the week prior, and she prescribed Sumatriptans, tinazadsine, and told me I would be a candidate for Topamax. I had read enough in other migraine groups to know that was not a route I wanted to go. My desperate internet sleuthing for “migraine cure natural” brought me to Angela Stanton‘s book. I ordered it on Amazon and joined the group soon after. Those first weeks were so overwhelming. I am a skeptic, and I committed to trying as much as I could muster for 3 weeks to see if I noticed a difference. The rest is history.

Over the last year I have made my halting way through protocol, as many of us do, in stops and starts, solid tries and imperfect weeks, but committed to the long view. I am still nowhere near perfect in my implementation, and I have much left to learn, but I cannot believe the difference between the me that’s writing this and the one from a year ago. Not only are my migraines under control (a resistant one from peri-menopause issues and/or high pressure kicks up every now and then), but I rarely even have uncomfortable prodromes. I love what I get to eat. I’m no longer thirsty all the time. My lifetime constant companion of shaky hunger is gone. My persistent post-viral condition is 150% improved. My hair is thicker, my skin clearer, my moods more stable. I have learned so much about my body, and the science of health. I work a physically active job, travel widely, and best of all, I have a better understanding of my complex, beautiful, interesting brain and nervous system. I have also been able to share what I’ve learned to help the health of my mom, several friends, and my niece.

All this is to say, if you are new here, this is possible for you, too. If you are struggling, stick with it. Change comes incrementally. Trust this process. If you are an old member, thank you for the ways in which you have participated, for encouragement, for asking questions that help us all. To the admins, Terri Corley, Alison Inchausti, Kristin Ingram, thank you for all the ways you have pushed, supported and cheered me on, not to mention play-by-play suggestions when battling a bad day. Most of all, thanks to Angela Stanton for your creative thinking, tireless research, pioneer’s stamina, and spirit for outreach. It is truly astounding.

I am grateful everyday to be here, part of this group of amazing, interesting, quirky people. May the year to come bring continued healing for us all!”

–TK 6/20/2019

One scary migraineur birthday!

Another reminder yesterday that our brains keep adjusting in response to the healing promoted by the protocol. My son and I were in the midst of a guy’s day out together to celebrate our birthdays and I was being just a bit slow on hydration as we were driving a distance and I didn’t want to stop for too many pee stops. I had a prodrome I’ve never had in my (now) 71 years: My speech center suddenly went down and I could not fully articulate words. My mind was completely clear, no loss of any coordination or other signs of prodrome. I was able to signal to him not to worry, mentally position where the nearest ER was, and take a salt and H2O. Literally within 3 minutes, my speech was 95% back. Talk about avoiding 24 hours in the ER and a bunch of panic!! Especially with my 54 year old sister-in-law just now having very incomplete speech recovery from a stroke 3 weeks ago. Thanks again, Angela.”

–BW 6/3/2019 (posted with delay)

Brand new migraineur already sees success:

“Never thought this little teaspoon would bring such value to my life! 😁. I just joined the group and started reading the book a few days ago after a 6 day battle with a migraine. I was able to stop the end stages of my migraine with balancing salt/potassium ratio and I am still literally AMAZED!!! I have been on the carnivore diet for over 2 months for other reasons than migraines. I have LOVED IT! I didn’t have many migraines until the last couple weeks and I was sooo puzzled since I’m so strict with my diet. Learning all about the migraine brain and the electrolyte balance has made sooo much sense to me! I thought I was going to have to abort the carnivore way of eating due to migraines. Thanks to the Stanton migraine protocol I now know what’s really been causing them and I am soooo encouraged to be learning all that I have been. There is so much more to learn but I’m excited and hopeful. Thank you Angela Stanton and everyone in this group for all your contributions!”

–JB 6/11/2019

A fantastic migraine lesson: always check salt/sugar containers before you dip:

Well guys, I had an interesting test of protocol this weekend, with some crazy variables. Drove 5 hours from home for work, staying with my brother. Taught a 3-day chainsaw training, which is always intense with tons of extroverted teaching energy expended, plus stomping around in the woods and the stress of watching complete novices learn. 😂 All 3 days went great, not a glimmer of prodrome, even though one day I was pretty off on water timing, but was able to catch up later in the day.

Saturday was busy, moving between my brother’s place and a friend’s house, and my cousins arrived for a visit. We had a bonfire at the friends’ house, more socializing–I was pretty maxed and needed my salt. My stuff was all spread out between 2 houses, our truck, my field pack, etc., so when I went in from the party to get water, I noticed their salt cellar on the stove (even had a tiny 1/8 tsp in it!!) and made myself a bubbly water. An aside–everyone had pizza and I was not even tempted by what used to be my favorite food. I had take-out from my favorite Nepali restaurant–a pork curry with floating fat globs. 😄

Had 2 more salt glasses, felt myself crashing, figured I was just over-done. Went to bed. Woke at 2 am with a pounding headache, the worst pain I have had in many, many months–like pre-protocol pain. WTF, I thought. Well, lots of variables. Got up and went into the kitchen to do salt test, though I was pretty sure what I needed. Stuck my finger in that little salt cellar on the stove and put it under my tongue. IT WAS #*&%^ SUGAR!!!

During an evening when I had a serious need for salt, I had taken my last THREE doses of waters with white sugar. I almost lost it. I dug around and found my salt and took a plain 1/8–I had so much edema I couldn’t get my test ring off at all. Slept fitfully, woke with a lot of pain. It was so familiar from the old days–the kind of morning I used to have after an intense work weekend, pre-protocol. The kind of day where I’d wake among friends and have to stay in a dark room, probably vomit, and writhe in pain while everyone else had fun and felt sorry for me. I was a bit skeptical that I’d be able to pull out of it, actually. My eyes were SO swollen, squinty, huge bags underneath.

As is, I took another plain salt, waited until edema diminished slightly. Had a cup of half-caff coffee (I usually drink decaf) with HWC [heavy whipping cream] and milk, 2 Advil, a hot shower. After, it was time for a salt water. Within minutes of swallowing it, the pain and pressure was lifting. Within another hour I could join for breakfast. Took it slow, had a big old burger for lunch and though I felt a bit fuzzy all day, I ended up being able to join the gang for a 4-hour day hike (uphill, climbing a small peak) and dinner out.

Woke up today a little tired but fine. I tell you, it was the perfect tester weekend–I would never have done that on purpose, but between the stressors, the sugar mix-up, the symptoms, the salt rescue, it was like a science experiment. I thought of Angela Stanton and how much of this she went through, trying variables, inciting and resolving headaches, in order to figure out our brains. I am so grateful.

Sorry so long, it was too weird and useful not to share. 🙂
Oh, and also, the biggest take-home–don’t trust other people’s “Salt” without asking or testing! I won’t make that mistake again…”

–TK 6/3/2019

A migraineur’s observations: carbohydrates are addictive:

“I’m not an admin so you can take this post with a grain of salt (ha, ha). I hope this post will encourage lurkers who haven’t been able to stick with protocol and still find themselves indulging in sugar cheats…A few months ago I joined a group of non-migraine people following ketogenic diets for weight loss and found that 95 percent of the people were constantly obsessed with food and instead of eating meat, dairy, vegetables and nuts, they were always asking questions about how to make cookies or muffins or something else that was supposedly on the diet, but tasted like what they were craving. I was really shocked by all the food obsession. What I noticed about starting the Stanton Migraine Protocol was that within weeks I no longer craved sugar at all. Not a bit! I don’t find it difficult to sit in a restaurant while people are eating desserts. I don’t find it difficult to serve my guests ice cream while I have raspberries with cream. Now instead of smells and sights of food being in the driver’s seat, I am in control of what I eat and being able to make those good choices gives me a feeling of empowerment. Sugar is more addictive than heroine! Letting it go will be the best thing you can do for yourself.”

–SDC 6/3/2019

The carnivore diet and migraine:

“I posted this in my carnivore group a few days ago for my one-year carniversary. I wanted to share in this group as well. Especially for those who have found their healing process to be slow. One year ago today I started on the carnivore diet. For someone who never ate a lot of meat, switching to this way of eating was not easy! But let me tell you it works! I was in a car accident over 3 years ago and suffered a head injury. I spent months recovering and was left with chronic vestibular migraines. For 2 1/2 years I never had a dizzy-free day. I could only drive 3-5 miles which didn’t get me real far. I saw several neurologists, neurotologists, acupuncturist, and a vestibular specialist. None could help me! This diet along with the Stanton Migraine Protocol were my last hope. One year later, I now only have a few dizzy days a month as opposed to every day. I can drive 15-20 miles which allows me to drive myself to work and my children to school. I expect to see more improvement as I continue this journey.  I am one of those who has been slow to heal, but I am patient. My IR was really bad. I also took a few months to adjust to this diet, so if you are new and struggling, hold on. Be patient. You will see the rewards eventually. 
I honestly feel that at 45 years old I feel better than when I was 25!!”

–JZL 6/1/2019

Just started to read the book:

“Well then- reading the book I’m going through so many emotions. It’s eye opening in so many ways I can’t begin to explain. At first- I thought I may not have migraines and thinking my doctor misdiagnosed me. That short list prodromes seem more like just me being me. Then I get to cortical spreading depression section and suddenly EVERYTHING is clear. I do get migraines. I had to search auras on here because I was convinced I didn’t get them. they’re definitely not what I thought it was and I been experiencing these for years without any of the pain that’s associated with migraines. I mean I was shocked, angry and happy within seconds of reading this. I’m not even halfway through the book and I finally feel like I’m not alone. Different from others yes, but not alone. I can’t tell you all how grateful I am for the person who directed me here (I can’t remember but I’ll look because you deserve recognition) but YOU are awesome.”

–JC 5/31/2019

Finally decided to completely apply the protocol:

“I want to thank everyone that contributes to this. In a week it has helped me so much and I never have to ask questions because everything I could possibly want to know is in the history and files. I have finally gone all in on this protocol and the differences I am noticing are incredible. I have been keto (75 to 80% F, 10 – 15% P, 5% C) for over two years and initially had incredible results in migraine reduction and Triptan elimination. But over time that progress wore off a bit. Though I am not back to where I started, I am having too many migraines (one a week at least) to lead the life I want to as a father of 4, business exec and athlete. I have followed every single baseline instruction to the nth degree for a week. The biggest eye opener for me has been the difference I feel in being “salted” properly while balancing my potassium. My head feels amazingly open when I keep my sodium levels above 5000 mg per day. I tested the protocol with a moderate weight training session last night as this has been my biggest trigger as the keto alone stopped working as well.

Success! No migraine today.

My head feels a little tight today but I don’t feel a migraine is inbound. I keep salting and hydrating and that loosens things up a bit. I’ll have my fasted blood results posted this weekend. Thanks again for everyone for your work and dialogue here. It’s helped me a ton this week in making progress.”

–KD 5/30/2019

A migraineur: Life after triptans & the importance of tracking:

Update from a triptan-quitter (since 9th March):
1. WOW. Protocol really works for me now. I finally feel confident that I can be migraine-free. Oh, the freedom and liberation! It’s like I’m a normal person!
2. I still hate tracking salt/potassium.
3. Too much salt appears to have no effect at all, but too much potassium and I am in big trouble. Therefore, if I don’t track and balance, I am severely punished. 
4. The migraine needs to kick me hard in the pants repeatedly to teach me to track. Which is why I’ve been awake since 4.30 am (high potassium meal last night and not enough salt to balance – ouch). Because I am not a normal person, much as I might wish to be.
5. I have just been through an extremely demanding and high-pressure time. I balanced carefully – and got no hint of migraine. For two weeks. Again, WOW. 
6. I seem to be able to tolerate macros that are ‘out’ – I consistently eat too much fat and too little carbs/protein, but not quite to keto levels. I seem to be a successful no-mans land dweller – but not with respect to balancing. (This is not advice to others to be slack on macros.)
7. Giving up triptans and caffeinated coffee made a massive difference to the reactivity of my brain (caffeine is now a rare, last-ditch resort to compensate for slack balancing).
8. It took me 18 months to get myself together since finding this group. Changing the eating and drinking was the easy bit for me but was most definitely not enough on its own. I had to add in quitting the drugs and tracking/balancing to get the result we all want. Slow learner here, clearly.
9. I am not sure if my IR is truly correcting itself, but it feels that way – I can go much longer without feeling hungry and shaky. (I know I can test for that.)
10. My brain needs me to exercise every day and have some time outside, even if it’s just a 20 minute fast walk.
11. Thank you, Angela and mods! Thank you thank you thank you.”

–AG 5/18/2019

A migraineur shortly after joining our Facebook migraine group:

Long excited post. I joined this group on April 11, 2019, after having migraines for over 20 yrs with almost daily ones for over 10 yrs. Plus chronic constipation since I was 12, with 1 bowel movement weekly. I was using sumatriptan as needed and it wasn’t working. Then my Dr prescribed Topamax a week before I joined this group. I tried 2 pills and decided there had to be another way – I wanted to know WHY I was having migraines. So I searched on the internet for days and landed on a Angela Stanton webpage – I don’t even remember how, but so thankful!! Then I joined this fb group and I was in the middle of a 3 day migraine. Terri recommended trying salt and I couldn’t believe the salt helped and kept doing the salt test. Then the next day, my migraine was almost gone – oh and I had a bowel movement! I started implementing the protocol and reading units and the book immediately. I was already off grains, so refined sugar was next. Quit that day. It caused one migraine that week, but then no more until my period. AND I have had a bowel movement almost every day! I have been following protocol since I joined. I am really enjoying my fats and meats! Growing up, I was always told to avoid fat and red meat, but here I am loving every minute!! My husband couldn’t believe how well it is working and has now started to change his diet. So awesome! Thank you so much Angela Stanton, Terri Corley and all admins for helping us and in sharing this information with us!! I am so excited to continue this journey of healing.”

–CP 5/6/2019

A migraineur explaining her road on the Stanton Migraine Protocol to other migraineurs:

“just wanted to give an update on where I am at the moment. I started keto in January cause I heard, it would help with migraines. At that time, I needed triptans/aleve/domperidone for min. 15 days a month and knew, this has to stop! I had almost instant results, migraines went down from 15 to 6 in the month of Feb and March. I had days, where I just felt great. Full of energy, no cravings, no headache, but there where days, where I felt like crap and always thought, I needed carbs, and on those days, I gave in and increased carbs.

I knew, on keto you have to drink more, but I never added salt, until I found Angela’s Video on YouTube. From this day on, I started with the salt. I had a lot of stress going on and wasn’t doing it in the correct way, just when I thought, I need salt, I put 1/8 tsp in water. Still drank way to much coffee, had artificial sweeteners in my diet. But the day, I ordered the book and joined this group, things changed for the better day by day. Still a bit overwhelmed with the balancing of the food, but I am almost on the correct ratio for macros, I eat potassium-heavy and have the correct water and salt intake during the day. I have bedtime milk with 1 or 2 tablespoon of cream later the salted water and never since introducing this woke up with a migraine! So no more artificial sweetener and coffee down to 2 a day (second on early afternoon).

Its now 2 weeks without a triptan, I cant believe it! Salt-test works fine for me. I needed an ibuprofen on Easter Sunday; took it with coffee. I went to bed with still a headache, normally I would wake up, still in pain, but this time, I woke up pain free and was soooooo grateful! I go on slowly but steady on my way to a migraine free life! for the blood test I have to wait a bit. It stresses me too much at the moment. I just want to say thank you sooooooooooo much Angela and admins for all the help and encouragement you give us. So next steps will be: doing my homework with balancing potassium and sodium in foods/ start exercising /coffee down to 1 /doing the 5 hours blood test…”

Questions from other migraineurs answered by this migraineur in same thread:

  • I ate high carb, low sodium forever and thought, migraine is a disease, that you can only manage with meds….I read last summer an article about ketones and migraines and it took me another half a year to finally start cutting those carbs.
  • My face looks healthier, fresher… people notice that 🙂 But also skeptics of eating low carb so very low, but 50g isn’t that low for me anymore. I am used to it…
  • Even 0 carbs can be the best option. But people around me think its impossible to live without the so called healthy oatmeal for example 😉 BUT one of my sons, 26 came to me lately before he went exercising and said: hey, mom, how much salt do I have to put in my bottle for perfect hydration 🙂 That was a great moment!!!…
  • Yes, I had fast success, but I know very well, that it will still be a long journey to freedom from meds and migraine. 3 months into changing my way of eating and drinking will not heal my lifelong battle with migraines!

— 4/27/2019 SB

Medicine free using the Stanton Migraine Protocol:

“I just dumped this box of migraine meds in the safe drug return bin last night at my local pharmacy!! And this is only a sample of many more to come. I felt like I should have thrown a party at the pharmacy! The celebration was truly peace in my head because I didn’t have a headache in spite of tremendous family stress lately.

RC drug return

To those who wonder if The Stanton Migraine Protocol works I’m here to tell you that it most definitely does and it is worth it. So wipe those tears, brush your boots off, and get up and try again and again until you get it. Read everything you can even if you can only hold a thought for 3 seconds. Do it as many times as it takes until it gets easier with time because your brain is starting to heal. And treat our Admin angels and the brilliant Angela Stanton with love and respect for all the time they donate to helping you.

I have cut out on average 20-25 mind blowing, drugged out of my gourd, migraines per month since last fall of 2018. I could barely function on the days I was drugged up and probably risking stroke maxing out multiple abortive migraine meds that I had accumulated in over 30 years. And then I spent the few non migraine days struggling through crushing fatigue due to migraine hangover. This would leave me depressed because my hopes were repeatedly crushed over and over that this was my life. I had researched ways to end the misery without a traumatic experience for my family. I know it’s selfish to even think that in spite of suffering. Remember Angela found a cure through her own suffering. So don’t give up, you never know what tomorrow holds!

Do I still get migraines? Sure I get a few per month on days I cheat, don’t track, or hydrate properly. I’m still figuring things out because I’m dealing w/other issues. But my brain is starting to heal and who knows maybe my back will heal too. So I intend to keep working on it until migraines are a distant memory.

The rest of my migraine meds will be dumped. Just wait for it. I am for the 1st time in over 10 years finally titrating off Topamax without falling apart. I have other meds to work on next but I now feel hope that it can actually be done! Angela is the answer to 30 years of prayers for a solution and help. I can’t thank you enough Angela for persevering to find a cure against all odds and against the medical world. I am in awe of your brilliance and forever grateful. And to our admin angels for your patience, time, and love too!

Update: If this doesn’t look like much there were layers of meds in here you can’t see. I hated these the most because of the form of delivery or they didn’t work, so they are the 1st to go. So many more to come! I think I will throw a party when I get rid of the rest!”

–4/27/2019 RC

This message is from a former neuropsychologist who was forced into retirement early due to migraines:

“I’ve always had inexplicable physical (and emotional) symptoms that I knew were brain based. Simply put, my brain has been starving for most of my life. Dr. Stanton’s incredible ability to pull together many disparate fields of study–biochemistry, nutrition, neurobiology–into a sensible, simple theory of migraine has transformed my life. Not only do I not crave or desire carbohydrates, I see them as poison. I have much more empathy for myself and can finally stop worrying, stop hating myself, and start healing. I’ve only been officially associated with the protocol for three days and I already have seen an enormous reduction in migraine head pain. It almost feels like a thing of the past and I can’t imagine sabotaging myself now that I have hope and insight. Knowledge is key. No longer will I have to frantically go down rabbit holes chasing the latest incorrect, fad theory of diet and migraine. I don’t have to fear food and its purported allergens any longer. I know exactly what my brain needs. Now I can give credence to my formerly mysterious bodily symptoms (rather than ignoring them) and take action to help myself in the moment. Better health can be had by anyone who wants it. Just had to get that out. Ok. Breathe.”

–4/22/2019 GM

The non-migraineur mother of a migraineur:

“I want to report some good news–some of you will remember I’d been introducing my Mom to protocol eating while visiting her last year. She was very interested (seeing how much better I felt), but she’s not a disciplined person, and since she doesn’t have migraine or any overtly debilitating symptom, I wasn’t sure it would stick. Well, her cholesterol came back “high” (not terrible, but high Triglycerides and not a great ratio) so her doc was pushing statins. I explained about brain decline and pleaded with her to try diet changes first. (My migraine gene is from her side, and we have Alzheimer’s risk in that family, which she worries about.) So, her doctor let her try. While I was with her for 3 weeks in November, she ate a lot like me–not balancing macros, and a few exceptions, but a huge shift for her, away from carbs, sugar and low-fat dairy. She’d been telling me over the months how well she was doing (“When someone offers me a cookie, I turn the other way!).

Well, she texted me yesterday with this news: “Just got the results of my blood work. HDL is 60, LDL is 132, Trigylcerides down from 149 to 76. Pretty good don’t you think!” So, in 6 months of changed eating, she cut her triglycerides in half, brought her cholesterol ratio (Tri/HDL) down to 1.2 (from 2.5 before) to a good level for a 74-year-old woman. She has also lost 15 pounds, has less joint pain from osteoarthritis, more energy, and has completely gotten off gabapentin (which her negligent doctor had her on for SIX YEARS! after knee surgery, telling her it helped with inflammation generally. WTF???) I am SO PROUD OF HER. As I said, she is not at all rigid–she still enjoys the occasional drink, she isn’t off all grains (Has pizza occasionally), she “cheats” with potato chips (at least now dipped in sour cream!) But she has changed her eating paradigm–quit nearly all added sugar including diet sodas, added a couple salt waters, moved to full-fat dairy, and cut her simple carbs by probably 80%.

I report all this because it’s clear that protocol-style eating, even if not 100%, helps so much. If your relatives are curious, encourage them to make baby steps! I am so proud of my mom, and best of all, she’s proud of herself. (We’re both hoping Dad will come around, who lives on hotdogs and Diet Coke, and has Triglycerides near 300, a 30-lb gut, and an auto-immune disorder but thinks he’s healthy as a horse. 😂)Thanks to Angela Stanton and all the admins for the information and support to help encourage her!”

–4/20/2019 TK

Exercising again:

“Hi friends and good morning! ☀️ 
I wanted to share something new and wonderful! Through out my life I have not exercised much bc I would feel faint after and it would take a few hours to recover (it had been about 11 months since my last workout because of chronic migraines). I’ve been on protocol a few months now. Yesterday afternoon I did a 15 minute Zumba and a light weight workout to wake my body up. Salted before during and after and felt AMAZING and strong!! No fatigue or feeling faint- nothing! In 60 years that’s the first time!! I’m so grateful for you, Angela and all of the guidance and love in this group! 🥰”

–JLS 4/13/2019

Enjoying the fruits of a healthy migraine-free life:

“I turned 62 yesterday and am enjoying the fruits of a healthy migraine free life. I have been an athlete all my life and plan on staying active for years to come. I have backed off my aerobic intensity since I became a migraineur almost 3 years ago and consider myself in a cellular healing process under the Keto WOE, but I have been slowly adding more time in my workouts swimming and cycling. I am gaining strength and feel as though I have improved joint health and flexibility and my spine feels stronger and also more flexible. This August I will be participating in my 7th consecutive annual Golden Gate Bridge swim crossing in San Francisco. Thanks Angela Stanton and to the Admins for your tolerance, patience, knowledge and love. Cheers!”

–DZ 4/10/2019

Migraineur, work-place scent diffuser, & the carnivore diet (CD):

“Salt for the win!
9 hours at a work tabling event yesterday which included talking to hundreds of people while being located directly across a vendor who had an essential oils diffuser going ALL. 9. HOURS. The smell was overwhelming. But I paid attention to the minor pain symptoms in my head and salted/double salted as needed (in between talking to way too many people!). Before this protocol I would have ignored the minor head pain, thinking I just needed to tough it out and deal with things, and then would have ended up with a raging migraine by the 2nd half of the day. 

Salt, and the progress I’ve made on protocol and now CD, allowed me to make it through pain-free, and even better, come home to my husband and kids as a functioning person! The normal guilt that I feel as a working parent was often made worse by not being present for my kids while “dealing with a migraine,” so this is a huge deal for me. And my CD lunch allowed me to come home to blood glucose in the mid-80s instead of super low numbers, no shakiness or irritability, no unnecessary snapping at my family. Just calm. Well, as calm as life with kids can be 😬

This group, the tireless work of Angela and the admins, it’s truly changing my life. Do I still have bad days, challenges, and much healing to do? Absolutely. I’m still figuring out my individual electrolyte needs around my menstrual cycle, my thyroid is really dumb and I basically want to sleep everyday from 2-4 pm, etc etc. But I’m excited to see the progress continue. 4 months on protocol, 2 months on CD, and I’m finally figuring it out at the age of 40! So incredibly grateful!!!”

–SM 4/8/2019

A most amazing testimonial:

Angela Stanton, Terri Corley, Kristin Ingram, Alison Inchausti, from the bottom of my heart:


What you do, means a lot; you change lives and you’ve changed mine.

This shitty condition that was wearing me down is finally over. I don’t know what would have happened to me without you. I was sick every single day. One or two days a week were a bit better, but this endless hangover was always present.

I just followed the protocol and that’s it.

It was overwhelming at first and seemed like abandoning every pleasure of life. Sure, I’ve abandoned a few but I had forgotten what it is to just feel normal. I’m not just feeling normal, I feel great. Now my energy levels allow me to do everything I want:

  • My relationships are better
  • Doing great at work
  • Courses/night classes are great
  • I’m able to work-out again and enjoy it. It doesn’t feel like the end of time anymore.
  • I enjoy every meal. Looks and tastes delicious, people envy me!

Getting to baseline and following the protocol is not that hard, really. It’s just a matter of weeks. Cronometer [app] is super easy to use (specially on PC). I have a new routine, new habits.

I started the second week of January. My migraines are gone, no more topiramate, imitrex spray and sumatriptan pills, zomig, almotriptan, diclofenac, naproxen, ibuprofen, benadryl, zolpidem, ginger extract, domperidone, metoclopramide, alizapride, pseudoephedrine hydrochloride and other decongestants.

I emptied my pharmacy a couple of weeks ago, super scary but I’m fine.

Right now, life is beautiful because of you, thanks for what you taught me.”

–VW 3/31/2019

Cyclical vomiting syndrome is migraine, usually referred to as abdominal migraines–children frequently have this migraine version though adults can also have it. This mom has been in our FB migraine group for a few months. Here is the story after visiting the son’s neurologist today:

“HUGE news! So my son had his 6 month follow up appt with his neurologist this morning. Neurologist asked how he has been and usual questions. He was SHOCKED at my sons progress. (For the newbies to the group, my son has abdominal migraines that started out of the blue in August with violent vomiting-12+ times an hour with severe headaches, lasting days at a time…the record was 16 straight days…as of today, he has had maybe 4 since November and the ones he had were mild, continue to get more mild, and this most recent one we were able to actually abort entirely!) We took the book with us the last time we went and showed it to him, he seemed kind of “meh” about it, but this time, he was asking all kinds of questions and taking tons of notes! My son told him all about the insulin resistance, carnivore diet, sodium/potassium/electrolyte issue, etc. Doc was blown away. Our appointment ended with him thanking us for taking the time to change my son’s diet and research migraines instead of hoping a pill did the trick (this Doc is a gem and prefers to NOT prescribe pills!), and the best part of all, he said we don’t need him anymore  NO follow up appointments!!! My son isn’t completely cured of migraines, he has had to fight a few off in the past couple weeks, BUT he is well on his way. Angela Stanton, thank you so much for putting this information out there for us to find, and for being here to help with all our questions, and thank you Terri Corley, Kristin Ingram, and Alison Inchausti for being so patient with us as we learn. Love you guys so much.”

–AW 3/27/2019

A migraineur running a marathon fasted using the Stanton Ketogenic Protocol(TM) for migraine:

“Drum roll please…. Now a shout out to Angela Stanton!


Ran fasted as planned. Decided looking at my watch wasn’t fun so I decided every 2 miles to salt (a bit more than normal and definitely appreciated for this super hilly course!). I had 36 oz of water with me that I drank and an ounce or two at nearly every water station… Maybe 20ish?

I felt FANTASTIC! My energy out-lasted my calves. Haha! Always my tight spot and they need more work. But never felt low on energy. And NO cramping! You know I was passing salt pills out left and right to everyone else out there cramping! Lol

Here’s the super cool amazing part: HR! I started slow and kept my HR in Zone 2 for the first 4ish miles. Then picked up the pace as I was feeling relaxed. Kept HR at the center of attention and found my groove. The ONLY times my HR hit zone 4 was uphill the first 13.1. On the 2nd loop it stayed in Z3 for hills and Z2 for flats! Miles 16-19 were flat and my HR was Z1! I couldn’t believe it. And whenever it increased going uphill the recovery at the flat top or downhill was quick and just as I wanted it to be.

I cried hard finishing this race. Hard. For so many reasons. One big one was my health. It’s still surreal to feel so good. NO MIGRAINE TODAY!

I am full of so much gratitude. Just so much.

P/s…yes. I’m sore. But not like everyone else I ran with! Haha! I’ve also been standing and tending to children from the time of post-race until 5mins ago. Now that I can put my feet up, the healing should happen. I can’t believe I’m not more tired or more sore! So so so excited!

My post-race morning-after report:

No pain. None. I have some tight calf muscles which are quickly taken care of simply by stretching. I have no muscle soreness, and even my arthritic knees aren’t crying too much this morning! It’s unreal to think that I tan 26.2 miles, yesterday, for the first time ever, completely fasted and the only nutrition I consumed was salt pills and water, and I feel AMAZING today! Going for a recovery swim 😍”

–HD 3/25/2019

Food for thought; literally:

“A little food for thought: (no pun intended 😆)

My past few months have been spent in a lot of research. Here are my amateur observations that I’m journaling about so far…

Going on a carnivore diet, sticking to migraine protocol of salt/potassium, and eliminating grains/sugar may be the key to not needing many (or any) of the supplements that the doctor suggests for thyroid, vitamin deficiencies, etc. This, of course, isn’t a quick fix but hopefully more effective way to improve a migraineur’s chronic weakness of cell depletion and instability issues that can cause a migraine.

I was recently told to take over 15 very EXPENSIVE supplements by a “natural doctor.” But my instinct is to keep plugging away at CD and recheck my numbers with Angela over the coming months. Although I’d rather do the easier route for getting my numbers “in range” with popping supplements, I feel this will actually undo the good results that I’m slowly gaining through this protocol. My migraines/vertigo have been eliminated and I have almost no doubt that the other things will improve if I’m patient.”

–SK 3/2/2019

Looking back after one year on the protocol:

“It’s been approximately 1 year of being migraine free thanks to Stanton Migraine Protocol! . . . and I’ve enjoyed the virtual friendships I’ve made along the way! This is a great group for support! I am so grateful that God led me to you all. It was an answer to prayer – and at a crucial time after my son was born. I am a better mother to him because of this program! Thank you, Angela Stanton, Kristin Ingram, Terri Corley, Alison, and all of the group members for your help, patience, suggestions, encouragement, and recipes! HUGS to you all!”

–DK 1/21/2019

Our amazing migraineur athletes! Here is a success story from one:

8 years ago, I raced the same race as this morning. It’s an indoor triathlon, so it’s based upon distance and not time. 8 years ago while in A LOT of pain!:Swim: 11 laps

Biked: 4ish miles
Run: I didn’t! I walked most of it and couldn’t wait to be done! Hahaha!

Swim: 23 laps
Bike: 10.0 miles
Run:2.1 miles


Completed the whole race (only an hour😉) fasted with salt and water. I kept my HR as high as it could, because I was racing friends and having a pain free damn good time!” (emphasis is by Angela)

–HD 1/20/2019

Testimonial from a very new migraine group member:

“So I had my first neurology appointment this week since starting protocol. I’ve made such strides in this short time, and I’m not even to 100% adherence yet. Getting close! I used to have SOME form of head pain every day, and that is GONE. The one migraine I almost had, I was able to successfully halt with salt and did not have to turn to Imitrex like I normally would have. My doctor, who is really a great guy was skeptical, as I would expect, but after asking me a series of questions about everything he seemed very interested and even said he was interested in reading the book himself and possibly recommending it to other patients if this is really working that great. We’ve decided to not pursue any more rounds of Botox for the time being.

1. THANK YOU to this group. I know I entered with a huge level of skepticism myself as a former primarily plant-based dieter, and even though I’m not one to go full CD, I have embraced animal products and my glass of whole milk with extra HWC is what I seriously look forward to every night! Your patience with answering my questions and dealing with my surly skepticism is very much appreciated.

2. Hooray for open-minded doctors!! And

3. Hooray for being mostly pain free!! This is definitely my new way of life and I’m going to be passing it on to my other family members who also suffer. ❤️”

–JK 1/17/2019

Testimonial for newbies:

“Good morning, gang! I want to report some good news, since we’ve had so many new joiners lately.

I implemented protocol in late June, slowly ramped up to full tracking and balancing, and have been feeling great when I could control my situation well (at home, cooking for myself, predictable routines, etc.) I was a bit worried about how my new ways would transfer to a more nomadic period, which is typical for me. Since mid-October… road trips, eating with other people’s meal plans, inconsistent tracking, restaurant meals with unknowns, some decent stress, and of course, continuing to heal from my post-viral fatigue and respiratory distress.

During these 3-plus months, doing my very best to meet protocol in every way I can control, I have had incredible success! I’ve had some off-days where my head felt odd, some heavy prodrome, and a handful of days where I felt a bit rough. All of them I have eventually been able to abort with either salt or my protocol remedy (coffee/bubbly water/cream with 2 Advil–maybe 3 times in 3 months.) But even at my very worst, I’ve had nothing near like the old disabling migraines–no vomiting, not bed-ridden, no missing out on time or plans with those I love. I have done everything from swim among manatees in to help remodel my sister’s kitchen. Everyone I’ve seen and been with notices, and almost everyone is fascinated by the methods behind my improvements. I’ve also sent probably 10 emails to family or friends who requested more info on what I’d told them about protocol, migraines, cholesterol, or HFLC eating. I give tribute to Angela Stanton all along the way!

I want to report my success because it underlines a few thing–first, tracking and balancing is worth it! The few months where I could be very strict helped me internalize the contents of foods, build combinations I know work for me, and get my brain stable. It was definitely the turning point in going from the rough period I had when beginning protocol to how I feel now.

That said, as I’ve had a period of less controlled living, I have also had good success. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking cheating and being careless. I tried my very best to balance every meal I was eating on my own, I did salt and hydration to a T, I stocked up on my own supplies everywhere I stayed, and those I lived with worked hard to flex their meals to fit what I needed.

Now, my hubby and I are reunited for a couple weeks before leaving for another trip, this time international. I feel so happy, relieved and confident knowing that the protocol has set me up to be able to roll with what my kind-of-unorthodox life throws my way.

To be clear–I have not been 100% migraine-free because of some of my exceptions. I also know not everyone can be as flexible as I have chosen to be recently without feeling it, and I’m certainly not making any recommendations to do so. Each of us needs to find our own path, and when I’m settled at home again, I intend to return to full tracking, go carnivore, and work on my remaining insulin resistance. But in light of recent discussions about whether protocol can work even if you can’t control everything, (or don’t yet want to, for those who are new), for me the answer is a resounding YES. My quality of life is infinitely better and the wide world feels open to me again. Best of all, I no longer live in fear of being struck down out of the blue and missing out on things I had planned. That alone is an amazing gift.

Thank you Angela Stanton and admins for how you meet us where we are while holding a high bar for our continued improvements. 💜💜”

–TK 1/17/2019

From one of our athlete migraineurs:

“Haven’t checked in, in quite some time! Hi everyone! Nearly 19 months on protocol, and now, 1 year on keto, and every single day I am grateful for this life that I many times thought was useless. So many times I thought of giving up the fight, but I just couldn’t be happier or feel better. Hang in there newbies! Stick with it! Do as your told😂

Marathon training-my first! – is in full effect. You guys, I’m getting stronger with each run. My heart rate (which my [migraine medicine-caused] thyroid [problems] didn’t help) is constantly improving. I’ve read, that for endurance athletes, 18 months is the key time frame for HR recovery through the switching over from glucose to ketone burning. I have no actual data to support this, only testimonials from other athletes. And, now, myself!

Had my blood work done for my annual check up. Haven’t seen the numbers, but I got the call… Mrs [X], your blood work is, well, perfect. See you next year.

Sweeeeeeeet! I don’t care what the numbers say. I know they’d have mentioned something if my cholesterol was off by even a smidgen. Lol I’ll wait for the results to be mailed.

I’m still training fasted. Still practicing 16:8, and many days 18:6 just because it feels right.

I’ve traveled by plane and car and sat through soccer tournaments and driven through elevations and mountains that used to trigger absolute hell for me. Now I forget that I could feel awful. MY NEW NORMAL MEANS I FEEL GOOD!

Even my allergy to cats seems to be disappearing. Not that I care. But it’s cool. Lol!

Yay! Been out dancing, and I’m in school to become a lactation consultant and certifying to become a Birth Doula, all while single parenting 4 kids and still working for Girls on the Run.

Allllll this while maintaining a pain free existence! Woohoo!

Love to all! And a big shout out to my main supporters on this journey: Terri, Kristin, Angela, Alison, Dana, and Kristen. You women have pulled me through time and time and time again. Love you all!❤️😘🥑🍗🥓🥩”

–HD 1/15/2019

A testimonial with instructions for new migraineurs! Amazing!

“Appreciation post long (feel free to skip)…so I started this journey about 15 months ago in the Protocol group and now I am in Keto Mild land. For all the newcomers and possible doubters, I have a few tips:

#1 – Listen to your admins…I have found that they are sharing your journey…so respect the knowledge. They have tons of it and experience.

#2 – Have patience…you didn’t get sick overnight and you certainly aren’t going to heal overnight. I have been in pain for 39 years. This program isn’t a magic pill, it is a lifestyle without pain and a wonderful one at that!

#3 – You will save thousands of dollars. B.P. (before protocol) I was spending a minimum of $60 on prescription drugs…I had 3 different triptan scripts going at once, $150-200 on the magical herb…whatever it was that month to help alleviate muscle tension, nervousness, stomach issues, etc, $200+ a month on the specialist or healer at the time..chiropractic, rolfing, massage, acupuncture, etc. I actually whined about not being able to afford a Keto-Mojo meter and yeah well….lets just say, it is pretty easy to afford these days.

#4 – Mental clarity!!! I had no idea how jacked up and messed up my mind has been for the past 8 years. I have apologized endlessly to family members, co-workers, etc for what an ass I have been. Now I get when we are in pain, we are different…but the drugs made me not present. I forgot so many things…I have been reminded about stories, events, etc..that I was present for and didn’t remember details and we wont talk about how messed up I was for my own wedding…didn’t eat, drink or anything because I was so high on Nortriptyline, anxiety meds and triptans. And the depression…….

#5 – Physical changes. I haven’t lost an ounce (yet), but it may be because of the H. Pylori issues. But my skin is remarkable, the acne is gone, my fingers don’t look like I am 90 because I am so dehydrated, my finger nails look healthy and I am not gnawing on them due to stress. I am not waking up 3-5 times a night to use the restroom. I rarely use the restroom when I am out because of proper hydration. 90% of the time I wake up in the morning feeling pretty ok (still refining). There is nothing that salt cant fix!

#6 – Things will come to the forefront. Any physical ailment that was sitting in the background will come up. The drugs will create physical ailments and you may already have some. For me H.Pylori and a severe iron deficiency have kept me from being 100%…but I will be patient and as time goes on, I will get better.

#7 – Make friends…there is someone here that has similar symptoms, issues or has been there and done that. Talk things out and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You will get the support and cheer-leading needed to make it through. I can honestly say that not one friend, medical provider, etc. knew what I was feeling. You are all my people!

Being in this group has helped me realize that I am not alone and that is invaluable when you basically feeling depressed, suicidal, etc. I have a new vigor for life and I cannot wait for the possibilities.

Thank you Angela for being endlessly curious and thank you Kristin, and Terri for being there for my endless questions, etc. And thank you to my triathlon buddy, Heather for fielding my midnight texts and helping me get to where I am. I love you all!”

–DJ 1/4/2019

This testimonial is truly amazing–the carnivore diet (CD):

“Ok. So I have a 3yo that is not a migraineur (yet), but we started him on CD/protocol on Sunday with everyone else. I have researched CD outside of this group quite a bit and some of the testimonials seemed a little far fetched, but they were all nothing but good reports. My 3yo has always been extra sensitive, cries easily, throws a lot of tantrums, and doesn’t speak well (mostly mumbles)…well, today my husband noticed that he is talking up a storm and EVERYONE can understand what he is saying, AND he seems much more calm and happy. Typically I am the only one who can understand him, but today he is talking! I am amazed. All of my children are arguing less, naps/bedtimes are easier…I wish we had started this sooner. Makes me so glad we didn’t have much sugar in our diet to begin with as I really think that is partly responsible for our quick results!

Second thing I have noticed: my periods (when not pregnant) for the past 4 years have been wacky. Sometimes my cycles are 35+ days, sometimes 25…it’s crazy. I also have heavy periods to the point of I can’t leave the house because getting up and walking makes them even heavier (I would wear pads AND tampons and was changing them every hour, sometimes sooner), cramping that’s nearly debilitating, and then there is spotting for a week or more afterwards. Let’s throw in my high strung anxiety and depression for good measure. Well, I started my cycle on Saturday, started CD on Sunday, this is the most normal period I’ve had in years, hardly any cramping, and here I am on day 5 and it seems to be stopping!!! Also, my anxiety and depression have been better than ever and I haven’t taken my 5-htp supplement (which was the only thing that has even kinda curbed this for me) in 3 days.

Throw in the mix knowing I will not have any more migraines…

Color me impressed! Just wanted to share and thank all of you SO MUCH for helping my family in more ways than you may ever realize ❤️❤️❤️”

–AW 1/3/2019

The 2nd new year testimonial:

“Last year on this day, my daughter’s birthday, I was plagued with a migraine. It lasted for over a month. I had just been newly diagnosed with migraine in Dec. 2017 with having suffered 9 months of mysterious dizziness, nausea, followed by vomiting. I had tried triptans which didn’t work. Then I got prednisone which created rebound headaches. I tried acupuncture (didn’t work either). I had never experienced this much head pain that lasted over a month. I stumbled upon Angela’s book one late night, downloaded it the next day and started reading. It took me a while to get to baseline where I thought I was at baseline but then discovered I wasn’t supposed to be eating something. I had a lot of stops and starts but the FB migraine community is immensely helpful and although there is a lot of information and can be overwhelming, I feel that sticking to the protocol is an investment into living the best life that I possibly can and being ALL there for my family.

Don’t get me wrong, I have had migraines and suffered prodromes but I feel like I am armed with the tools I need to get myself on track and I have been able to prevent migraines from coming on.

I also wanted to add that the part about stress hormones is real. I started to exercise every morning before I started my day that includes rigorous exercise to release those stress hormones. I have to say it has been a game-changer. I feel like it eased my cervicogenic headaches and I don’t have pain radiating from my neck down to my arm anymore.

I want to say that starting this protocol has been my greatest accomplishment – eliminating sugar, processed carbs, and grains! My health has reflected that with my blood pressure going down, some moderate weight loss, and my liver function tests going back to normal.

I have to admit that I haven’t gotten my IR completely resolved. I did CD for a couple of months but came back to protocol. I hope to go back to CD soon and transition to keto. I know I’ll get there eventually!

Anyways, thank you Terri Corley, Kristin Elizabeth Ingram and Angela Stanton for being so incredibly helpful, dedicated, caring and compassionate. I really appreciate all that you have done for me! Thank you “

–JS 1/1/2019

Happy new year testimonial:

I am new to the group but doing great ever since I made changes when I read the protocol this summer! I Thought I would share my new years goals because- even as they are so basic- I did not ever think these could happen:
1. Start driving again!- I have not driven for five years. I either would lose my vision from migraines or have a migraine and had decided driving was not safe. 
2. Go to a theater and see a movie! Used to be that I could not tolerate the visuals.
3. Go hiking- I live in high altitude and hiking where I am is is always uphill, I am hoping I can try again.
Not sure I am doing the protocol right all the time (and now seem addicted to whole milk) but I must be doing it mostly right because I am so much better!
I had so many fears before, now I need to retrain and not be so afraid of the migraines. Thank you Angela Stanton!”

–LY 1/1/2019

How kids see a migraineur teacher:

“I thought that everyone here would appreciate this! I found this group November 28th and I have been keto for almost 2 years. I am a K-2 Emotional/behavioral teacher and have 2 kiddos currently! They are use to me having salt with my water and my food habits! However, sometimes other students come in for breaks! Here was today’s interaction!

S1: ummmm. Why are you eating salt?
S2: (hands on hips and eyes rolling) So she doesn’t get sick duhhh!

I almost spit out my water! 🤣

Anyways! I am so grateful to have found this group! No meds were working for me and I was on a 42 day streak! I pieced things together from the files and it all came together after the book! I am currently 2 weeks of attempting no other medications! And able to fight them off with all the tips and tricks! This is such an amazing group of strong people! ❤”

–KL 12/20/2018

One very happy migraineur:

Angela is my guru. She has this stuff right. Doctors know zero about nutrition. Migraines reduced by 90%. 15 lb weight loss…more energy…no bloat…less fatigue…no hunger or craving…CRP cut in half…and hope restored. I cannot thank her enough!… Btw, this is after three months!! I know there’s more good news to come.

–CB 12/12/2018

New member testimonial:

“Ok, there is definitely something to this! I got the book and also read the files. I have long suspected an electrolyte imbalance and noticed a very unusual reaction to glucose (very sleepy) but I did not know what to do about the electrolytes. I have been on the protocol for 3 weeks and feel amazing!!! I experienced Migraines for 30 years with doozies that put me in the ER a couple of times. If I did not have one, I still woke up most days painfully achy especially on my migraine side (probably dehydrated). The changes for me included adding back in full fat dairy, saying goodbye to grains and my favorite drink – ice tea, increasing water and salting. Also, my nasal congestion is gone. I really thought it was dairy but it looks like grains and sugars.”

–HC 12/2/2018

A testimonial about how a migraineur turned other people’s life around:

“My nephew always spends Thanksgiving with us. He’s great friends with my husband who was transitioning to Keto last year. My nephew decided to go Keto, too. It’s been a year and my husband has lost 20 pounds and his psoriasis is totally gone. My nephew was fighting depression and severe fatigue his whole life before Keto and now his mood has stabilized and he is full of energy. He’s literally a different person. At his work he has helped transition 4 guys and their wives to Keto.

He thanked me for introducing him to it and I said that I was so happy it had made such a difference for him. All the horrific pain migraines caused me lead me to this group, and because of that 10 people out there are living healthier, happier lives. Many thanks to Angela and everyone 🙏”

–SS 11/26/2018

New member testimonial:

“I started the protocol in September and have been migraine free for 2 month!!! I have suffered from migraines in 17 year and the last 4 years my migraines were so bad that I couldn’t work and had to be in bed most of the day. Now I’m able to live my life again, go outside and enjoy my garden and basically just live the way “normal” people do. I am so grateful for Dr. Angela Stanton, you’re an angel. This protocol works!! There is a lot to learn, but it’s worth the effort. Thank you Angela Stanton 🙏”

–MS 11/26/2018

A testimonial with a video:

Just wanted to thank Angela Stanton for allowing me to spend Thanksgiving watching my 9 year old compete her dance solo.

I missed her performance last year from being so sick with a migraine that I couldn’t even walk downstairs in the hotel to watch her perform😭 These are the moments life is made up of and I’m so thankful that by following this protocol for the last 42 days I’ve been migraine free♥️ I’m attaching her performance video to share my proud mom moment XO”

–SHR 11/26/2018

One more Thanksgiving testimonial:

Thanksgiving Testimonial AF
Thanksgiving Testimonial AF

–AF 11/22/2018

Another sweet Thanksgiving testimonial from the group:

“Giving extra thanks on this Thanksgiving day for our beloved Angela Stanton… thanks to whom I have awoken (yet again!), pain free and able to live my life. Migraine? What migraine, indeed!!”

–LK 11/22/2018

Thanksgiving testimonial–one from the many received:

“This Thanksgiving I am thankful for Angela Stanton and this group. The SMP [Stanton Migraine Protocol] is the only thing to have ever helped my head, and my life is infinitely better for having started this. My kids are also thankful for their “new mom.” Hope you all have a wonderful day!”

–EB 11/22/2018

Something completely different: educational about doctors & how to keep healthy!

“My doctor berated me and told me I was crazy when I asked him to test me for osteopenia, at the request of my functional medical doctor. She had been on me for two years to go back to my PCP but I wanted no part of him. He said there was no way I had any bone issues, as I am still getting a period. I told him I have been extremely sick for the past three years and have been essentially on my couch for almost four years and not eating well for most of the four years. I also had lost 53 pounds rapidly (from 149 to 96 pounds) Begrudgingly he agreed to let me have the DEXA scan. Yep. I have osteopenia. He had the nurse call me with the results. This was after he had given me a paper with the name of a “good therapist” because there was nothing wrong with me other than being a hypochondriac. When the nurse called, she said he was SHOCKED that I had osteopenia at my age, I’m 52.

My response is how WOULND’T I have osteopenia? I’ve been throwing up from migraines for more than 8 years, have issues with poor absorption due to leaky gut (which I’m sure he’s NEVER heard of with that pee brain of his), have done ZERO exercise due to not being able to stand more than a few minutes for most of the last three years. These doctor’s make me so angry I could punch someone.

Since I removed grains, sugar, rice, and potatoes and added a whole lot more fat and am eating beef every single day, I have brought my ferritin up from 10 to 60! Me. I did that. I stopped taking my iron supplements two months ago. The whole medical industry is upside down and mixed up. Now I am trying to address the osteopenia as best I can. I take vitamin D3 K2. My vitamin D level is 29. My functional MD, the one with the brain would like it to be around 80″

–LP 11/21/2018

Nothing is more rewarding than a migraineur being able to get pregnant!

“1,5 years follow up and happy news to share! Following the Protocol became a completely life-changing experience for me. I feel better than I did for as long as I can remember since I started getting symptoms of migraines early in the childhood. Before I started Protocol (about 1,5 years ago) I could hardly face another day. I knew it won’t be a good one. I was exhausted on every possible level by migraines and migraine meds. Now, I feel so much energy and strength. I work full time and even overtime. I remember things. I am focused and organized. And I am 28 weeks pregnant! So, not only my life is improved but I am healthy enough to give life. Pregnancy was amazing so far, no morning sickness or any other issues. I am healthy and active and so is little one. I do not have to worry about birth defects migraine medications could cause because I was off all meds for a long time. This baby is my miracle since I wished for it for the last 6 years but I was obviously not in the right place with my health. I will be forever grateful to Angela for sharing her experiences, knowledge, and amazing research!”

–NM 11/15/2018

Migraine is history: all memory burned up in flames

“Tonight, my kids and I had a bonfire.

fire burning migraine medical records
fire burning migraine medical records

We burned lots of things to say goodbye to old toxic parts of our lives. The largest stack I had to burn were my migraine medical records from the 2 years prior to discovering protocol and keto. My kids and I crumpled every single paper and yelled FU migraines as we threw them into the flames. Felt amazing to burn and release all of the old junk. Soooo grateful for my new life. Thank you Angela, Terri and Kristin❤️😘”

–HD 11/6/2018

Vestibular migraine recovery:

“So thrilled and grateful! I’ve been following the protocol for a month now and have been feeling great! These last few days my period has been approaching, which is always when my migraines get worse. I have vestibular migraines, so dizziness is my main issue. However today, day 1 of my period, I took my dog on a hike! This is something that a few months ago could have been a challenge on a normal non-pms day, as visually shadows, rocks, and bumpy terrain would often make my dizziness worse. I felt so independent and strong, a big deal for me since dizziness has been physically and emotionally challenging and made me feel the opposite for so long. Thank you to Angela and the admins and this great support group!”

–10/27/2018 HW

From a very new migraine group member:

“…where do I start?! Walking up the stairs without knee pain, lost 7 pounds already, no headaches when traveling…and I JUST started! I’ve also been able to cut out 80% of my daily pills!! Can’t wait until they are ALL gone! I love you guys! The hardest part is telling my husband he needs to make life changes…he’s not a believer yet. But I will be his living proof!… Also, for all my new friends out there…I traveled to New Mexico this week…5K feet above sea level. My husband can’t believe I’m not suffering with the headaches I used to…thanks to my salt and increased water intake!!”

–10/24/2018   MB

Migraine control and weight loss in 3 weeks:

“My son, Z and I have both been on the Stanton [Migraine] Protocol Diet for three weeks now and we have seen some great results. Not only have my migraines subsided but we’ve both dropped a couple of pounds  Happy Halloween!”

–10/23/2018 DZ

An amazing testimonial with a donation:

“I think that the work being done here is groundbreaking, bold and pioneering. I am designating Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc., as my donation choice under Smileamazon and encourage those of you who use Amazon to do the same. This way, every time you buy anything on Amazon this company gets a percentage from Amazon.”

See the full message at the nonprofit’s website.

10/13/2018 DZ

A migraineur on a loud cruise to Jamaica:

“Report back from Jamaica…

In 78 days, I’ve had ONLY 4 migraines, only one of which required the use of a Triptan (last one I’m ever going to use!), 2 required a couple of Acetominophen and one, the last one, was caused by three nights of serious sleep deprivation, travelling with all the attendant perfumes and cleaning fluids, etc that one would expect to find on a large cruise ship. Stumbled through that one with no meds.

I’m thinking of these migraines all as “training migraines”. The first was caused by too little salt – it was early days for me and I was still experiencing sodium phobia. The second was due to extreme bright light and insufficient water. The third was as a result of my insane impulse to fast for 19 hours – a jump from my usual 16 hours.

I now clutch my water bottle with me WHEREVER I go. I travel with a ton of salt at all times, just in case I get kidnapped by pirates, or some other insane possibility; I will NOT be running out of salt anytime soon for sure. I do not fast past 16 to 17 hours max – for now. Once I become better fat adapted and my liver starts working better, I will slooooowly increase this. I don’t step out the house without a hat and dark glasses. Even if it’s pouring with rain; because I live in Texas and this can change in a heartbeat.

The final last migraine was just over a week ago and happened as a result of 3 consecutive nights of very little sleep. This was totally beyond my control. I have no say over what other people do or don’t do, and sometimes this affects me, despite my very best efforts. But I salted and watered and grinned and bared my teeth at the appropriate times and that night I was able to go to sleep for 9 hours so I awoke feeling human the next day.

This works out to approximately one headache every 3 weeks or so, which is downright miraculous. If I were religious I’d be wanting to put Angela up for sainthood and would be scurrying about waving incense and clapping and speaking in tongues and, and, and… you get the picture. Fortunately I’m not. But I am exceedingly grateful. I have never experienced this kind of migraine relief in my life and I know that it’s going to continue to get better and better, the more experience and knowledge I gain with working the Stanton Migraine Protocol.

I just managed a long cruise to the baking heat of Jamaica whilst onboard a very luxurious air conditioned prison/floating city, filled to the brim with alcoholics exercising their right to drink at each and every opportunity, and when they weren’t doing that, they were stuffing their faces with grains and sugar all the time. The eating commenced at 7 am and for all I know, they were still hard at work in the wee hours of the morning. All accompanied by constant noise of engines, air conditioners, and/or thumpy thumpy type music. I’m definitely a huge fan of silence. Had to be very diligent about my meditation in order to restore my inner silence!

Biggest win for me? They had a place called The Cupcake Cupboard where you could go and decorate your own cupcakes with as much frosting as you liked… my inner 3 year old has ALWAYS had a problem with cupcakes and there has never been a time in a my life when I haven’t wanted to eat them. Last week was the first. They didn’t even look that good. 14 months of being a pure carnivore and I’m already losing my taste/need for the sweet things. Truthfully I ended up feeling really sorry for most of the people I saw, because I only had to look at their bodies to see how badly they were suffering as a result of what they were ingesting.

Eating with the entire family was difficult at times – I was the only one eating a small portion of butter drenched New York Strip Steak or Salmon. I ate this for breakfast, lunch and supper and on the days that we had excursions off the boat, I got the chef to cook me a steak which I chopped up and stored in a ziploc bag with some butter. Surprisingly tasty and I didn’t die as a result of it not being refrigerated! The head waiter was a Peruvian angel called Pedro who treated me like I was his one and only, very precious family member. Quite the best service I’ve ever encountered anywhere, at any time. Got to tell you though, it really is all about the fat. Strip steak just doesn’t have the fat of a ribeye and I really missed it. First thing I did when I got home was eat ribeye and my body glommed onto that beef fat like it was the holy grail or something!

Even under such trying circumstances (I awoke every morning with bright red, swollen and puffy little piggy eyes, unable to wear my contact lenses, as a result of the air conditioning/chemical cleaners/air fresheners/perfumes/artificial lights/whatever, but other than my B vitamins and my magnesium I took no pills, just ate to the best of my ability, drank water and swallowed an insane amount of salt.), I managed to have a truly wonderful time away and kept thinking how grateful I am for all of you, for your help and constant, patient support, your love and encouragement and most of all for the magical brilliance of Angela’s ability to join the dots the way she has. Give that woman a Nobel Prize immediately please!

I even handled late nights, and exotic shows at all hours, extremely loud music and raucous humans – all the things that would ordinarily throw me into a tailspin. Instead I breathed deeply, consciously relaxed and accepted what was happening around me, drank my water, swallowed my salt and got on with the business of having a grand time.

If there is anyone struggling with this; anyone thinking that it’s too much hard work and that it’s just not possible – I’m here to tell you that it isn’t that hard (having migraines is harder) and that we can all heal using this Protocol. It simply takes a dogged determination and persistence and a willingness to follow every single suggestion. To log every single thing, every single day, even whilst on holiday and not to give up. No matter what.

I also brought along my copy of Angela’s book so Terri could write in it and it lead to a conversation with a sweet man at the coffee shop who battles with migraines. I hope he found his way to the group and has bought himself a copy of the book! (I think we need T shirts Angela Stanton…)”

–LK 10/10/2018

The long journey from migraines & medicines to migraine & medicine free life:

“I can’t even count the number of times I said that I would do anything (like so many of you, I’m sure) to get rid of my headaches…if only someone would TELL me what to do.

Some of the more “unusual” things I’ve done: I’ve been gluten free for 10 years and was dairy free for 6. I was a vegan very briefly because it made the migraines worse (thank you for explaining that mystery, Angela!).

I went on a candidiasis diet for over a year. I eliminated all MSG that was not naturally occurring from my diet. I have done every cleanse imaginable- liver, thyroid, colon -multiple times.

I had all mercury fillings removed as well as 2 root canals that I did not need.

I’ve worked with PT’s, a TMJ specialist, chiropractors, neurologists, an acupuncturist, a PRP specialist, a psychologist, and two hypnotists. I’ve had MRI’s, CT scans, and digital motion x-rays.

I did “brain training” for over a year after a QEEG that showed too much fast wave activity in my thalamus.

I spontaneously drove to New Jersey (from Michigan) to see some guy I saw in a random interview who used amino therapy patches to cure pain (which does work but like the Cefaly, stops working when you take them off).

I bought a FAR infrared sauna and underwent chelation.

And I taught myself how to dip 6 inch long sterile q-tips into benzocaine and insert them through my nostrils all the way to the nerves at the base of the skull, where I’d leave them for several minutes (to the horror of my family), hoping for some relief from the pain.

I won’t comment on all of the supplements I’ve bought except to say that if my kids ever ask what happened to their college funds, I will have to admit that I swallowed them, one pill at a time.

But what we do because of migraines is nothing compared to what we stop doing, right? Migraines truly suck the living out of life.

And yet, only 6 weeks after reading Angela’s Migraine book (which, by the way, was the 23rd book I’ve bought on Amazon about migraines in 6 years), my life has totally changed. I cannot thank you enough, Angela, for your brilliance and determination to help others heal.”

–KOF 9/16/2018

ANNOUNCING: the opening of Stanton Migraine Protocol Inc, a nonprofit organization, recognized by the IRS as a charitable educational entity. 

Nothing warms the heart more than when a child’s migraines disappear!

“Ok. We’ve been following protocol as best as I can understand (my book is out for delivery today!!!) and we are two days without my son feeling like garbage. He actually said he feels better than he did on days he had zero issues! He has had zero grains, gluten, or any variation of sugar, lots of fat, protein, and carbs, drinking water with pinches of salt…even said his pee is not dark yellow and he isn’t having to go pee as much…also sleeping better! All of his other bouts with this happened every other day or back to back, but we found this page on day 2 of this round and he has been on the mend since then. LOVE this! And he is quickly beginning to love his new food choices, even though he was originally bummed about no more pasta or sausage gravy and biscuits. Thank you all SOOOOOO MUCH! ❤️❤️

–AW 9/12/2018

Barometric pressure & weather changes? No problem:

“I’m blown away by this: we’ve gone from daily temps of 112 deg to mid 70’s and have had daily thunderstorms and clouds and much rain for the past 8 days and I have not had ONE SINGLE MIGRAINE!!!

Been eating my steak and my liver and my beef tallow and butter and drinking water and doing masses and masses of salt and barely even a glimmer of a prodrome!!

Just wanted to share this, especially for the new people here, because sometimes this stuff just seems too incredible and defies belief. Well it’s extremely credible and you better believe it, because it’s happening right now in Texas!

Hubby looked at me this morning and said, oh, isn’t it amazing that you’ve been so happy and fun to have around this whole week… also, your eye’s closing up so you better salt up woman. (Not so long ago, I would have been a basket case for the past 10 days and probably would have done a couple of trips to the ER in this time. I haven’t even needed to use coffee!)

Drink your water and swallow that salt and be prepared to be HAPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!”

–LK 9/12/2018

A migraineur’s exotic migraine-free travels:

“Just back from a very hot and very sweaty 2-week family trip to Vietnam. Yes it was much harder than Japan to eat protocol (or keto) BUT keeping up salt & water and aiming to be as close as possible to protocol allowed me to enjoy this holiday!!!
Only 2 prodomes in two weeks – quickly sorted by more salt & water. 
FYI: I took a mixture of home-filled salt capsules and salt sachets (wasn’t sure how the massive humidity was going to impact the paper sachets). Used mainly the capsules as that was easier. I brought enough for 3 weeks!
Thank you to Angela Stanton Terri Haas Corley, Kristin Elizabeth Ingram and the rest of this group for sharing their experience and knowledge – and helping me return to places I haven’t been to in 20 years!! xxx”

–GC 9-4-2018

Migraine-free mom:

“My daughter gifted me with an early b-day surprise visit when she drove up from Nebraska yesterday. We took a drive to Ft Randall dam and spent quite while watching the pelicans and gulls and then went to the casino where they serve up one mean 10 oz prime rib, daughter’s b-day gift to me. I haven’t been to the casino in over two years because they allow smoking but we managed to play the slots briefly, had dinner and then a little more gaming before heading home. Absolutely no issues! No prodrome, no burning eyes like normal, just a great evening! This morning she stopped by the house to say goodbye before heading home and we visited a little bit. Before leaving she gave me a long hug and said she likes me better without migraines! It’s so amazing feeling so much better but when those around me notice the change it’s over the top wonderful! Feeling very peaceful and happy! 💓”

–MCB 9/4/2018

Testimonial from a brand new migraine group member:

Thank you Angela. Since reading your book (twice in 4 weeks), every single day that I wake up pain-free feels like a miracle. I can’t thank you, your team, and this group enough 😘❤️😘”

–KOF 9/3/2018

About my interview with BioHackers Lab:

“Angela is my guru. Loved your interview on Biohackers.

[or listen to the podcast version here since my webcam decided to die off by the end of the interview]. Before I ever got a migraine at age 34, I was in a study at Norwalk Hospital conducted by Dr. John Larsen. It was about cortisol. I did a 24 hour urine test and my levels were more than three times normal. I asked what that meant. He said he’d never seen any that elevated. I redid the 24 hour urine and had a similar result. He said I needed a CT scan to rule out cancer of the adrenal glands. The findings, thank God, were negative for cancer. No explanation.

Slow forward 2018 (30 years later), at least a dozen MRIs, ER visits, meds galore to abort, kill pain, thousands of dollars to hospitals, doctors and pharmacies. 24 years of chronic pain and accompanying depression, years lost to real suffering. I am mysteriously forwarded a link on FB to Angela’s book.

It ALL makes sense. Hyper-excitable, super sensitive brain, greater need for certain electrolytes and meticulous nutrition requirements. A doctor with an explanation and a cure. I am still amazed ……..and eternally grateful.”

–CB 9/1/2018

A most unusual testimonial that got tears in my eyes–and it will in yours too:

“Kind of grieving here – just aborted a mild migraine with 3 doses of salt (and I’ve been on the CD-keto for a few days). To think that there was an answer to all the pain… I have a friend whose wife committed suicide from migraines. To think that such simple solutions could have saved her.”

–KBvD 8/27/2018

New testimonial appeared with an article on my public person FB page:

“Since I have been implementing the science in your book I am feeling so much better! I’ve gone from having weekly migraines to NONE for over a month! It’s empowering to be able to impact my own health with your protocol, count me among those who can testify that it changed my life. Thank you!”

–DP 8/23/2018

A new member of the ketogenic migraine group:

“Thanks for allowing me to join this group. I somehow came across a link to Angela’s book and protocol group, possibly from New Chronic Migraine Support Group. It has been a Godsend for the past two weeks and I am convinced that Dr. Angela Stanton has the CURE for many primary migraineurs.

I’ve read the book. While reading, I transitioned to a primarily keto diet and followed the salt intake and water recommendations. It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve had no migraines and dropped 10 pounds! My body is beginning to acknowledge the change with more energy, diminished bloat and vastly reduced hunger. My brain and spirit feel lighter and Hope is slowly coming back with a belief that I shall eliminate the chronic migraines, attendant depression and dreadful confirmation that feeling “healthy” is not possible.

Lunch today was a 1 lb. porterhouse steak and I am grateful that animal is helping me back to health. I am convinced I have a migraineur’s brain with all that extra voltage …..and that I have been starving it and killing my body with sugar, carbs and processed foods.

Dr. Angela is a brilliant scientist who has discovered the chemical reason and cause for many primary migraines. She treats the cause NOT the symptoms. I have requested my CAC …..and NMR cholesterol from my primary care physician …..and my Keto Mojo is here waiting to be used.

I look forward to your support and helping others! Carl”

–Carl Back, Attorney, 8/21/2018

Migraineur at the beach:

“I spent 4 hours at the beach yesterday and loved it! I’ve always bowed out by about 2.5 hours, knowing that I need to start packing up before I feel myself deteriorating in order to have enough left in me for getting home, unloading, bathing kids, etc., and still feeling wrecked by the end of it all. This time I drank 66 oz of salt water throughout the afternoon (plus a meaty snack) and I was really surprised to last as long as the non-migraineurs, and still feel good afterwards! 

It’s no longer a waste for me to live a few blocks from the lake. 

–ER 8/16/2018

Awakening from migraine-brain and appreciating the spouses who stuck it out and helped all through:

“Wide awake at 3 am with prodrome headiness. Chugged down my salt, some water… then a while later some more salt and then did 3 oz of cheese and 1 T of butter. Was back in bed asleep within the hour and bounced out of bed this morning feeling Absolutely Fabulous, daaahling!

I went to a friend’s daughter’s 2 year birthday party on Saturday. It was scheduled for 4 pm, which in the past has been my I-need-to-shut-down-and-make-like-a-vegetable-for-the-rest-of-the-day time; instead I spent the day looking forward to it, had a great time while I was there (I ate cheese while everyone else ate cake) and my husband had to drag me away at 7 pm because I was having such a great time, despite the insane noise levels and umpteen small domestic terrorists armed with chocolate frosting, intent on anointing EVERYTHING.

My man still isn’t accustomed to this and has this “who the hell are you and what’s become of that sad creature that I’ve been married to for the past 6 years” look on his face. Migraine has taken a terrible toll on him, as indeed it has on all the people who love us… What a wonderful thing today is, because today is our sixth wedding anniversary and we started the day laughing, and following the wild bunnies frolicking in our garden this morning. Thank you for helping me to heal my body and giving me back my life again, and thank you for returning my man’s wife to him – he’s been missing her for too long now.

Stanton [Migraine] Protocol, aka best marriage counselling EVER!”

–LK 8/13/2018

Have you heard of the ZC (zero carbs) diet for migraine?

“…I very nicely and respectfully put someone right in one of the ZC groups I belong to. They were banging on about how all we need to do is eat meat and drink water and no, we don’t need supplements, and no, we don’t need electrolytes, and no we don’t need extra salt, etc etc. 

So I posted the following, together with the Amazon link for your book. The only reason I’m here is because one of their former members mentioned your (Angela’s) name in connection with migraines and then I hunted you down and ordered the book that same day…

‘Dear ZC person, you are absolutely correct with this, EXCEPT if, like me, you are a chronic migraineur, in which case you might, like me, find that you do vereeee well by eating meat, with extra amounts of fat because migraineurs mostly do better with higher fat to protein ratios, and definitely a lot more water than the average person, in addition to significantly larger amounts of salt. 

After 10 + months on ZC, mostly just beef, my migraines increased to the point where I was doing 9 days out of 14 in insane pain. So much so, that my husband couldn’t handle the sound of my whimpering anymore and took me to the ER twice in a row in the wee hours of the morning. Masses of drugs and IVs and the pain didn’t budge an iota. 

I’ve been doing the above protocol for only 12 days and I’m a completely different person. I’ve been following Angela Stanton’s protocol as laid out in her book – will post the link below – and I’m astounded. Best of all she advocates for ZC diets for most of her migraineurs, so I was sooooo close to curing myself just with my dietary changes alone, except… my brain needs a LOT of salt and a lot of electrolyte supplementation in order to function properly. 

Given that migraine is one of the greatest causes of disability in America, particularly among women, I feel obliged to share this information here, and apologies if I upset anyone. This information has already saved my life (I was pretty close to suicide on more than one occasion because the pain was THAT bad. I’d lost my career and most of my life as a result of the migraines, which is what led me to ZC in the first place. Certain kinds of supplementation are absolutely vital for people with neurological issues.)'”

–LK 8/9/2018

Hot humid days of volunteer work speaking to strangers with PMS & cycle:

I just finished the second of two incredibly hot and humid, long outdoor interactive events with the public (aka talking to strangers all day = exhausting 😆) doing volunteer work that I have a passion for. They basically sandwiched the start of my period. I *never* could have planned for, much less made, the second event before this protocol. If I had made it to/through the first, it would have been a guarantee that I’d have a migraine by the next day, for who knows how long, and then the double whammy of starting my period would have meant another migraine – possibly all running together and being stuck in bed for days with my kids fending for themselves and my husband trying to catch up during his hours home. 
It’s unbelievable to be able to plan for things and not have that terrible nagging anxiety, always wondering if I’m going to get a migraine and have to cancel last minute; to charge through a busy week, and *know* I’m going to be A-OK, and then be able to train at the end of the day, too!
Thank you, Angela, and everyone else in here who helped me figure out that final salty puzzle piece to prevent even the menstrual migraine. 

–ER 8/9/2018

Switching from a badly applied Zero Carbs (meat and water) only to a proper ketogenic ZC for a migraineur:

I can’t tell you how much better I feel already – the wet heavy blanket of depression that seemed to be draped over me permanently for the past 3 months has GONE! I mean gone! Just like that!

I’m learning so much and trying not to boggle my brain unduly, but honestly my brain feels like it’s on one of those kid’s bouncy ball things; bouncing about, going “Wheeeee!! Look at meeeee, I’m happeeeeeeee!” This was happening whilst lying in bed last night trying to fall asleep; body was rested and serene and my joy-filled little brain was just bouncing about on its ball, singing happy little songs to itself.

I only slept for 3 hours and then was wide awake so I sat up reading till 5 this morning and then managed to get another 2 hours of sleep in. Now here’s the thing: ordinarily you do not want to be around me when I’ve only had 5 hours of interrupted sleep – I’m vicious and nasty. Today I’m still on my little bouncy ball, going boing! boing! and basically behaving like a cherub. (My man is somewhat perplexed by this!)

I actually cannot remember the last time I felt this serene and joyful. Even when I started off doing keto some years back, I didn’t feel this good, even though I had tons of energy, I was still in a state of constant craving for sweetness and feeling deprived and constantly hungry. Now I’m satiated, zero cravings and I’m living on meat, salt and water, with not so much as a cup of tea anywhere in sight for the last 6 months.
But a mere 3 days of more water, LOTS of salt, way more fat and less protein, and I’m feeling this good?!

Apologies for the long posts, and if you’ve read this far then thank you and please feel free to ignore my long posts in the future, but I feel like I’ve had some kind of (almost religious in its fervour) conversion and am compelled to be vociferous about the magnitude of the healing I’m currently experiencing; so I’ll just say sorry AND thank you thank you!

Edit: A HUGE special thank you to SRC for being the first person to mention Angela Stanton to me; thank goodness I paid attention and finally bought the book. The irony is that I could have saved myself 3 months of agony if I’d read it sooner, but in my defense I did have a huge surgery thing happening and just too much going down in my life at the time. I’m here now though… thank you S. You are a precious gem for reaching out to me and helping to educate me. Thank you for recognising that I was drowning and throwing me a life line!

–LK 7/31/2018

Today someone asked “I think it would be very interesting to hear how everyone found this Protocol”. The responses were all testimonials. I grabbed this one because it is extremely funny toward the end. Enjoy!

“I had been going to the USC neurology department for 2 years and they tried everything and I just kept getting worse and worse. I was on disability in bed all the time and in the same day 2 friends sent me an article about Keto for migraines. I had already tried all kinds of elimination diets and gluten free but I decided to try it and it really helped. For 2 months I was better. Not good but better and then on New Year’s Eve I cheated and ate 1 piece of pizza and I was wreaked for a month. I was really desperate because it made no sense that it could mess me up that bad and I was trying to research why and I found a blog post on Hormones Matter that talked about the Facebook group. So I joined and read the book that day. I remember being in such pain and trying to understand everything but as soon as I started the salt and the milk at night I felt better! It was so amazing! Tonight I got in a pretend fight with my teenage son over my salt container because I was hugging it and he was trying to take it away from me and I was thinking about how amazing it is when my friends asked me today when I had my last migraine and I had to think about it! For 2 years straight I had one all the time and today I had to think about when my last one was!!! Sooo amazing!!! I love this group and am soooo thankful for Angela Stanton ❤”

— MSS 7/12/2018

There is nothing nicer than to awake Monday morning for a lovely testimonial!

“…like probably everyone in this group, I’ve spent untold thousands, possibly tens of thousands of dollars over the last 25 years searching for the cure. The products I’ve purchased (OMG so many products), the physicians I’ve visited, the acupuncturists, massage therapists, and various other healers I’ve gone to…when I think about all that money and time all spent for naught. The natural remedies, the pharmaceuticals. And then the things that there is no price for, like time with my child or partner, major events that I had to miss because I was ill. Honey, I’d follow Angela Stanton to the ends of the earth with all she has given back to me. If I met her in person, I would kiss her feet! If that’s devotion, it’s because she gave my life and health back to me, and thousands of others. She is priceless, truly priceless. ” 

–JR 7/9/2018

The ultimate testimonial from one of my migraineurs is a speech she gave in which she refers to her migraines and how she no longer has them and why. She doesn’t mention my name but she refers to me and discusses one of the most important part of my protocol. Also a UK accent–quite charming. 🙂 A total gem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m5S_dSDkMQ&feature=youtu.be

–TC  7/8/2018

Having fun migraineur style!

“Last weekend we went junking on an annual multi-town rummage. In one town we looked up an old friend and visited over lunch. I haven’t seen this lady for a year so we had a great time catching up.

When we returned to our town we stopped at a flea market a couple we know had. Again, I haven’t seen this couple for about a year. The wife kept giving me big hugs and said several times how good I looked and that I looked so much younger!

Today I got this message from the lady we had lunch with. “Was so nice to see you guys at Presho for the local sales. Marcia, this is the first time in all the years I’ve known you, you haven’t had dark circles under your eyes from migraines. Whatever your eating or not eating is working wonders! I couldn’t be happier for you, girl. xoxoxo

Thank you Angela for turning back the clock and giving me control of my life! 

–MCB 7/1/2018

Prepping for a triathlon race!

“Hello everyone!! Feels like it’s time for an update in the world of triathlon and keto mild😜

ALL GI issues are completely GONE!! Once I cut my salt back to pre-Florida levels, about 7,000mg/day (before extra for training) I’ve been great! I also cut back on the protein so that helped as well.

Yesterday, I stopped for a moment of gratitude, because I realized, I had actually forgotten I’m a migraineur for a couple of days! Brought tears to my eyes to think of how amazing my life has become, and that I now consider feeling awesome, to be my new normal. SOOOOOO GRATEFUL!!!

Training is going well in terms of nutrition and hydration. For those of you who are athletes, I think what I’m experiencing is normal, but my heart rate is still running HIGH! I’ve been Keto since January, but man, my HR is not in tune with my actual strength, which I blame on the meds, especially the triptans, that gave me the darn SVTs and tychardia to begin with. So, I’m closely monitoring my HR and training according to that, taking it slow, and enjoying being pain free. Less than 8 weeks til the Half Ironman! Yikes!!!!

Hydration that is working is what Angela suggested: 1 salt pill every half hour with 8 ox of water. The humidity in and temps in MI have been crazy high, and I double my salt and increase water to about 10oz per half hour on those days. Working great! I also take two extra salts and water before a training session, and one immediately upon finishing. The pre-stuff I space about 20-30 mins apart depending on my timing.

Hope that’s helpful for someone out there. I honestly never in a trillion years thought this would ever be my life. Thanks, once again, Angela, Kristin, and Terri❤”

— HD 6/20/2018

How to heal hypothyroidism!

“THYROID HEALING! This is soooo freakin’ cool! I’ve been noticing lately that my neck seemed different. I have more definition and striations leading up to my chin. It looks sexier. 🙂 It has always looked a little puffy. I have been able to cut my thyroid meds by more than 50% since ZC/IF/carnivore. Yeah! But this shows how anti-inflammatory carnivore/ZC is. In the last 6 months of ZC the swelling you seen in the middle of my neck below is gone! No more swollen thyroid! I showed my husband this picture taken 4 years ago and he looked at my neck now and went “OMG!”. Makes me cry with joy!”

–SRC 6/20/2018

How do migraineurs party and remain migraine free?

“…playing softball, went to the beach with the family, etc. And this is best of all…today is my birthday and what did my kids get me? A gift from Omaha Steaks. It warms my heart to no end to know they finally get it. I know that I can be a drag with my pain and etc…but now they get that me eating differently is making me a better human. I even heard the sentence, “You seem to be feeling so much better now with this way of eating” No more concerns over my lack of veggies or grains. A huge sigh of relief and an even bigger thank you to Kristin, Angela, and Terri for supporting me through my roller-coaster health ride beginning…this week marks 7 months since starting the protocol…209 days to be exact. (Oh and now I seem to be making protocol treats for the family..they like the crustless pizza and the mushroom pepperoni bites)”

–DJ 6/15/2018

Moving & trashing migraine medicines:

I’m in the process of moving and so going through EVERYTHING I OWN (I know, UGH!) and was cleaning out my bathroom drawers, and OMG…I had SO MANY migraine “remedies” in there from homeopathic crap to herbal tinctures to Topamax to even heavier pharmaceuticals, including Prozac and some other heavily addictive garbage I was given at one point!!! Dumping and hauling all that I can’t dump to the pharmacy for disposal. I DON”T NEED ANYTHING ANYMORE! It’s SO LIBERATING!!! YeeeeHaw! 😍

–JR 6/9/2018

Support to a new migraine group member who is taking too many triptans:

“Just to give you some encouragement here I took triptans from the time I was 20 until July 2017. I am 57 now. I went off all triptans cold turkey prior to finding protocol. My headache frequency reduced but did not go away like I though it 
would. I continued to suffer greatly when a low pressure front came. I always knew weather bothered me but felt very discouraged thinking I could do nothing about it. I would wake up feeling like a 2 by 4 slammed me across the eyes.. I started protocol in October and had rapid healing in most part I believe because I was free from the triptans. Within 2 months of protocol the pressure fronts stopped effecting me as badly. Now I have learned when my body needs salt and how to handle these. When you quit the triptans you did not have the protocol to heal you. Please don’t stop them cold turkey like I did. Angela says they need to be tapered off; I did not know that at the time.”

–SJ 6/9/2018

Something totally unexpected:

“I teach college economics on the Navy Base down here in Key West. There are three women (all active duty Navy) in my class of 9. Last night one of them came to class looking bedraggled. I asked her if she was okay. She said, “Migraine. I get them all the time.” Another student piped up and said that she also gets them all the time. The three of us had a few minutes of bonding while the guys looked on, astonished. I told them about Angela and what I’m doing and how much better I feel (one headache every 7-8 days compared to 3-4 per week and I’m not yet at baseline – one more drug to stop). They were amazed that its possible to feel “mostly” normal again!”

–NM 6/8/2018

A migraineur athlete’s testimonial:

“Super duper quick check in from TEAM STANTON! Raced an Olympic Tri fasted and no supplements during! Salt and water only and I’m feeling great! Not my fastest race but A LOT faster than expected since I’m still adjusting to keto! I only missed a PT by 10 mins! Race time totaled 3:30 with no additional food needed. Did I mention I’m feeling great!!! Thanks Angela Kristin and Terri🏊‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🚴‍♂️💪 …. I just learned I actually DID PR every leg of the race! My overall time doesn’t match but who cares! I just cut 11 mins off 10k time, 10 off my swim and over 20 on the bike! Heeeellllloooo Keto!”

–HD 6/2/2018

A testimonial that is not from a migraine sufferer. He is an art gallery owner who contacted me, asking for some of my artwork to exhibit in his gallery, and ended up becoming a client with some serous health concerns. Here is the email I received from him today that he asked me to share:

“Had my annual physical yesterday and came away very happy. So I had to thank you for turning me on to [your] program. When I started it about 6 months ago, my blood sugar was 216 and was taking a diabetic med for it. I was on Crestor (statin) for my cholesterol. I was in such expectancy about the [protocol], I stopped both meds. I was also in the “obese” range BMI wise. After 6 months off grains and sugar (except for an occasional slip) my blood sugar was down to 100 and cholesterol down to completely normal and BMI [reduced by] 18. Doc said I had the kidneys of a 20 year old. I am stoked and had to share it with you. The only negative was a slightly low thyroid reading so still on a med for that. I want to lose another 20 lbs wanting to bring my blood pressure down so I can get off that med. So in pretty good shape.”

–5/30/2018 RL

This testimonial is about medicine that I wrote about in this article:

“You saved my life by warning me about being on both an SSRI and SNRI at the same time. I got off both completely and between that and protocol, my daily horrendous migraines, coupled with shivering, shakiness, bowel issues and profuse sweating, all have gone away. The prescribing physician had no clue and never equated my symptoms with SS. Thank you Angela!”

–MP 5/28/2018

Salt not only doesn’t increase blood pressure, taken properly, it can reduce it:

“Lol! I’m living proof that salt doesn’t increase blood pressure! My doctor just took me off my blood pressure med because my pressure was dropping way too low. If she knew the amount of salt I consume on a daily basis, I’m sure I’d give her a coronary [heart attack] from shock! 😂 Yay for protocol eating and improved health!”

–CD 5/26/2018

The joy of gardening again:

“A dirty hand.

Not the greatest picture but worth a thousand words. I am beyond thankful….to be back in my flower beds….To do what is hard and strenuous….To show up and be present without pain….To be engaged…to be focused beyond the confines of the continual vigilance of self protection. (If you’ve ever dealt with something chronic, you understand.) Is it perfect… be real, it’s life and hard work but there is no comparison to ‘before’ with migraine.”

–DF 5/25/2018

Medicine-Free; two testimonials:

“Since January, I’ve only had to take one. I’ve been on triptans for TWENTY YEARS! I’ve never gone 2 weeks without one or three. Amazed and grateful every day.”
–JR 5/25/2018

“I’ve been at this now for going on 4 years, and have been migraine free for most of that time. I still have an unopened prescription for Relpax that I picked up even after my migraines were settling down … that was an act of “just in case” … which now I know I will never need. Living with those meds for so long and scrambling to get refills really had me conditioned.”

–KEI 5/25/2018

Having dinner (major funny):

“We had some steak for supper this evening, it had a nice mix of lean and fat. I watched as dh cut every speck of fat off and pushed it aside as he always does. I of course ate every speck of the fat on my meat. Thought of the old nursery rhyme, Jack Sprat could eat no fat and his wife could eat no lean. The only thing that didn’t fit was the pic that went with the rhyme of a skinny man and fat wife. I am a size 6 and he is overweight. lol”

–KM d/25/2018

A testimonial extension from SRC of 5/15/2018 on ZC for migraines:

“I no longer see food as entertainment or comfort. I see it for what it really is…FUEL. I get my entertainment elsewhere. I am creative in other ways. I find comfort in my family, friends and furbabies. I no longer depend on food to do things it has no business doing in the first place. Never mind the fact that it really didn’t do those things anyway….any joy was always fleeting and then the suffering followed. When I hug my husband, I am not doubled over in pain for days afterwards. But if I eat gluten, I am. I don’t get diarrhea after laying around with my puppies watching a movie. But if I eat grains of any kind I will. A walk on the beach with a friend doesn’t lead to soul crushing depression like a piece of cake will afterward. I go thrifting with my daughter without eating out and we have a blast! If she is hungry we go somewhere to get her food and I have a coffee and cream. She doesn’t care. I never did protocol. I was already deep into keto when I joined Angela’s groups. I think about 7 months in. Keto got rid of the headaches, but still had vertigo and prodromes. I never took migraine drugs (lots of supplements though). I figured out on my own that I needed more salt. Angela Stanton helped me refine my direction. I stumbled around for 22 years earning a PhD in Holistic Nutrition and had found quite a bit of relief before I met Angela Stanton. But I wasn’t where I wanted to be by a long shot. She has helped me with the finishing touches. 

–SRC 5/25/2018

No more medicines!

“Just went online and cancelled the auto-refills of my triptan. I haven’t take one since August and my husband just said, “Why are they piling up in the linen closet?” You all understand the superstitious thinking that made me keep getting them refilled, even though I’ve sworn never to take one again (nor have I needed one since last August). I think I’m finally ready to accept that this is my new reality, but not a day goes by that I’m not thankful that I don’t have a migraine. Thanks to Angela Stanton and the moderators for helping us find this happy place!”

–JB 5/23/2018

Zero Carbs Keto (Carnivore) migraineur testimonial:

“SUPPORT FOR THE RELUCTANT ZCer [Zero Carber]. I know a lot of people dread going ZC [Zero Carbs] to fix their metabolism. I sure did. I fought it kicking and screaming. I didn’t even want Angela Stanton to tell me I needed it. So I didn’t “bother” her. My denial was that strong. But I finally got the nerve January 1st! I have been doing it for 4.5 months and I have not looked back. I mostly eat meat. I love it! My life is so much simpler now. Shopping is a breeze! I just need the meat isle…LOL Cooking and clean up are no brainers. I made up an outdoor kitchen for myself (grill and hot plate) and never have to clean the inside kitchen much at all anymore. Inside always smells fresh! I have the occasional cream or egg yolk, but adore eating steak daily. Sometimes I have chicken or turkey wings, crab legs or bacon. I only use salt now. No other seasonings. I just do not crave them. In fact I have no more cravings at all! I salt to taste and still take my am and pm salt. I fast 16 hours a day and eat in an 8 hour window, but I can skip the first meal without issue. I can exercise fasted and feel fine.
Blood sugar stays stable and ZERO MIGRAINES. Keto was not a complete fix for me. The headaches disappeared, but even with higher ketones than ZC, I had migraine symptoms and prodrome. I still had MAV (vertigo)…That is gone now too with ZC! I have even found I do not need as much water (That is just me! Do what works for you!) to keep my urine the perfect color and going only about 5 times a day now. Your taste buds change too. I do not want sweet. I had to ditch my natural toothpaste because it became cloyingly sweet (Hubby called it tree bark…it wasn’t really that sweet compared to commercial brands). Yesterday at Whole Foods, they were putting fresh organic chicken livers in the cold case and I thought “why not?”. I fried one to medium rare in grass fed butter with just a sprinkling of Applewood smoked salt and OMG!! Who needs dessert? This coming from a former ice cream junkie. Seriously, it does get better. You can change. And life can just “open up” for you!”

— SRC 5/16/2018

I have many people in the Stanton Ketogenic Protocol for Migraine group who have no migraines but wish to follow a healthy ketogenic diet that is based on current science rather than fad. Here is a testimonial from a non-migraineur there:

“I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. It was to read my CBC and other markers.
My doctor asked ME what I was doing! She said HER weight was up and HER knees are killing her. Once I told her about Keto, she said that one other fellow doctor had told her about it. She was genuinely interested and I believe she’ll try it. 
My husband was floored. When we left her [he] said, “I can’t believe that you just gave her more info [to the doctor] than she gave you!” 😆 All I can say is …. I LEARNED FROM THE BEST!”

–BD 5/11/2018

It takes time to heal:

“More heartfelt thanks for MAJOR improvement in my life though I have not perfected my SMP discipline! I have progressed from frequent multiple Dr appointments and DAILY (migraine/cluster/headaches) incapacitation – basically living two hours a day and spending the rest in a cool dark bedroom. I had company this weekend and caved to meds for “fast relief” (didn’t) out of frustration. BUT, here’s the aha, my med tracker showed “number of headache days: Jan 8, Feb 10, Mar 9, Apr 4”! AND, most amazing TWO (yes 2) eleven day and then a FOURTEEN day “no headache” windows in a row! You can see evidence everywhere! Garden, home, meals cooked, exercise classes done, grandsons’ soccer games attended … LIFE BEING LIVED! I LOVE this family!”

–JL 5/8/2018

The quality of life without migraines:

“Just wanted to drop a quick post to say thank you once again to Angela StantonKristin Elizabeth Ingram, and Terri Haas Corley! My quality of life just keeps improving. Migraines are mostly under control, anxiety has decreased, energy is up, and even my stomach issues have improved (L-carnitine was a game changer)!

Thank you, thank you for the sacrifices you make and for all the hard work you put into helping us heal. You guys have done more for me in the past 1.5 years than the 100+ doctors I’ve seen over the past 20 years.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 🙏❤”

–KMS 5/8/2018

Emotions under the chronic stress of migraine and their release when migraines are gone:

“A different kind of question for everyone: The emotional changes on the Protocol and ZC [zero carbs]. It’s obvious that thinking in terms of the three ‘intelligences’, the Protocol impacts our gut (so great to be pain free) and our heads (I can think clearly!) but I’ve noticed something completely unexpected over time. My heart has opened so that now I cry at a recording of a Vivaldi violin concerto (not much of a classical buff), videos of good deeds, etc. etc., though I still am hardly moved by videos of kittens.  I’ve always been openhearted, after all I was a clinical psychotherapist for many years, but not like this. Angela I know you’ve referred to the emotional impact of the Protocol on you, how about others? Any once else noticing this? I think it shows how defended I became in general in response to the pain and its unpredictably when battling migraine. Completely unexpected. It goes way beyond ‘Feeling good for no obvious reason.'”

–BW 5/5/2018

New member titrating off Topamax:

I’m new to this and have had to ease into the program while titrating off Topiramate [Topamax], which I finished doing last week. Last time I tried to quit that drug, I had horrible headaches every single day and went right back on it. Today is the 5th day in a row with no migraine or prodrome. Nada. That hasn’t been the case for me for a decade. Normally I get 3-5 migraines per week, even w Topiramate/Botox. This is amazing progress for me. Just the beginning of a long road, but life changing. Thank you!!”

–NM 5/5/2018

New member migraine improvement diary:

“By way of encouragement to new members of the group; I am finishing up month 3 with 22 migraine free days this month. My first month was good, last month was better and this month has been the best yet. It is mighty nice to find myself waking up with no migraine or if I feel like one might be trying to get me, the morning salt water takes it out.

Migraines for me started in my teens, increased significantly in my early 30s and increased again after menopause. Now I am finally seeing a huge improvement that I never thought to see especially without medication. Feeling good!!! Thanks to Angela, Kristin and Terri   

–KM 4/30/2018

Wow what a testimonial!

“Dear Angela’s angels, (that’s everyone in the group and most importantly Angela!) 
When i started in this group last October I used to plan my day so that I only had to climb the stairs once or twice a day. I spent a lot of time sitting or laying down reading. I had to give up my job as a riding instructor. I had been diagnosed in September by a consultant in the UK as having chronic fatigue and many other things, including lead toxicity . I had lost a lot of muscle mass, was thin and was struggling with 15-20 migraine days a month. So much so that I wanted to give up. I felt like my body was packing up anyway. I couldn’t do much and if i did it would mean a migraine. 

Five months later and my muscles are coming back. I am riding my horse again when ever I want to and gardening and going out in to the big wide world. I wake up FULL of energy and walk the dog around the peninsula before breakfast. I have reversed hypoglycaemia. My electrolyte caused migraines are a thing of the past. My energy levels are 100 % back to normal. 

The brain fog which was pretty bad has been lifting on a monthly basis. I can remember things and communicate clearly. I feel clearer than I have in more than 20 years. My migraines have reduced to twice a month and seem to be caused by Occipital Neuralgia (got a diagnosis for this last week). I am seeing a nucca (upper cervical care) chiropractor about and have high hopes.

I haven’t started keto yet as I’m still waiting on my questionnaire but yesterday I ordered a Keto-Mojo and I should get that in a few weeks. Postage takes so long in Brazil. 

I am SO GRATEFUL to all of you angels out there. My life is turning around. 

I want to hug Angela, Terri and Kristin so hard! How can I ever thank you all enough. 
You make lives worth living again. 


–AIL 4/16/2018

The importance of trust in the Stanton Migraine Protocol.

Please bear with me because this will be a bit long. I just wanted to give an update as it’s been a couple months. So I started protocol in December slowly working my way through the learning curve. It took me a while but by February I was about 75% there as far as following things to a tee and getting to baseline. At first it seemed like enough. I had dramatically reduced how much I was taking sumatriptan (3-4, sometimes 5 times a week just to get through it to about 2 times a week). It got to the point though that the bad effects of the sumatriptan started to get worse and worse the less I took it. Which pushed me to take the final step and truly get to baseline and get off of that poison.

I knew that meant I had to finally give up my tea and start really tracking, measuring macros and K and Na. Giving up snacking. No cheat meals. Etc. all the small things I was doing wrong we’re adding up. I have officially been at baseline for about 10 days now, and guess what? I have not had to take my sumatriptan once. That is the longest in my migraine life (11 years of taking it) that I have gone without it. I’m still tweaking my K:Na ratio to find what’s best for me but I’ve been able to get rid of the onset of a migraine so far just through the salt test. I also wanted to note that I was at Mayo [Clinic] in November begging them to listen to me that I had what I knew was aura 24 hours before the onset of a migraine and ringing in my ears to which my doctors replied that I was basically ridiculous for thinking that any of this could be “true” aura since it wasn’t minutes before a migraine. They were about to send me to an auditory specialist and a occipital neurologist when I found the protocol.

And guess what? As soon as I got myself balanced and to baseline my auras and ringing started to disappear. I am deeply humbled and so grateful to Angela, Kristin, Terri and everyone in this group. I feel a moral obligation to pass the book and group along whenever anyone tells me they or someone they know suffers (I did this when my dental hygienist told me her best friend has migraines this week). I’m sorry this was so long but I’m just beyond thankful to you guys… 

I think I was in denial that I would have to give up certain things but as I started following your guidelines more and more I started to see success with each principle I applied. Ultimately it became a no brainer that I had to give some small things up to get my life back- which is HUGE. I completely trust this. It’s amazing how much you’ve changed my life (and we haven’t even met!). I turn 30 in a few months and I have two small kids. I missed both their birthdays (one’s 2nd and the other one’s 1st due to migraines). It was such a low point. I was in a horrible place before I found your protocol. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the rest of my life back. My greatest worry was that my girls would just remember their childhood as their mom always in bed or always taking medicine. You’ve changed my future and theirs!

–LD 4/14/2018

Vacation testimonial from the ketogenic diet for migraineurs group:

Hello lovely Ketoers (ha ha. New word?) Wanted to check in after my vacay and compare this trip to the one I took in Feb. In Feb I felt awful in Florida and was only gone 4 days. This last trip, I was gone 11 days, 4 of which I drove (nearly all of it). I went for 4 runs totaling 20 miles, played outside in the 90 degree heat with my kids for 8-10 hours each day, and never- not even once- had the slightest bit of pain or ever felt thirsty. Not once!

What I did differently…. Doubled my salt intake, and drank my 8 Oz every 40-ish minutes instead of every hour. I started this hydration process two days before leaving. I didn’t even get cervi pain! I couldn’t weigh my food, but I made my first meal in our hotel room each day, and when we ate out I only had carbs from dairy to be safe. I was ordering double the bacon on burgers and finally buttered my steaks! LOL! And it worked! I stayed in ketosis and my BS was awesome. I actually found myself easily doing 16/8 without intention. Just happened naturally so I went with it.

I did what Angela has told me to do 100x since joining protocol/keto… Experiment with salt and have no fear. Ta da! The day we arrived home my period started and for the last 3 days I’ve gone in and out of mild migraine pain but NOTHING like my usual. I’ve cut my carbs in half as Terri had suggested doing ZC on my cycle, but it started out of nowhere and so I’ve just cut them down.

I’m posting all this, because I’m so full of gratitude, and while I totally trust everything we learn in here, I’m sometimes hesitant that I will actually become totally pain free one day. I panic at the thought of a full blown migraine. Serious anxiety can set it. But I feel so freaking hopeful. Every time my family would eat ice cream, one of the kids would shout… Mom don’t do it! We like you like this  My 4 year old asked if there was sugar in everything I ordered and continuously reminded me that I can’t eat sugar, because we had to play in the pool some more

Thanks to all of you for all the support all the time. This group is so amazing. Your questions have been helpful, and I’ve been following along so I wouldn’t miss any information. I learned a lot the last couple of weeks as the group seems to be much more active! Loving it! 😘😘😘”

–HD 4/11/2018

The gorgeous running path after coming out of migraine hell:

JM's running path
JM’s running path

My trail run right by where I live. Ahhh. The regular exercise is making a big difference!! A few weeks in, my lung capacity is improving so much, and it’s already something I am looking forward to each day. After 7 years of very little exercise, this is better than I expected! (having kids really put a damper on the regular bike commuting I used to do!) With keto, exercise is SO much more enjoyable, pain-free, and all around pleasant. Anyone who is on the fence with getting started with some form of regular exercise, I recommend you take the leap and get started 🙂”

–JM 4/5/2018

A testimonial from the keto group from a non-migraineur diabetic (we help people with all kinds of health conditions!):

“Checking in as one of the few diabetics in the group. When I joined my glucose levels were in the low 300s. After a month or so, I began hovering around 170. Today, I read my lowest reading of 115. I’m grateful to all here and especially Terri Haas Corley for inviting me ❤”

–BD 4/5/2018

Healing after 4 months:

“…my issues I had with my eyes. It was terrible and took a few visits to the Eye Dr. to figure it out. I was suffering from horrible migraines and rebound.

They diagnosed me with dry eyes and prescribed a med. I had a visit with the Dr. yesterday and he has seen great improvement, but I am not 100%.

I wanted to share what he said. He told me he could see the difference in me and how much better I felt. I have lost the 21 lbs I had gained from the Gabapentin and my body is looking so much better as I have added exercises to be in a better place with my two injuries.

It is amazing that in just four months I am feeling normal and myself again. I will never go back to grains and high carbs. I was never a sweet eater, but I loved my pasta, bread, and other grains. I never even think of eating any of that even though it is in my home.”

–KL 3/31/2018

One year follow up:

“Hello Doctor Angela and admin. It’s been a full year since I’ve been following the protocol and its been a success! I’m still not 100% well yet but definitely much better!! 
During this year I went through two surgeries, few parties, two weddings, few conventions, and lately my sisters bridal shower , and I got through them all without a migraine which is for me UNREAL! I still deal with my cycle related migraines and get 1 triptan once a month , unfortunately, but I will soon start following keto maybe that might work. ( I haven’t started yet because my sister is getting married in a month and want to start after the wedding)

In this year I cheated only once, a friend had made gluten free dessert thinking that’s what I could eat , I didn’t want to disappoint her so I started eating the first bite: and thought of all the times I was in pain , of all the times I cried and felt miserable because I wasn’t able to enjoy a social gathering, of ll the times I couldn’t plan, of all the Times I was in bed due to side effects from medication ,that either made me feel sedated , depressed for absolutely no reason, down for no reason , and in a confusional state of mind for days, and those 8 (yes 8 !!!!) medications that daily I used to get in Italy to prevent migraines …….so (back to the gluten free cake ) I just took one bite, I apologized and refused to eat more.

I’ve really been much better and it feels so good!!! 😍😎Last year even a simple thing like blow-drying my hair dehydrated me , not anymore!💪Thank you doctor Angela for your research, your study and all your efforts in helping us!!! Thank you admin group for always being there whenever we need you guys!!!! ❤”

-VB 3/31/2018

More doctors are getting on the bandwagon!

“I had a v positive discussion with my Neurologist today. Turns out she is a migraineur too AND she eats keto (as this is what works for her)! We skipped talking about drugs and focused on diet and fasting. I gave her the details of these groups and the medical specialists Facebook group that you are in Angela Stanton. She took Angela’s name and Jason Fung & Robert Lustig. 

So I’m hoping she’ll join your professional group Angela. She also seemed interested in suggesting a diet-related trial to the headache specialist she often works with. As I am doing so well (zero migraine in months and months and better management of prodromes), I said I felt I did not need to see her again. She agreed! 
So baby steps – but another practitioner that is thinking the same way. 😀”

–GC 3/31/2018

One of my most athletic migraineurs (now in the keto group):

“Bright and sunny 7 miler up the bridge for this ocean view! Ran fasted, had morning salt and water before I left, plus 3 salts and 8 more Oz water. Brought 32 ounces of salt water with me and drank about 24-26 oz of it. FEELING FANTASTIC! No migraine after 2 days of not the easiest drive, with 7 people, to get to my in-laws 😉😉😉 Thank you protocol and keto mild! Vacation pain free is the best! 🏃🏼‍♀️🌞😎”

–HD 3/31/2018

A Neurologist who is on the ketogenic diet, & is supporting the Stanton Migraine Protocol!

“Guess who just graduated to one-year neuro appointments?! MEEEEEEE! The entire Institute was in awe and amazement. Notes and business cards were taken by all. One of the nurses will most likely be joining our group. Woohoo! The new neuro in the office that I saw today follows a Keto diet and was so supportive. Thank you  AngelaTerriKristin and the Whole Group😘”

–HD 3/20/2018

Testimonial from another country:

Wohoo!!! 30 days migraine free!!! That is the longest since years. I have tried everything… chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, kinesiology, Bowen, reflexology, eye operation, Medications, meditation…and suffered more and more. Since I am on the protocol I am getting gradually better. Thank you sooo much Angela Stanton, Terri and Kristin!!!! 😘😘😘😘”

–3/16/2018 TRS

A new member brought to the Stanton Migraine Protocol by a friend:

“After trying acupuncture, chiropractic care, daith piercing, progesterone and triptans my doctor wanted me to try topamax. At that point I noticed as I am getting older they were lasting longer in duration and I was going through my script for triptans monthly. I tried the topamax for 2 weeks and stopped it immediately as I noticed my eye sight was becoming blurry. After talking with MV, I decided to try the Protocol and boy have I learned so much! I had no idea what a prodrome was until I started reading the book. Today, I woke up with a migraine and immediately did the salt and then started drinking water with electrolytes. I kept up with the water, salt, potassium and this is the first time without taking any drugs that my migraine went away! No drowsiness, fog brain or sleeping the day away! Thank you MV for introducing me to Angela’s book.”

–SDS 3/16/2018

Members share testimonials on their on FB pages:

“Hello, All. I just shared this on my personal FB page today. I thought I’d share here.
Longest post in a while:

To all migraine sufferers and health care professionals (if you are interested in migraine):

Today marks 4 weeks – 28 days – since my last triptan (prescription drug). I don’t know if I will have to take one eventually or not, but I write this to say that I believe that my body is healing. Normally, I have to take 9-12 . . . sometimes 15 triptans over 4 weeks, so for me to not have to take ANY is huge! I want to share with you what I’ve been doing so that you can try it, too, if you are interested. I came across the Stanton Migraine Protocol online and read the testimonials. It was the first thing to offer me hope in many years. If you are like me, you have tried so many things. Things I have tried: gluten-free, several different changes in diet, acupuncture, progesterone cream, various different supplements and/or vitamins (spent lots of $ there!), high PH water, chiropractic (which helps so much with my neck headaches but not my migraines), oxygen (which has great success for cluster headaches, but not so much migraines) and anything else that has come my way over the last 16 years. I’ve seen several different doctors looking for answers, and no one could offer to do anything for me except for pain medication or the birth control pill (which I tried for a short period of time – and it didn’t help!). Nothing has gotten me through 4 full weeks without a prescription med. . .(though I did have 2 “run of the mill” headaches during this time – one went unmedicated at all – and I was fine – the other cleared up with a simple Excedrin). Now, as grateful as I am that I have not been in pain, this has not come without complications. I have still gotten the prodromes. . . if you are a migraine sufferer, you know what I mean . .. the signs that a migraine is coming. . . for me: it’s a feeling of being off balance, fatigue (doesn’t matter how much I sleep, I’m still exhausted), mental confusion and an inability to think through things quickly, sometimes ringing in the ear, and droopy eye. There have been several days of that where I was quite uncomfortable and I thought a migraine would develop, but it didn’t. The Stanton Migraine Protocol is not a quick fix. It’s a lifestyle change that includes getting the right nutrients in the right balance and proper hydration. It’s supposed to help the body heal at the cellular level and to help maintain that health. So even though I am not 100% well, I know that there has been significant improvement. I am hoping and praying for an even greater improvement over time. (I hate those prodromes!) It is a slow process and everyone heals at a different pace. . . and some seem to have more success than others, but I encourage you to try it. It certainly couldn’t hurt! If you are interested in learning more, please let me know. In the meantime, here is a link to the book and to the testimonials. I’ve also included a FB link to the support group.
Migraine group, book.”

–DK 3/7/2018

A doctor who decided to learn from her patient:

“Not on FB much these days… Because I feel GREAT and I’m loving my new job that is keeping me busy! I’m busy working, and still pain free. Unbelievable! I wasn’t sure if the stress of the new job duties (especially all the computer time) would be triggering. But nope… Now, all of you fellow recovering triptan users listen up… It’s been 5 months since my last triptan and FINALLY! my BP is back to normal. My goodness that drug really messed me up. The SVT’S have almost completely gone away and my BP that, according to docs wasn’t high, but was high to me, is now back to my old normal. Thank goodness!

Don’t give up hope. It just keeps getting better! My doc also commented that she didn’t think my cholesterol could possibly improve but she said it’s looking even better. She said my blood work couldn’t be more spot on. She’s now becoming an avid researcher of the keto diet. She said she’s disappointed that there’s so little info on migraines, and then to find out about protocol and the keto mild, well, she’s been given hope as a practitioner to maybe know how to start guiding her patients. In her words… Angela Stanton just makes sense. How is this not being published for all to learn from?

Also, had my carnitine levels checked because of all the GI issues I was having. My doc was initially reluctant to test, explaining that if there were an issue, I’d have known long before keto, but she knows I truly care about my health and understands my desire to medication free. So she tested a ton of stuff recently. She personally called me to tell me she hasn’t read so much, as she has since the results came in, since med school 😂 My carnitine levels combined look perfect. Then, I guess you look at separate parts (can’t remember everything but she’s sending the report). This revealed one part high, one part low. She had no idea what it meant. So she actually researched for me to learn about it all. In the end I’m great and she learned my levels are normal, for where I’m at in the process. She went on to say, that because she’s now an avid researcher in keto diets, if I have any questions to call Angela Stanton and not her😂 She’s blown away and said it all just makes sense.

So, Angela, Terri, and Kristin, if a [Dr. SD] shows up in your professional group, that’s my amazing doctor who’s not afraid to admit her limits. That’s why I’ll continue using her. I just need stuff tested. Then ask Angela😂❤❤❤

Have a great day everyone and go eat something fatty! Lol”

–3/3/2018 HD

Happy birthday to one of our migraineurs and we received a testimonial!

So, yesterday I hit the big 5-0, and my awesome husband donned his finest Italian suit and cooked me a protocol-friendly birthday dinner at home. Appetizers of smoked Gouda, olives, salami & prosciutto, followed by lobster tails with garlic butter, then prime rib, medium rare, with rosemary roasted vegetables and Pellegrino with lime. Now THAT’S a good man! Best part: I woke up without a trace of headache! Can’t say that for restaurant dining! So thrilled to be feeling better at 50 than I did at 40!”

–MDH 2/26/2018

From oil-free vegan to ketogenic and no migraine and a special Valentine’s Day:

Celebrating our marriage [photo of the couple was included] of 37 years this Valentine’s Day and also 4 weeks from the start of working with Angela (my other Valentine today). Note the smaller eye, in prodrome even on a good day, last year. Forty-seven years of intractable migraines, exploring like many of you every single possible solution with little to show for it. Even treated many migraineurs with biofeedback during my days as a practicing psychologist. Not a single dose of abortive meds in 30 days, not a significant migraine that lasted more than an hour. Just some morning grogginess, cervi headaches upon waking and some sleep disruption. Also, have reduced my daily meds from 5 to just one-half of my previous dose of cymbalta. That’s next on the list [to go]. 
I promised myself last July, as the migraines were significantly worsening, that if I ever did find the true solution, I would make it part of my leadership coaching professionally so as to spread the word of Angela’s ground-breaking work. The universe answered with the email from Angela about her new 2nd edition, when I hadn’t noticed an email from her mailing list for several years. That woke me up and after reading a chapter or two of her new edition, I instantly knew this was it. I think the protocol hadn’t evolved enough in the first edition to really catch my attention.
I should note for other newbies to the protocol and keto that I switched from vegan to a high fat, low carb diet last July, with no progress, but that possibly gave me six months head start for my body to begin adjusting to the actual protocol from being an oil-less vegan. Can you imagine 5 years of no nuts or avocados?
Gratitude to Angela, her family for supporting her ventures into the unknown, the moderators for their volunteer work, and fellow migraineurs for sticking with it, especially single parents. Can’t imagine working, raising younger kids mostly alone, and migraines. Yikes.”

–BW 2/14/2018

Only 6 weeks on the Stanton Migraine Protocol!

“I just wanted to share that I’m about 6 weeks in to protocol and I’ve already had some major personal victories. For the first time ever I made it through my period and the week after (which is always worse for me) without a single migraine. I have also cut back on my sumatriptan from 4-5 times a week to 2 or less. Still tweaking some things and I know I will be able to get it down to no more. I even cancelled my Botox for next week (something I would’ve NEVER done before finding you guys!) because I’ve been doing well. I am SO impressed how well this is working for me and the support I’ve received from this group. Thank you so much!!… Gives me so much hope! 🤗 I stay home with my kids and my husband had a major presentation this week so I couldn’t afford to get [a migraine] and have him take off to stay home with the kids. For the first time ever I felt confident enough that I would be ok. I kept on top of my prodromes and adjusted accordingly knowing I could fight them off. I think the biggest thing is getting rid of the fear of another monster coming. This helps with that so much!”

–LD 1/13/2018

A new migraine group member who was oil-free vegan prior to joining!

Okay, so, I’m a newbie. Just found this group four days ago. I’m a vegan (ethical/health reasons) who has been suffering from migraines for just over 25 years. 20 years ago, I saw a neurologist who started me on triptans and I’ve been on one form of those things (plus “preventatives”) ever since chasing this dragon. Entering perimenopause and the beast is relentless (12-18 per month, I kid you not-but that also includes rebounds). Within four days, and a reckless, wanton abandoning of my firm belief in a vegan diet (much to the shock and disbelief of my husband) and fearlessly gulping down all manner of animal products (save for chicken, beef, or pork…it’s going to take me a while to cross that line) and TONS of salt, I’ve managed to slay two migraine attacks like a Viking Vixen in a video game with Terri Haas CorleyKristin Elizabeth Ingram, and Angela Stanton by my side yelling (via FB) “MORE CARBS! LESS WATER! NO SMOOTHIES! YOU GOT THIS!” This is no less than amazing to me. Seriously, I have tried virtually EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN to get rid of this beast. I’m reading the book now, drinking my morning coffee (again, YAY!) with HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM (?!) and saying a silent gratitude to the universe that Angela Stanton has figured this protocol out. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Peace.”

–JR 1/11/2018

Wow what is the world coming to!

In October, I posted a discharge letter [in the group] from my former neurologist since I was officially too healthy for his services after many years. He was intrigued by the HFLC [High Fat Low carbs] aspect of my migraine management but dismissed the electrolyte theory. He mentioned that the new wave of migraine treatment coming out of Switzerland showed the efficacy of a ketogenic diet. He recommended a supplement to produce ketones, since he said that the ketogenic diet was “too hard” for most people. I politely refused and told him my bacon/ egg/ avocado breakfast was hardly a burden I couldn’t handle. In any case, he asked if he could contact me in the future to check on my progress.

He’s done that three times now since then, and each time he has asked me if I’m “still feeling well” and “still keeping with it” as if I’d be on to the next new thing. The last two times, he’s asked me if I would speak with two of his patients with whom he’s stalled about the Stanton Migraine Protocol, which I’ve done. His email of two days ago said that he definitely would be purchasing Angela Stanton‘s book right away and that he’s more intrigued now. So even our neurologists and doctors are coming around!

We are ambassadors for this program, and I’m happy to say that I’m not moving on to the next shiny new program because this actually works reliably.

–MDH 1/11/2018

Against all odds:

“I always feel so hopeful when someone shares their experience with protocol and so here goes my work in progress since August, when I googled ‘hydration and migraine’, and discovered Angela Stanton. Initially when I tried to describe protocol to my husband he said it doesn’t seem like a good fit for me because it’s to detailed and fiddly. He knows me well. I am big picture, skip-the-details person and not math-oriented AT ALL, so the learning curve felt extraordinary but I was determined, desperate and honestly skeptical. My migraines started at early peri-menopause and were a relentless 3-5 day ordeal, up to twice a month. The protocol learning experience was rough and the healing is gradual. My diminishment of migraines and med use was slow, with each month seeing a drop until finally I experienced this Christmas and New Year’s, my first in 3-4 years, with all the stress, travel, snow and all the upheaval, and no migraine and no medication. Not even a headache. My last triptan was 11/24, and I didn’t need it, I panicked. Like I said, it’s a continuous work. I got a headache last night that was trying to get my attention earlier with clumsy feet, word searching and blurry vision. I missed the obvious prodrome, till I felt the minimal pain. I worked with it through the night and as of this afternoon am feeling fully functional and pain free. That headache pre protocol was not budging for days. I had to learn to trust the process, wait on my body to respond, heal and rethink so much I believed about meds, salt, my situation and my ability to be detailed. I am beyond grateful.”

–DF 1/9/2018

Toward full recovery:

“Last year at this time I had a migraine that seemed to last for 6 weeks, starting around Thanksgiving. Ended up in the ER once and had just about no hope left. I kept searching for answers until I read an article on a blog HormonesMatter by Angela Stanton and that set me on this excellent path. For months now, I wake up each morning with tears of grateful joy. I am a new person, with a new life. I hardly know what to do first, I’m so excited about feeling this way. This is a gift we could have given to ourselves long ago, if only we had known … a HUGE loving thank you to Angela, and to your caring, attentive administrators – and all the supportive members of this great family.”

–TB 12/23/2017

A special testimonial from someone in another country who has been battling extreme reactive hypoglycemia (sometimes 2.8 mmol/L or 52 mg/dL) but who is so thin that all doctors would always think she just needed to eat more and refused to even test her. The Hemoglobin A1C—the benchmark test for insulin resistance—always gave a perfect result for her—as it always does for reactive hypoglycemics, since it looks for an average. So our struggle was several-fold:

  1. Identify if she only has reactive hypoglycemia hitting way past a mealtime or is passed that stage and is entering type 1.5 diabetes or an immune attack and she is heading to be a type 1 diabetic
  2. Do all the above without any help from the medical community that refused to even check her
  3. What to do once we find out which citation she falls into
  4. She is also a migraineur and so we also had to dodge migraines

She was able to get a fasting insulin test, which showed that she had insulin, so both points 2 and 3 were likely not true. I help insulin resistance with the zero carbs diet—this is also good for migraines. So she started zero carbs a month ago. I have not heard from her for several weeks and got concerned. The following is her reply to my question via Facebook PM: How are you?

“I’m doing Ok! Actually better than ok!

I did zero carb keto, and keto, and just kept the carbs low as I could and had plenty of salt and water. Difficulty was getting enough fat… the people in the restaurants who saw me spreading butter on bacon, beef patties and anything else, thought I was weird: so do I care? Not a bit!!! It was a triumph!  I took nuts, cheese, French sausage as emergency rations. No migraine!!! Wow that was so wonderful, unfortunately a bit of cervicogenic headache but did the exercises and kept it under control. In all I felt better on this trip than I have on holiday for many years. Walks I’ve struggled with before, were easy and I was looking for more, previously I could hardly get around them. There is a lake in front of the guest house which I walk around a couple of times a day, usually at sunset; last year I was exhausted by it. This year it was easy.

I took fasting bs from time to time and they were a bit high for me: 5.3 – 5.5 mmol/L [95.4 – 99 mg/dL]…which was strange as I had almost no carbs, but probably a bit high on protein at times. Wasn’t getting up until 10 am at times! Seemed to stay in keto 0.9-1.5 [β-hydroxybutyrate]. Weight 48kg [106 lbs].

Only 1 hypoglycemic type incident… I felt bs falling checked it was 4 mmol/L [72 mg/dL], had cheese, but I didn’t feel quite the same as usual so checked the ketones which was 1.9 [β-hydroxybutyrate]. I read a lot during the trip, caught up with all my saved fb stuff [from the Facebook Stanton Ketogenic protocol for migraines]: lots of good stuff. So the system worked!

I know that I have been very slow to see benefit from protocol, keto, zero carbs, etc. It finally all seems to be working for me as far as migraine is concerned, I see and feel that it’s carbs that [cause the problems]. It’s the insulin resistance I need to get rid of now!

Thank you so much for your patience and support, which I really appreciate, over all this time. I always said I was here for the long haul and here I am; at last the migraines are under control; it’s worked out for me!!!

My story is different because it took so long… I came close to giving up a few times and actually it was you and the group and, of course, hubby that kept me going. The protocol is hard, especially in the in the beginning [it is] incomprehensible and dispiriting: there was so much to learn and still is. It’s much easier now that there is the tracker and apps. Now I really love the education side of the group. I Just need to get the insulin resistance resolved and that hopefully will have me sorted!

I have a friend I have been helping. She has migraines, dreadful chronic diarrhea still, but actually her main problem is dreadful depression and anxiety, she’s been taking the maximum dose of antidepressants for more than 20 years, every time she went to the surgery the medics upped the dose or added another drug, she travels with, as her husband told me, enough mind-altering substances to keep a psychiatric hospital supplied for a year! She’s tapering the drugs. The medics told her quit… but actually so much of her problem has been her diet! She’s cut down carbs and is trying to cut out sugar too and all the other things you’ve taught me. She is better now than she’s been for 30 years! She is stunned at the effect changing her diet has made.

She is angry with herself and her doctors and that neither she nor they didn’t know [the diet] was a possible cause of her problem. She struggles with temptation as we all do. She’s not there yet but hopefully she’ll make it. She’s working on it. The Stanton Migraine Protocol has made more impression on her health than legions of psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, etc., and tons of drugs and supplements over 30 years.

I wanted you to know about A [name removed], she’s a spin-off of your protocol and reads a lot of the general nutrition articles and videos… she complained to her Member of Parliament that Stevia was a permitted food! She is grateful for your help and knowledge.”

–GS 12/23/2017

How a FIBROMYALGIA sufferer heals–not a migraineur!

“I would like to relate my experience with the Stanton migraine protocol used for fibromyalgia. I came to this [migraine] group a little over 6 weeks ago, and started making gradual changes to my diet immediately. After about 2 weeks my fibromyalgia pain started to vanish, and my brain fog was drastically improving.
It used to take me about 3 hours every morning before my head would start functioning. I have had chronic unrelenting body aches for about 15 years. I would get out of bed like an old woman, and it would take a while until my body could move. These issues have mostly been resolved!
This is such a dramatic result that I talked to my doctor about getting off my pain pills. She almost fell off the chair when I asked her how to safely reduce the Tramadol I take every day!
I am still struggling with issues relating to my chronic fatigue syndrome. I am currently working on balancing my insulin, and we’ll see how that will affect my fatigue.
It’s a work in progress, but being pain free is an indescribable feeling that I wish on all my fellow fibro sufferers!”

–AB 12/20/2017

How a migraineur should talk to a doctor when she disagrees!

“…it’s so incredibly strange, after 7 years of suffering and trying EVERYTHING my doctor has recommended, to read about this relationship with salt and sugar. To think that maybe this is caused by a metabolic imbalance and insulin intolerance, is completely crazy and new.

Tired of covering the pain!

I was lucky that my MD wrote me a prescription for the glucometer [bloos sugar meter in the US]. But I did get a response that I wanted to share with you all (hope that is okay):

‘I reviewed your most recent laboratory studies, and your blood sugars have never been even within the range of prediabetes. I doubt that the metabolic explanation is sufficient enough to explain the migraines. Although, having hypoglycemic episodes can induce migraines. Usually this is resolved by eating more complex carbohydrates and more dietary protein. Nevertheless, if your objective is to search for evidence for hypoglycemia, this is a good reason to try the glucometer. I have ordered a glucometer’

I responded with ‘Thank you for ordering the glucometer. I understand with the internet, you have patients argue thinking they know better about medicine. I really don’t. However I am committed to current research about migraines as they have been debilitating. I went on a low carb diet 8 months ago and eliminated table sugar (also grains, legumes and soy) and have been 90% better. That’s astounding. I believe there is correlation with sugar as when I make a mistake, I get a migraine that night. Please consider reading a bit about sugar/carbs and affects on migraines to help your patients. I wish I knew about this years ago. Also, I really don’t think I know everything and please don’t consider this as attacking you or your profession. I hit bottom, got desperate, and did anything I could to make a change. Science is the art of change. There is always something new to consider. Pills to cover pain vs. eliminating the source is my passion right now. Thank you and I hope you have a lovely holiday.’

I am still reading the book and files but have noticed that just by paying more attention to the details there is so much information my body has been telling me that I have been missing all these years. A lot of which I didn’t even include on my questionnaire a few days ago. Finally paying attention and finally going to fix me 

–DA 12/14/2017

Another migraineur goes back to work!

“In May, I was offered a job with Girls on the Run, but I decided to quit before I started, because the migraine situation was out of control, again, and I knew I couldn’t perform the job requirements. This is an organization near and dear to my heart, and I was devastated when I couldn’t continue.

But, because of protocol, I interviewed again this week, and just received the call that I got the job! I AM SO EXCITED!

Thank you, all of you, for all the support, on this journey. I still have a lot to figure out, but I’m moving forward with my life. Angela, your research does more than manage pain, it gives us the lives some of us have always dreamed of. Thank you for continuing your research and always being around to help❤”

–HD 12/6/2017

Back to Work!

“I am still moving forward and learning the ropes. I have been free of attacks for 7 days now. Woohoo! My brain is in a good place now and I feel so lucky to have this protocol in my life.

I have mentioned I am an EC teacher and always will be, but I left my profession due to the stress and paperwork. I loved what I did. I found a wonderful way to continue to use my skills by working with families as a nanny and have continued to work with children with needs I am trained for. I had an interview yesterday and was hired on the spot because of their needs and my education and experience. I feel so blessed to help this family, but especially be in such a great place with being free of migraines. I also hope to help this mother as she also has migraines. I usually don’t share that I have them, but she brought it up and I wanted to share this Protocol with her. When she is ready I hope to guide her in this journey. I am so excited to be in this place.

Thank you all so much for this help and getting me back to this place.”

–KL 12/6/2017

Birthday vacation of a  migraineur:

“Still returning from a week-long trip in Jamaica for my 40th b-day and almost cried with Joy for not having anything even close to a migraine at all, all week long! The resorts had buffet so I sort of mentally tried to balance but didn’t even have to fuss too much, tried a plethora of delicious meat and fish dishes, and stuck to minimal carb treats like a few slices of fried plantain or fresh mango or papaya for treats and salted after, drank water constantly, and tried coffee again for the first time in several years without any ill effects! Angela Stanton you are a miracle worker! I celebrated my 40th b-day feeling healthier than I ever did even in my 20’s! Thanking God for this group and my newfound health”

–AD 2/2/2017

A migraineur visits her neurologist!

“Woohooo! Doc #1, my neurologist, just got a full explanation of the Stanton Migraine Protocol. His response… Well doesn’t that make much sense. What’s that called again? (as he wrote it down). That sounds fantastic. I’m going to do some reading.

He said he couldn’t believe it was me sitting in front of him. That normally he gets nervous when he sees my name because I’ve been all over the place and most times in not such good places. He kept telling me how great I looked. How rested and happy.

Thank you, all of you, in this group. I still have a lot to figure out, and a ways to go, but feeling stronger all the time. I know I’ll figure the last pieces out with the support of this group 

Now, off to doc #2, The psychiatrist. But, he’s already a fan of the Stanton Migraine Protocol❤”

–HD 11/27/2017

The Chinook winds of Canada:

Just amazed at this: Calgary is famous for its winter “Chinook” winds during which the barometric pressure rises abruptly, temperatures soar, snow is licked up, and migraineurs experience stabbing pain. Suicide rates even increase, statistically.

Well, a Chinook rolled in overnight that I wasn’t prepared for, and I woke up at 5:30 AM with a “knife” in my head and pain shooting down my left side. In a fog and without checking BP, I gambled on salt, went back to bed, then found that the pain increased. In the past, I would have taken Axert, but instead, I dragged myself out of bed again and “counter-medicated” with an avocado and a handful of unsalted pecans. Then I waited.

Less than an hour later, the pain had reduced to about a 4, so I got up again, had a glass of whole milk and a pork sausage patty and coffee and waited. By 9:30 AM, I felt 100% fine and was able to get out with my dog and actually enjoy the warm weather for a change! Not one pill! I’m getting the hang of this and listening to my body. This is the most empowering thing I’ve ever experienced! Thank you, Angela Stanton!

–MDH 11/19/2017

A funny testimonial:

I took Triptans at least 5x per week just to function. Come January it will be 2 years since my last one once I implemented protocol, I may have taken 2 more triptans and then went cold turkey. I literally drank milk and would wake up with pistachio shells on my chest- in bed with ice packs until the pain subsided. Untreated mine would usually last 3 days, so at least I knew how long I had to go. This protocol works! The only pain I experience now comes from trying to explain why I eat what I eat- 😍🥛🥛🥛🥛”

–AF 11/7/2017

New testimonial–with quote from the new book edition:

“I couldn’t be more amazed at what Angela’s Protocol has taught me. I now know what causes my migraines and have been able to successfully stop 2 this week. Don’t give up if you’re new to this.

This week the causes were falling air pressure and sugar…I know I screwed up with the sugar, but I also know how to help myself recover from my weak moments.

Our barometric pressure has been falling over in WA state and my head started pounding. I immediately took salt and started drinking more water and milk. Pounding gone!

The next prodrome began after I made a choice to eat pumpkin pie. I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache, took a salt pill, drank some milk and woke up no pain. I had to take salt pills throughout the day because the sugar screwed up my balance, but nevertheless…my migraine stayed away.

“If I can cause it and stop it, I can prevent it from happening.” Angela Stanton pg. 5 Fighting the Migraine Epidemic Complete Guide

–SKM 10/30/2017

Another vacation testimonial:

“I just want to say a huge thank you to AngelaTerri, and Kristin for all that you do and for this amazing group for all the support and advice.

I’ve just returned from a 3 week holiday with my husband and spent it migraine free! This holiday had it all – two full days of 8 hour driving, two 3 hour planes flights, two weeks spent driving around in a motorhome which has high altitude changes and hiking of some kind nearly everyday! I don’t know how I did it! I did have a couple of headaches and a couple of prodromes (mainly during the high altitude and hiking) but I was able to apply the protocol (reading up on the files) and it helped both times.

I am one of those members whose results were a slow process and am still learning (I’m just thankful I just kept with it and preserved because i believed in Angela’s protocol, it was the first thing ever that made sense to me). So to new members please stick with it even those of you that don’t see results straight away it will come!

So thanks so much team for giving me an amazing holiday! I had the time of my life and I have all of you to thank! ❤”

–JR 10/30/2017

Vacation of a migraineur:

“I went to an out of town work meeting this week for 4 days/3 nights. I was terrified as this was really my first time away in over 2 years where I would not be able to have full control over my meals. I brought cheese sticks, almonds, salt and milk with me to the meeting. The meals they served were terrible. I was able to eat breakfast, bacon and eggs. I then survived on nuts, cheese and milk. I want to thank Angela and the Admins for this great group and the protocol. I made it through the meeting without a migraine. I got a lot of weird looks and questions!! But who cares when you are migraine free.”

–KCL 10/28/2017

How healing starts:

“On September 24, before I read the book, I stopped OTC meds and also decided I needed to cut down on abortive triptans, as hard as it would be. Shortly after, I started protocol best I could, being a newbie. Since 9/24 I have taken only 3 triptans, and ZERO in the past 18 days. This amazes me. Have not taken any OTC since I gave it up. I even got through my menstrual without Advil for cramps, I used ice and heat. I got through the rebound of not taking Maxalt practically every day AND the protocol is working. It’s not easy but the fact that I can deal with pain and know the protocol will help me is amazing! If I didn’t take a med before protocol, the pain would just intensify and put me in the ER. I have hope again. Such a relief. Can’t wait until I feel clear and have pain FREE days (like completely pain free!!).”

–KC 10/20/2017

The longest testimonial so far:

“Hello, everybody. This is a dark under eye circles update. A while ago, when I was only a month or so into following Protocol, I made a post, asking everybody if issue with dark under eye circles will go away with time or there can be improvements. Before Protocol, I had migraines and symptoms 25-27 days a month and I looked sick…. even on those 3-4 days without migraine. My dark circles status was awful (on normal days) to worse than awful (on sick days) 😵. I never had dark circles as a child or before my migraines got really bad (last 5 years). I started looking for the best concealers out there, and wearing dark glasses was my only comfort zone (I was very sensitive to sun anyway; I had to wear them CONSTANTLY). Anyway, here is an update. Only 3,5 months into Protocol not only I feel healthy and strong but I also look healthy! It is the face I haven’t seen for some 5 years! No dark circles, only slight change if I happen to have any symptoms (very rare). There are only 2 things I did. First, following protocol, and 2nd, I finally I was able to take my dark glasses off on couple of family trips to the beach. First time in life I was able to enjoy our beach vacations being medication FREE, and it was a shocker. Anyway, I finally put my face to the sun. It was easy thing to do because I am not light sensitive any more ( I had a sunscreen on, of course). To sum up, it took me some 3,5 months of feeling great and a sun kiss, and dark circles status is NONE (on good days) to slight (when I have symptoms). Also, that weird something on my forehead (looking like popping vein that ran from brow to hairline) went away.
Okay, looks is not all that matters, right? 😊 So, here are few words about feeling strong and healthy. Few days ago I had a rush project when I had to work on the computer, involving a lot of analytic thinking and typing, for some 17 hours with only 5-10 minutes breaks. Not only I had endurance and enough mental focus to accomplish that, but I felt great the following day. I want to stress that I would NOT be able to pull something like that off some 6 months ago.
Working out does not get me out of balance anymore, and I can easily run through the neighborhood being pulled by 110-120 lbs of dogs (2 dogs). I could NEVER run before, it would make me very sick (immediately or the following day). Good luck to all of you who are only starting. It will get better, EVERYTHING will get better. And if you suddenly feel like you are slipping back into constant old sickness MAKE sure you are not back to your old ways (way you eat and drink).”

–NM 10/18/2017

A most interesting testimonial: educational!

“Over the past 25 years, I’ve watched more than one Dr totally ROLL their eyes when I told them I felt like a human barometer. I would get multiple migraines before, during, and after any kind of major weather/season/light change. Now, I can “feel” a bit of pressure in my head, but so far, no migraine and I am loving this new freedom. And just reading this feels like sweet validation. Thank you for the forum, but especially that you cared enough to research it so carefully, Angela Stanton.”

–TB 10/13/2017

Not even Triptans!

“So. Beyond.Excited.It has been 4 days with no triptans or other prophylactic drugs (except klonopin and zanaflex but those aren’t for the migraines) AND GUESS WHAT?!?!? Angela Stanton and the STANTON PROTOCOL for the win. This is the FIRST day in 25+ years (unless pregnant or lactating) that I have not needed medication. And NO PRODROME!!! Say what?! This day means so much to me. I’ve been waiting for the shoe to drop all day, but it hasn’t. I knew it was possible, but I needed this one day to fully trust myself. That I can make these changes and benefit. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I have gained so much confidence and faith today.

–HD 10/2/2017

New edition of Fighting the Migraine Epidemic book is released!

Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide
Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: Complete Guide

This testimonial is from the Stanton Ketogenic Protocol for Migraines:

“Hi, thank you for this. I live in Indonesia, so it’s impossible to fulfill all of the protocol. Having said that, I wanted to THANK YOU Angela Stanton and everyone else on these sites. I was as strict as I possibly could be for 6 months. And the migraines went away completely!!!!!!The best confirmation was from my boyfriend, who many times doesn’t notice things, when he said “You have all that medication in the bathroom and you haven’t taken any of it in months.” It is EXTRAORDINARY, a MIRACLE. Traveled and had jet-lag. No migraines. ( I had migraines for 32 years. Since I was 24. Many of those years they were chronic.) I also had definitely started taking too much medication Relpax 50 mg and was having rebound headaches. Finding your website freaked me out!!!! Being so far away, I didn’t realize rebound headaches existed as a phenomenon. So I started the protocol the next day!!!!”

–Alejandra Cisneros 9/30/2017

A GEM of a medical team!

“My husband said I should frame this [discharge letter], or at least post it to this group. I’ve officially been discharged from my neurologist and the headache research program in Calgary because I’m officially TOO HEALTHY after 26 years of migraines and 4 years of chronic headaches (10+ migraines per month). Crazy, hey? No prophylactics anymore, no brain fog, and very few rescue meds used in the past four months.

I met with my GP and neuro last week on the same day, filled them in on the Stanton Migraine Protocol, and they actually listened and made notes! My GP is thrilled for me, and while my neuro is skeptical, he gave me his email address, took mine, and asked to stay in touch so he can track me. He said there is a lot of research coming out (from Switzerland, in particular) about the effects of the Ketogenic diet on migraine, but then proceeded to show me a pharmaceutical product that can achieve the same effect since the keto diet is “too hard for most people”.

I told him eating bacon and eggs for breakfast and meat and veggies for dinner wasn’t a colossal burden and that people could probably handle it. 🙄Seriously. Anyway, I can’t believe how great life feels with greater control and so few headaches. I’m managing my prodromes and listening to my body, and it’s so empowering and encouraging. Worth every second on this steep learning curve.”

–MDH 9/28/2017

The funniest testimonial yet:

More than Migraine Relief!! 
Yet another benefit from staying on this Stanton Migraine Protocol diet… my hair is growing super fast. For the first time in my life I am not taking ANY vitamins and am having better results. 
I KNOW introducing more protein and fat is key. Whole milk… butter… cream… bacon… eggs… steak… avocados… almonds… ample amounts of potassium rich foods, salt and water… are all creating a miracle inside of me! I know that hair growth is a sign of health. I can only imagine what else is going right inside of me.

–SKM 9/23/2017

How to travel really long distance–like 27 hours air travel–without migraines:

“Okay folks, I am now on the other side of the planet. 27 hours of grueling travel, delays, stressors, etc. (And a somewhat hilarious anecdote of mixing my milk powder on the plane wherein the powder went far beyond my water bottle 😀). Anyway, just checking in to let everyone know I dealt with four altitudes, followed all of Angela’s flying hydration rules, and extra salt through the stressors – and no migraine! In fact, I felt less tired than I ever have on international journies, actually slept on a couple of flights, and had a good night’s sleep after a late night arrival and a massive time change. A little less energetic today in my new locale but blessedly migraine free!! I just think this whole thing is a miracle!!! ❤ “

–SW 9/21/2017

How to prevent a migraine on the go:

“I’m in shock right now! I woke up a half hour ago with a migraine beginning. I immediately took salt and placed it under my tongue. Headache continued. I looked at my barometer air pressure app. The air pressure had gone up. I knew for those 2 reasons I needed potassium. I ate an avocado. Headache gone. Happy tears! Shock! I just drank some whole milk and soon will be off to bed migraine free. I can’t begin to thank y’all enough!! I have never experienced anything like this.”

–SKM 9/10/2017

A migraineur going to a musical!

“Really late night last night in Toronto and then drive home for an hour. In bed at 2 am. Had my milk for the drive home 😀 Usually gave me migraines to be up so late but fab day today! Here’s the non-migraine part: Was seeing Beautiful: The Carole King Story after an amazing dinner out (protocol friendly of course!). This is hands down the most amazing and fabulous musical I have ever attended! If you get a chance, celebrate your migraine free life and go see this show. Still singing… thank you thank you Angela for giving me my life back so I can do these things I love!”

–SW 9/1/2017

A migraineur on a flight, watching 3D & visiting planetarium? And remains migraine free:

“Earlier this month I flew to NY with my family (no migraine from flight!) While there, we went to the museum. I sat in a 3D movie, and went to the planetarium. Did not get nauseous, did not get dizzy, did not get migraine! I am learning how to eat while traveling with others. I am so grateful to have found a new life!”

–CSA 8-22-2017

A very important testimonial about how once migraine is starting to clear up from your body, you may discover prodromes you never realized you had. Many migraineurs discover many things they never knew they had—including insulin resistance—because of the so called “healthy diet” that has nothing healthy about it, particularly not for a migraineur.

“After experiencing 60….yes 60… years of migraine of varying form over this lifetime you can probably imagine how much of a miracle it feels like to have stumbled across Angela Stanton’s book and the notion of diet and dehydration being major contributors to, in my case, weekly suffering.

I immediately (way too fast in hindsight) changed the eating habits of a lifetime. My past eating habits were built on information over the years of what was supposedly “good” food balance so it never occurred to me to question that information in regard to migraine and had accepted the idea that no one had the answers and it was either pharmaceuticals or put up and shut up.

However five months now of being migraine pain free and foggy brain free certainly feels miraculous in my world. I now have a life!

However… I have become aware of prodromes (a word I had previously never heard of) and have recently experienced a few vision auras which seem to be arrested by drinking milk or having salt and a glass of water and again miraculously not developing further into head pain. Are occasional prodromes part of the process or do I need to look further into changing my diet. So far, I haven’t done any of the testing or calculating or listing that I read about on these posts as it all seems too complicated with only an iPhone at my disposal and limited technological knowledge. Thanks for providing a forum to ask questions such as this it feels so supportive.”

–JL 8/20/2017

Update on the 10K swim of a migraineur:

“I’m sharing this from my personal page!!!!!! Angela!!!!! You are my freaking HERO!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Today is all about gratitude. I am over the moon with excitement and so happy to report, that this morning I was able to swim a 10k-MIGRAINE FREE!!! Yep. Me.The chronic, daily migraine sufferer who spent two weeks at Chelsea hospital, again this last June, for my 2nd migraine inpatient treatment, only to come home still broken and hurting. It’s been 8 weeks since I’ve needed an abortive, and I’m down to 4 out of 7 daily drugs, and it’s because of a brilliant woman, Dr. Angela Stanton. (Google her or message me for more info.) When I came home from the hospital in June, I thought my racing days were finished for a very long time, maybe forever. I had stopped training, after the Ann Arbor half in March, because the pain, along with severe debilitating vertigo, was unmanageable and vigorous workouts and training sessions were triggering more pain. BUT NOW I’M GETTING MY LIFE BACK!! Anyone who knows me, knows how important racing is to me, and I’m overwhelmed with emotion right now knowing I was able to swim (for the first time ever!) 6.2 miles on the most beautiful morning. With the help of Dr. Stanton, I was able to put together a pre and post race nutrition plan that totally worked. And thank goodness I’m on less meds with her protocol!!!

So never give up and keep on fighting everyone!!!!”

–HD 8/20/2017

Mountain climbing-hiking of a migraineur:

“This is the miracle of added SALT (ok, and a few other dietary changes) – the ability to climb a mountain and hike with my husband at high altitude for a whole day without a migraine! 🙌🏼. He’s overjoyed because he finally has his wife back! I’m thrilled and so thankful. Not migraine “free” yet, but edging closer every day!” (there is a photo attached to this in the migraine group.)

–MDH 8/18/2017

Our migraine group members are from all over the world! A message from Peru:

“Hi guys! Just wanted to share with all of you how Happy I feel, despite of the stress of regular life. I have been on the protocol for 6 months and a half. I have to say to all the new members, that the first month was the hardest. I wasn’t on any medicines, since none of them has helped me not even a bit. (I have gone through all medications known for that condition) but being a chronic Migraineur since age 17 and having daily migraine, I always carried painkillers with me. So when I joined I Made all the changes quite cold turkey. Let me Tell You It Will be hard and overwhelmed at the beginning. But It does become a second nature to live under the protocol rules. First, felt even sicker, then started to have daily prodromes, but fewer migraines per week. Until one day I realized It has passed a week without one. How great was that? I reached that point at the 3rd month aprox. I started to feel mentally sharper (before I had brain fog, that making simple decisions was tough) needless to say I became more productive. Then, I only had migraines during my period. Finally last July, not even during that time. It doesn’t matter how stressful the day can be, as long as I keep balanced, I feel like superwoman. So, It gets better. I can’t be grateful enough to Angela A Stanton PhD or Terri Haas Corley and Kristin Elizabeth Ingram as well as all the members Who contribute with their replies when a question is written, specially when You are a newbie. Oh, Yes one thing. I have cheated once in a while (cake) just to realize I was trying to fool myself, and the result was a painful day afterwards, so not worthy at all! Stick to protocol guys! Love from Peru!”

-LM 8/17/2017

New school season–shopping in the heat:

“Ya know, I am so much better than a year ago, that’s when I was doing ok with all the meds. But the longer I do this (with less cheating and ZERO meds) the better I feel and my life becomes. I have spent the last two days basically being wonderwoman and not a single twinge of pain! I promise this was not even a figment of my imagination before starting protocol. Just thinking about how many hours I have worked and running in this heat and school started for the teenager so lots of shopping, driving, etc, would have given me an anxiety attack and migraine. HAH! I feel ALIVE – – CRAZY    You are all incredible XOXOXOXOXO”

–EG 8/16/2017

I received several testimonials in the past few days. Here I share 2 of them:

White River rafting? Whaaaaat? And she is a migraineur?

“Here I go! 6 hours on the New River in WV white water rafting. Putting this Protocol thing to the ultimate test today! Pretty sure I’m ready. Nervous as hell, but I l’m prepared! I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes!



You guys! I made it pain free! I never got off track from protocol until towards the end when I was out of water. But I had nuts waiting for me. Just drank milk. I’m freaking out with excitement! If I made it through this day pain I can do anything! Angela you are my freaking hero! 

Made the 8 hour drive home without a headache too! I wish people who are afraid it’s soon much work to change their lifestyle would stop and think about how much work it is to be in pain every single day. Instead of worrying about where to give myself IM injections on the river yesterday, I only had to worry about salt licking and water drinking. I packed nuts and food for lunch and the raft guide was prepared to carry it for me. Life on protocol is waaaaay easier. Sure, I momentarily felt left out when I couldn’t enjoy a beer on the bus with everyone but then I remembered I asked PAIN FREE! WOOT WOOT! If diabetics and alcoholics can change, so can I for my disease. I know I’m preaching to the choir here but I am OVER THE MOON WITH EXCITEMENT! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For being brave and bold and and never giving up on yourself, because you have given that gift to all of us here. Xoxoxoxox”

–HD 8/13/2017

Getting rid of unwanted drugs:

“So I am purging my boxes of Frova and Relpax today, feels so good!!! I also found some old records from 2014 from a naturopathic Dr I had been seeing to try and help my migraines. I was posting my ” clean eating ” diet everyday. Items like yogurt/ granola/ fruit for breakfast. Protein shakes, protein bars, rice crackers and on and on. In the column beside it states ” How I felt Physically ” almost every day…”
Migraine” So there you go Angela Stanton, you have released me from all these awful drugs, expensive drugs!! And expensive treatments that never worked. You are amazing and I will forever be grateful to you for working so hard to find the answers for all of us suffering with a Migraine brain!💜🌸💙🌺💚🌼”

–LM 8/12/2017

When kids have migraine!

“My 11 year old daughter began getting migraines last year. Over the counter stuff never helps her, and sometimes they’ll last a day or two; she’s like her mama. She’s learned to pay attention and look for first signs. About an hour ago she jumped off the couch and asked how much salt she should take b/c she felt the monster coming. She took about a 16th of a tsp with 6 oz of water… And she’s feeling better! 2 months ago she would have asked for ibuprofen and cried herself to sleep.

She and I went for a run yesterday and she felt a migraine coming on after… Took a pinch of salt with water and it worked again. She is so excited for what will now be her most successful soccer season. At the young age of 11 she already understands this precious gift❤ 

Thank you Angela! Xoxo”

–HD 8/2/2017

A triple whammy of stress:

“Hi fellow Migraineurs! I had to come on here today to give a big THANKS to this protocol and AngelaKristin Elizabeth Ingram and Terri Haas Corley. I have been getting a large portion of my life back by following the guidelines and I couldn’t be more grateful. All the in-the-moment support is wonderful!!

It’s funny, this overwhelming gratefulness came to me as I had a slight migraine the other day. The barometric pressure was up and down in my area, our sky was hazy from forest fire smoke and I had woken up with a summer cold – a triple whammy! Although I had fought through the smokiness and pressure changes the two days before a-ok, the cold threw my body off. BUT, since I had been salting and adjusting my potassium as needed, the migraine wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been and honestly probably had more to do with my sinuses!

So here’s to fighting summer colds, potassium, sodium, high pressure sinus rinses and the protocol! Cheers!”

–LL 8/2/2017

At the beach:

“4-day vacation to the beach… Didn’t always have the best food options but no migraine… not even a headache!! I forgot my salt so I carried this monster around all weekend. Lol

Not only am I not having migraines or headaches… But I am able to do things without the constant exhaustion. I can cut the grass (our yard is fairly large so I take two days to do it because if I do it all in one day I get a headache) we go to the beach and spend most of the day outside in the water, loading and unpacking was a breeze compared to normal… Or what was normal for me.”

–ALB 7/23/2017

Finally get to work in the garden:

“Just wanted to share this beautiful Poppy with you 😊

It actually represents to me just how far I have come on protocol 😊 I used to love my garden pre migraines & it’s really been neglected but this year I’ve got my mojo back thanks to Angela Stanton & everyone else in this amazing group! To you all, thank you 😘”

–KH 7/22/2017

Anger about lost time in life from migraines

“Thank you so much, Angela, for every migraine free day (which is almost every day now), for life I thought I could never have back! I actually woke up somewhat angry today thinking about all the years in pain and all the lost time when solution (nobody offered us before) was so simple and …different. What you do is truly amazing! I went from feeling incurable and weak to strong and healthy in quite a short time. I still can’t believe it, It is so strange to have a quiet, peaceful head all day…”

–NM 7/10/2017

New Found Life

“Another gratitude shout-out… I’m getting ready to go to yoga with my daughter this morning (3rd class this week). I’m sore from Pilates and painting my house (on a ladder and all- interior not exterior because the heat still gets my goat but, little steps). Had to paint bc I bought the paint years ago and thought it would rot before I would ever feel well enough to paint let alone get in a ladder without dying. I am filled to the brim with overflowing gratitude for the Protocol and especially for Angela Stanton 😍😍😍”

–KSK 7/8/207

Migraineurs (and people with inflammatory diseases, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.,) should not eat sugar and grain. Read what happens when they do! This is a post from one of the migraineurs in my FB migraine group:

“A testimony to something most here know, but good perhaps for the newbies to hear. I have been on protocol for almost 1 year. About a month ago, I decided to eat grain again. ( i know, but hey we get deluded at times). It wasn’t a lot either. 1 small bread roll balanced with ham and butter each day. BUT, within about 10 days, my back started to hurt. Then after 2-3 weeks, I couldn’t lift my arms above my head as my rotor cuffs both were inflamed (both within a week of each other) and then finally my hip, which needed surgery last year, but had been pain free since a month into protocol, decided it had had enough as well, and I couldn’t walk without serious pain. So now I am on ant-inflammatory meds to calm it all down and lesson learnt. Grain, not dairy, is inflammatory. And in some of us, the reaction is huge. It’s just not worth the pain. I have found giving up sugar no big deal, but bread was always the big thing for me. Hope this might encourage those who have joint-pain to not indulge!

–TG 6/26/2017

What about kids? An unusual testimonial about how parents mismanage their kids’ migraines:

“I’m amazed at how many migraineurs I meet lately. I love telling them how great I’m doing but then walk away feeling sad because most won’t try to get well. Today we went garage sales and when we stopped for lunch we met a vacationing family, mom, dad, and a boy. Neither parent is a migraineur but they have 2 boys and both suffer migraines. The one with then has had them since he was 2! They wanted me to tell them how I was managing mine. I told them to look into the Stanton Protocol. When I told them it’s balancing electrolytes and nutrients they looked at me like I was an alien. It really makes me sad that it’s easier to see a child suffer migraines than to deprive them of sugar.

–MCB 6/25/2017

From vacation:

“4 days into my happy vacation camping, hiking, stressful making 4 people happy at the same time, feeding and cleaning up, taking care of two hyper dogs and numerous storms and high winds then dry and hot…I am still without migraine and also without any bad headaches. I love you all (happiness estrogen might be kicking in) especially Angela Kristin and Terri !”

–LWP 6/11/2017

“I had chronic (almost daily) migraines for some 10 years. I joined this group the first week of May this year, and I’ve been 1 month now with no major migraine. I had a level 4-5 migraine for a few hours a week or so ago when I was adjusting my macros, but I chased it away with Kristin Elizabeth Ingram‘s help! Even my milder daily headaches are going away now. Just amazing in just a few short weeks.”

–GB 6/9/2017

New member testimonial–the learning curve toward migraine-free life:

“Well it’s been quite a week! I just discovered the Stanton Migraine Protocol last week Tuesday, and what a learning curve!. It took me a couple of days to let go of eating fruit and oatmeal, but that was the easy part. It took the whole week to begin to take in what I was reading – Angela‘s book, articles, and other resources…. just to get a handle on “what is baseline?” — let alone how do I get there. But I didn’t have to have it all figured out before I started tracking my water and salt intake, and taking that luxurious glass of milk at bedtime ….. and lo and behold the clockwork pattern of nocturnal headaches that have woken me up every night for the last several months (if not years) STOPPED. It’s been a little miracle to keep me going while I’ve been struggling with logging my meals and tracking water and salt, wrestling with the nutrition tracker, and – well – just really getting a handle on all this – it’s a lot! I feel like today (Wednesday that is) was a turning point for me …. it’s starting to pull together in my feeble migraine brain, and I’m so encouraged! It’s pretty amazing that I’m saying as I sit here typing at 1:20 am because of insomnia – the current presentation of prodrome that’s been nagging me all day (some I only recognized in retrospect – like the euphoria – that one gets me every time … I feel so elated and my thoughts go like this: “I have this migraine thing licked! – I won’t have any more headaches!”. It’s a sure sign a HA is coming, but it fools me every time). Anyway, the insomnia started giving way to HA, so I got up and took some ibuprofen and had a little coffee …. and I think we’re meeting with success 🙂.
I’m blown away by the generosity of Angela Stanton, Kristin Elizabeth Ingram, Terri Haas Corley, and others in the group. The education and support and encouragement have been phenomenal. thank you all so much.”

–GB 5/10/2017

Barometric pressure change–pain-free maintenance:

“I just need to say this group has opened my eyes! At work yesterday felt a migraine coming eye twitch and everything pull out a salt pack ( I’ve been good being balanced) then my coworker reminded me of the air pressure! She was right on! Before this group this weather would throw me over the edge migraine sinus pressure etc now though I know it’s the pressure (rain on and off last few days temp up and down!!) caught it in time but wholly molly what a difference being educated does for you!! Thank you for all that you share!”

–MMS 5/9/2017

Weekend testimonials are awesome! 🙂

“Hi all! Update: Since the end of December I have cut all sugar and artificial sugar, bad carbs, focused on increasing my water to what Dr. Angela Stanton recommended. Only drinking water and my 1 cup of coffee with 1/2 &1/2 daily. I salt, drink 1-2 8 oz of raw whole milk for breakfast and dinner, Watch weather changes and full moons and my monthly cycle, eating more potassium, taking magnesium supplement daily. If I see or feel prodrome I do the salt test and go from there. I still haven’t finished book or all the notes but even with these changes I have gone from 10 migraines and cluster headaches in 1 month to over a 3 1/2 month period to 5 migraines, no clusters at all. Migraines have decreased in intensity and the few I had I managed with fioricet, migraine med. No trips to urgent care since Jan (Used to be a monthly trip). I feel amazing. I haven’t even done it all and feel sooo much better. I’m sold and have referred many to join this group. If they feel bad enough they will come and join. I drank white wine 2 times, had some oatmeal cookie dough one day and sometimes drink an occasional decaf coffee as a treat and I’ve been just fine because I salted up and drank milk and got right back to it. I’m exercising and getting back into shape. I now have energy and feel like doing it. I’m not depressed and exhausted from feeling so awful. My goal is to finish the book & get on track with all the other recommendations, because if I’m seeing such big improvements with this little bit of change I can only imagine what doing everything will do for me. Thank you Dr. Stanton, for finding the cure!”

–LPS 5/6/2017

Tuesday morning surprise (love surprises!):

“As I write this I have tears in my eyes. I just can’t believe it! I have suffered my whole entire life with pain and I am finally free of it! If I feel a twinge I can quickly figure out what I need and just like that, the twinge is gone. I have my life back and I feel like screaming from the rooftops! I am so grateful for Angela, Terri, Kristin and everybody else in this group. Thank you, from my whole heart for everything you have done and continue to do daily. You all are rockstars! ❤”

–EPG 5/2/2017

Email from a private client migraineur after 2 meetings:

“Hi Angela,

Just wanted to let you know I have been migraine free for nearly 6 weeks now! Following the protocol and have given up the chocolate and gone sugar free. I  love the facebook page for support and advice and ideas and recipes. I feel so happy in myself it is like a miracle and I just wanted to say a huge thank you! All my family and friends are commenting about how well I look! I was at rock bottom when I read your book and I can’t believe the change between now and then, just not having the fear of the next migraine is almost as good as not suffering the pain of one. Please don’t stop your work, if everyone followed your protocol I am sure they would all be cured and there would not be the need for so many dangerous meds to be prescribed.

In Grateful Thanks”

–SM 4/27/2017

With the help of a very caring boyfriend everything is possible:

Good Morning everyone…I am feeling much better, thank you all so much for the help. I kept doing salt and water b/c I knew I wasn’t hydrated…and I also ate a little bit of dinner, all that I could get down (chicken thigh, quinoa, steamed veggies [broccoli, carrots, cauliflower]). I definitely did not eat enough yesterday or hydrate enough 😦 …after breakfast I snacked on mixed nuts and blackberries/raspberries the entire day, up until I saw the aura and the migraine came…I just wasn’t hungry. So, I totally screwed myself up. But I’m thankful for you guys and [my boyfriend], I told him “I need you to log into my FB, go to the Migraine Sufferers Group, and say this….” lol He’s such a huge support, he usually feels helpless when I have migraines b/c nothing ever works. Last night, I did not take any meds (prescribed or OTC), although, at one point, I almost gave up and was going to tell him to just take me to the ER….but I just held on a little longer. I had nausea but did not vomit…the aura took away my vision for about an hour and the pain was very uncomfortable but bearable. This was the first time I’ve implemented the Protocol while having a full-blown migraine…and it works. So I sincerely thank you all again”

–WDS 4/17/2017

When nothing helps:

“I’ve tried writing about my migraine life several times, but it was so depressing I had to stop. However since it’s important to others, I will give a brief testimony of what I’ve been through pre-protocol. Migraines started after a hysterectomy at age 31, debilitating my life with 3 young children. I’ve been put on almost every drug known, but to no avail. I even went to a Chinese medicine practitioner who put me on a high sugar diet, to reduce the “acid” that was supposedly causing them! For almost 20 years they slowly got worse and more constant. And the last few years I was having aura migraines that left me dazed and confused for several weeks at a time… and no doctors could help me.

I always felt there was a cause which could be controlled naturally, so I constantly searched the internet and finally found Angela Stanton and her amazing protocol. Desperately, I followed the strict rules and found some relief. I slipped often, only to regret the consequences. I didn’t believe it could happen, but a few weeks into protocol I started feeling better and stuck with it through the encouragement of her Facebook group. As a result, after less than a year my brain has healed tremendously. I can go places, spend time with my grandchildren and do things that normal people do without fear. Now I only get migraines through my own fault of “cheating”. I know this is a lifetime venture and I will stick with it. And I find it funny that my friends can’t believe that I don’t want sugar anymore, the worst culprit ever. I just smile with satisfaction and know I’m doing the right thing. Angela is a life saver. I truly thank her, her FB administrators and the support of the group!”

–JP 4/13/2017

Migraine management under extreme high stress:

“I have been following the protocol and then keto mild for almost 2 years. I am so thankful for Angela and the Admins and the 2 groups. I had a very stressful week, my mom who is 79 had a total hip replacement. My dad is 88 and has Parkinson’s. I’ve been staying with him and taking him back and forth to see my mom. I’ve managed to stick to my diet and no migraine. This would not have been the case without Angela. I think I even have my dad convinced that this keto diet is a good thing for me!! 😄”

–KCL 4/12/2017

Camping with kids:

I am back at butlins Skegness for a children’s activity week with my monsters. But…… Have to share…. This time last year I had just had my second lot of Botox and I was sooo poorly, I took my children to their clubs and on a very sunny day when I could have had some ‘me’ time at the beach I went back to bed in pain, I was hurting and miserable, I spent three days like that and went swimming/played games etc with the girls hurting. 12 months later I am back here at Skegness, no migraine, awake at seven, sun is out and I am going for a walk on the beach when the girls are in their club, feel soooo different!…..I am not there yet, find it tricky to continuously balance my foods but wow I am sticking with this, I have my life back, I am so much better than this time last year, I was really at the end of myself and so sad. Yay for Angela Stanton. Next goal is to really reduce my medication, slowly I am getting there 🙏👍xx”

–SJW 4/11/2017

Flying long distance and enjoying a busy, noisy city:

“Just returned from a trip to NY, following Protocol flying guidelines NO MIGRAINE. That is actually a miracle for me. My husband just said to me can you believe we have flown long haul and we are home and you have been migraine free. I said ‘yes, that is actually becoming my normal. Feeling empowered and very happy. With a little negotiation all the restaurants we visited made me protocol friendly food, even though they thought me a little strange. Thank you Angela Stanton and Kristin Elizabeth Ingram and Terri Haas Corley you have saved me. Xxxx”

–BR 4/10/2017

Returning to life

“When I started this group I was so incredibly sick and had no clue what to do. I could barely work and spend time with my family. Thanks to Angela and all the supportive members of this group I have my life back. I’m off the Wellbutrin that I had been on for 14 years. I am taking no prescriptions at all. I even forgot the name of the migraine meds because I haven’t taken them in over a year. I love that I know how to listen to body and take better care of it. I did sprints yesterday followed by a six-mile walk. Two years [ago] I could not climb the stairs to my apartment because I was too weak. It has been a long journey but I feel great and wish it for everyone.”

–SM 4/9/2017

A member of 1 month in the Fb migraine group in response to previously posted comment:

“Wow! … your story just gave me goosebumps!
I started almost one month ago. I was taking 100 mg of Imitrex almost daily and felt guilty. I would run out of my prescription and be in a panic. My doctor started giving me 18 pills a month and I was constantly scared. I tried so many things and finally found this group. I went keto (because I did it before with some success- though I was doing it wrong I’ve learned) and I’ve stopped three migraines, two with salt and one with potassium. My Imitrex was touched early on but now it’s collecting dust.
I am happier. I’m a better mom and wife. I’m more productive at work because I’m not in pain all the time. I’ve made some BIG mistakes but like you, I haven’t cheated. Not even tempted. Feeling well tastes better than any food.
I’m getting my life back and doing it naturally.
I can’t tell you how much I admire Angela. I’m still a little in disbelief. This group will tell you that I freak out every time I avoid a migraine. They are used to it. It’s still an incredible surprise for me.
Happy Saturday and happy lifetime ahead, without pain!!!”

–CM 4/1/2017

Greeting a new member in the FB migraine group.

“I started in January with daily migraines (bedridden) after having them since I was a child (45+ years). That night, with my daily salt and water before bed was a 50% reduction in pain nearly immediately. I also follow the protocol without cheating. I’ve made mistakes, that will happen, but every day gets better and better by following protocol. Now, after almost 3 months, my debilitating migraines are a level 1 or 2 most days. I know how hard it is to be young and face a life ahead with that pain every day. But I can tell you if you follow the protocol it’s a miracle. It IS the hope you are looking for. Read the files, read the book, go through all old posts to see how we are all managing – our good times and the mistakes. You will learn a lot. I am so hopeful for you!”

–LWP 4/1/2017

At the neurologist for a follow-up:

“So I just had my follow up with my neurologist. The last time I saw him was in Nov for my 2nd dose of Botox. He ask me how I was doing and I said GREAT!! He was like, “excellent, so the Botox is working!” I said no it didn’t work at all, he looks over his glasses. I told him how I ended up with a 32 day migraine a month and a half after my last injection, how I started researching a ketogenic diet and came across Angela Stanton and all she has found out with her research. I showed him an excerpt from her book. I explained the protocol, his 1st comment, “oh god I couldn’t eat that way ” he also states he suffers from migraines, I almost said well I guess your migraines aren’t that bad. But I held my tongue. I continued to explained the sodium and potassium balance , the low carb, high fat and he just kept this smile on his face that looked like he was sitting in front of someone a little nutty. And I just kept talking. Finally he said well thank you for telling me this, I’ll be sure to pass along to some if my patients ( he wrote down nothing ) he stated that he believes it’s still the Botox working, I guess he missed the part where I told him I had a 32 day migraine after the Botox , geez! Anyways I said well you’ll know when you don’t see me again and I gave him a big smile! I plan on sending him a nice little note in 6 months telling him I’m still migraine free and it had nothing to do with the Botox or the nasty medications they have fed me for 7 years. I look forward to that letter 

–LM 3/27/2017

A dentist for a migraineur for whom anesthetics or injections don’t work:

“Related and kind of unrelated, but still have to share. Have been dental phobic to the extreme since a child. Anesthesia doesn’t work on me well, have had the EMTs called when I have had a horrible reaction to drugs while in a dental chair, have had to use my EpiPen with other reactions, have had dentists not listen to me and just think I am a nut case, always bring my husband with me to advocate that I am not, etc etc. …. not to mention I hate the noise and pain and strangers in my body space like that. I used to be toast for days after just a cleaning, with a guaranteed migraine. Can’t even think of how I was after major procedures. Fast forward to now, seven months in to protocol, and had a dental cleaning appointment yesterday. Took salt before. Still had hubby come with me. But I was pretty darn calm. And able to coherently advocate for myself when needed. Got through the cleaning and had milk and cream after for some energy. Felt a bit off still so took some salt. I was doing it all. … not sure what was going to work but happy I wasn’t in literally a comatose state as usual. Was able to walk up to the check out counter, have a conversation, pay while knowing how much I was writing the check for, and schedule my next appointment. And the best, hubby took me to lunch afterwards. We had a delightful time and I kept thinking: “was I really just at the dentist?!” And even better than that, I went to Costco after lunch, had a good family evening, and woke up this morning feeling awesome. We are going to live theater today about two hours from our house, and I am happy, calm, and migraine free. An experience like this (dare I say awesome) dental experience and a big day the day after never would have happened before finding Angela Stanton‘s protocol. It’s not just the migraines that improve …. it’s so many, many things in life!!!!! I will never take that for granted!”

–KW 3/25/2017

How to be an athlete with migraines?

“The problem:

I’m playing in an intense soccer tournament. 2 full days of sprinting. Before this group, I would just expect to spiral into full blown nausea, vomiting, and migraine and say farewell to my family. But I’m determined to stave it off this time. Ive read some older posts that recommend milk and salt and water pre and post workout, but will this sustain a long weekend of high intensity exercise?

The Outcome:

I followed your suggestion Angela: Protein loaded. Salt water during each match, followed by milk post match, then protein and fat for lunch. The results: nothing short of miraculous. I had zero nausea, zero headache, zero migraine. The following morning, I had some looming nausea and headache, so I followed the same plan during my next matches, but added gel at the end as you suggested and was completely pain free. I’m so excited. So shocked and feel like I can at least be anxiety free going into intense workouts. I have a plan now!”

–3/18/2017 NO

The importance of taking baby steps in recovery:

“Several years of having daily migraines, from 4 Up to 10. Unable to find the pattern. I have tried every treatment that different neurologists told me to. There were awful periods of non stopping pain. Like this past January, But I found this group, and I can’t thank you enough. Still trying to figure out everything, But trying every day sticking to baselines.. for first time in years, I have pain free days. And when It comes, It is a level 1 or 2. Learning how to balance. But I am getting there. Thank you Angela Stanton and each one Who make this group a gem. Love from Perú”

–LZ 2/20/2017

In talking about having hemiplegic migraines in the FB migraine group:

“I too have slowing on the left side (left temporal slowing), also migraines. Since I have been following Angela’s [Stanton Migraine Protocol®] a little over a year, my migraine activity has diminished from 25 days of the month sick, basically bedridden for 2-3 years, to almost zero migraine ever. I am able to plug back into life again, it’s incredible!

I have also noticed that seizure activity is way down & far attenuated from how it once was. Some people have both migraine & seizures. I have seen this called “migralepsy.”

I’m so sorry for your daughter, but how lucky for her to catch this early in life. The good news is, the brain has great plasticity & CAN actually heal. I can’t believe how good I feel with just one year on the protocol. And I’m 61, with seizures since age 14!

Again, thank you to Dr. Angela!! So your daughter CAN & will improve over time, with the protocol. So glad she & the baby are safe 🙏🏾I send you & your family good thoughts 🌻

I should also mention that during this healing year, I did three months on Ketogenic Diet. That REALLY pushed things forward for me, then I went back to what I currently follow, Stanton Migraine Protocol/LCHF. Seizures (as well as migraine) responded very well to Keto, everything significantly diminished, and the improvements have held 8-9 months later, on a less restrictive plan.”

–FC 2/11/2017

“Angela Stanton, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have now been following protocol to the best of my understanding for about 8 weeks. I immediately felt a reduction in severity and frequency of my migraines. However, over the past 2 weeks I have started feeling like a new person. My energy and focus are amazing. I feel like my 25-year-old self. I have also lost 9 pounds. I assume some of that was water retention. Nonetheless, my immunologist was very impressed. He told me that he and his 94-year-old mother eat a ketogenic diet to stay young and healthy. Although, I am not keto intentionally, he stated that what I have been eating is very close. I just can’t thank you enough.”

–TM 2/8/2017

“Followed the travel protocol for the first time … and thank you Angela Stanton! Best cross country flight ever!!!! Up early, delayed flight, there hour time change, and life is still good!!!!”

–KW 1/23/2017

A testimonial that is different from any you have ever seen or read! In my migraine group on Facebook yesterday:

“So as I’m coming up to being part of the protocol for 1 year, I am reflecting on what has changed in my life- the gifts I’ve been given due to Angela Stantons determination, insight, and knowledge she has shared with Migraineurs everywhere. Ironically, I’ve experienced more pain for the longest amount of time in a year this week. I honestly laid in bed last night and seriously considered taking a Triptan because the pain was really getting to me. I thought, if I wake up in the morning and it doesn’t start to break with my morning salt and a strong cup of coffee, I might have to. This would’ve been a big deal because I haven’t taken a Triptan since 2 weeks into the protocol- so again almost a year!
Thankfully, 20 min ago the gripping pain let go. This bout of pain that I haven’t felt in so long- which was not even close to what I experienced daily before finding the protocol, reminded me of how far I’ve come. I had symptoms I had forgotten I ever had. They just quietly disappeared over the course of the year.
For those just starting, confused, and intimidated- be patient. I am not a follow the rules kind of girl. I want plenty of freedom. However, I do better with structure and set boundaries. Many times I thought I could alter Angela’s protocol a little, or I thought why does she have to be so “intense” about it? Then I realized, duh, this is her research! If we don’t follow the rules, there is no control in the experiment! It also doesn’t work if you make it up as you go along.
Since January of last year, I have come off of Zonegran, Propanolol, Nortriptalin, all “supplements” for migraines, and all the various Triptans. I no longer visit a chiropractor twice a week if at all and no more expensive visits with the naturopath. I am healing. Because of Angela and her work I enjoy most days and can do most things. The sun is not my enemy nor the moon, I am not at the mercy of the weather , I can eat bacon, go to a concert,refinish furniture- mainly all the things that would attack my sense of smell, sight, etc. It is truly amazing. Thank you Angela!
I wish healing and happiness to all Migraineurs who want to be cured It is possible.”

–AF 1/18/2017

“Thanks to Angela and this group, this week it is 6 months since I have had an aura migraine, prior to getting one every 4 weeks or so. Such a great feeling, having control, being able to plan ahead without fear. Just can’t understand why this is not being recognised as best practice for migraine sufferers, it needs to be and will be one day for sure but scary how much resistance there is.”

–FH 1/16/2017

“Meeting Dr Angela Stanton and joining her facebook group “Migraine Suffers who want to be cured” has been life changing for our family, most importantly our daughter. Jessica had her first migraine at age 10 by her junior year in high school we averaged over $15K a year in doctors, treatments and medicines, none of which worked. It was decided by her team of doctors (neurologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, osteopath etc…..) she needed to be removed from school to heal. Jessica did not respond to medicine and never did heal, after 3 weeks back in class it was decided Jessica would finish high school in a Hospital Home Bound program ( two years) due to the high doses of preventive medicines, daily chronic migraines (100 days + at times) multitude of triggers (lights, foods, smells) loss of memory, inability to speak at times, severe stomach and neck pain and difficulty with balance etc…At age 17 her neurologist told us since she doesn’t respond to medicine (lets increase doses and enter new drug trials) and we can’t break the cycle (can’t go over 48 hours without a migraine) she might just have to live with this till age 55 when possible hormones would change. I was desperate to continue to find help and fell upon Angela in a migraine group. I reached out to Angela on January 4th, 2015 to discuss my daughters daily migraines of five years. She knew exactly what was wrong and with her guidance we experienced immediate results. It took over four months to slowly reduce the preventive medicines and a great deal of coaching through the pain to not take an emergency relief cocktail of drugs. Fast forward from two years ago yesterday. Jessica is a sophomore in a top university in Washington DC fulfilling her dreams and goals. She finished an internship last summer promoted by American Association of People with Disabilities and has learned to embrace her disability. As a young person reducing carbs and cutting sugar has been difficult so it has not been a perfect stop of migraines but it is a daily decision she makes. So yes, even though there will never be a cure for her daily migraines she can make a decision everyday if she chooses to have a migraine.”

–LRM 1/5/2017

“I have had migraines literally from the time I was learning to tie my shoes until a couple of years ago. At that point I was chronic with pain nearly every day. I had tried all of the classic diet changes, trigger removals, sleep positions, and more supplements than any person should ever take. I’ve joked that I would have eaten my shoe if that would have helped. I was about out of options when I heard of an approach that was based on the actual science of migraine. As an engineer that got my attention and so I bought the book, joined the group, and began learning about the cause and the solution. I had immediate improvement in my migraine situation such that I used Triptans only 2 times from that point forward, and both when I was on travel and unable to manage my diet as I needed to do. I’ve not touched meds at all in over a year, and now I go to bed each night knowing that I will wake up the next morning with no issues whatsoever. I also know that I will always be a migraineur … there is a genetic basis for what happens to us … but I now know how to manage this. The other big benefit is that all of my health indicators have turned dramatically for the better, and that resulted from reducing the carbohydrate that was throwing off my electrolytes so badly, which in turn leads to migraine. Angela Stanton has figured this thing out, and has given life back to so many who are genuinely interested in doing whatever they can to address their migraine condition.  I’m 55 now, retired, and am living the pain-free life I used to dream about with no expectation of ever achieving it.  Angela’s hard work has truly been a miracle for me!”

–KEI 1/4/2017

“Sharing my success. My migraines reduced again in 2016. Slowly but surely getting there. I must say that I have migraines since I have memory, maybe 3-5 years old. And now I am 44. It takes long time to heal, but the last few months I feel full of energy again. Thanks to Angela Stanton, and everybody in the group 🙂 Happy New Year to everybody! Looking forward to posting my first migraine free month.

BG Migraine Calendar
BG Migraine Calendar

Thanks to Angela Stanton, and everybody in the group 🙂 Happy New Year to everybody! Looking forward to posting my first migraine free month.

–BG 1/3/2017

“Whilst I have years of migraines I am now fifty and they started when I was 13, got to daily migraines, tried all alternatives, loads of preventatives, including Botox, Triptans to point of 24+ a month, I am a different person and have my life back, it is New Year’s Day, I went to bed at three am after a fun night of dancing at a friends party, I stuck to water, dates, crisps etc, salt before bed, I have been up since eight and tidied my daughters Christmas bedroom, sitting down now with my hot milk and will take my dog for a walk while everyone is still sleeping. I am not there yet and still take Triptans sometimes, but I am soooo happy, I have my life back, my children have their mum back, my husband has his wife back. It’s a different journey for all of us. Thank you Angela Stanton and admins. Happy 2017 👍😀” 

–SJW 1/1/2017

“My dad and I have been suffering for years with migraines – since I was 4 and for my dad, I can’t remember a time in my life where he didn’t have them. Bedridden, agonizing, excrutiating pain no one around us really understands. We always have had a bond from the pain and suffering from our migraines. We’ve tried medicines, suggestions, anything to alleviate our migraines. We check on each other on how our migraines have been and whatnot. (Let me preempt my story too by saying my dad is a very, very stubborn and set man when it comes to anything he’s decided on.) He hates hospitals, doctors and any new “idea” about how to get rid of migraines because they haven’t worked for him. So last week, my dad came down to visit and he was supposed to come over for dinner two days ago but phoned me and said he was feeling a migraine coming on. I briefly told him of this group and told him how I’d been slowly upping my water intake and how I haven’t had a real debilitating migraine for a bit. I told him he needed to start drinking more water during his up times to prevent dehydration but for the meantime to slowly drink a glass of milk and put a pinch of ionized salt under his tongue. He said he’d try it and hung up. (I totally didn’t think he would but was saying it to placate me.) I called him today to check on him since his migraines usually last two days and he told me he started drinking more water during the day and tried the milk and salt like I suggested. He said he had to take a few Excedrin migraine (which usually never work) and briefly fell asleep. When he woke up a few short hours later, he said his migraine was gone. I was so surprised he tried what I suggested I was a temporary mute! I started in on the regimen protocol with less carbs/sugar and he laughed. (I guess I got over enthusiastic about it.) I told him I was proud of him and that I’d start slow with him. But I just wanted to say how grateful I am for having found this group. It is truly a life changer. 😊”

–ME 12/31/2016

“Another holiday/travel anecdote: I just spent 4 days in San Antonio migraine-free after flying from New York. Despite airplane and change in temp/humidity (normally big triggers for me) and having a non-protocol friendly xmas dinner the night before at my parents’ house, I was able to fight off signs of a migraine on the plane [going] there and was completely pain free for the rest of the trip, including flight back. Unfortunately, my mom had a 3-day long “headache” — which to me sounded like it might be a migraine. I finally convinced her to do the salt test on day 3 and ten minutes later (after complaining about how gross raw salt was) she raved “WOW!! The pressure in my head is totally alleviated!!!” She could not believe how salt could help when Advil didn’t. She had more salt again later in the day when the pain started to come back and same result!! She was thrilled. And I am so happy I was able to enjoy my trip and be active!! I intentionally booked a separate room in anticipation of needing a quiet space in case of migraine and I am sooo thrilled that I didn’t need to use it. I am so so grateful for the Stanton Migraine Protocol!!! I am hopeful for even more success in 2017.”

–EB  12/30/2016

“…thank you VERY MUCH Angela Stanton for the best Christmas gift I have ever had. I am currently 197 days migraine free, which will be 201 days by 25 December – providing I can continue to follow the protocol and avoid temptation. Having had at least monthly migraines since I was 11, this gift of a clear head at all times is spectacular…”

–SY 12/20/2016

“I feel like I can post this today and not jinx myself, as I am out of my usual migraine window. Thank you Angela Stanton and every single member that has answered my questions in the past two months since I joined this group. I joined, two months ago, in post migraine haze, after having regular monthly migraines for 29 months, and off and on migraines since I was 19. I was losing a week every month for the past 2 1/2 years. Four days to actual migraine, two days on either end, before and after. This month, month 30 of this terrible stretch, I HAD NO MONTHLY MIGRAINE! (!!!) Happy tears of joy. I kept waiting for it to happen. I scheduled, as I usually do, my life around the possibility. My family kept checking in with me. But I stuck to protocol, as it’s way more important to me to have a pain free brain than it is to put anything not protocol friendly in my mouth, and no migraine. My life is back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

–KW 12/18/2016

“I have been on the protocol for over a year and a half. My oldest daughter graduated college last year at this time. I managed to make it through the day without a migraine, but with the emotion and stress of the day it was very much on my mind that it would rear it’s ugly head. Fast forward a year later my second daughter is graduating college and although it did cross my mind that I may get a migraine this morning, it was a fleeting thought, and I focused on what I need to do for the day. Thank you Angela for making my life, and the lives of countless others, so much better. There is so much gratitude in my heart today.”

–LJD 12/17/2016

Thank you Angela Stanton & members [of the migraine group] who have helped me over the last year and a half.
I do my best to stay on protocol, because it works.
It works!!!
Not an easy task at times.

Even with the stress of 4 teenagers – one with medical & physical issues all with dyslexia.

I sat through their lighted nighttime Christmas parade for our town. No migraine!!!!!!
No migraine from the flashing lights. No migraine from too many people. No migraine despite my limbs being chilled. No migraine despite being thirsty for water.
I had this little thought that I’d be sick waking up this morning. Nope!
Protocol provided this mom a moment to enjoy my kids before they all take off on their own in a few years and a migraine free day following  
Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🎄

–CMB 12/11/2016

Have to publicly thank Angela Stanton … this [Stanton Migraine Protocol®] is life changing! Joined two months ago, not perfect, but changes are happening that are benefiting my life in many ways. Thanks! Awesome example: husband looooves going to jazz clubs. I haven’t been able to go in years, despite also loving jazz music. Well, guess what? We went last night, and I am migraine free! Not even a little headache! This was no small feat on a Friday: we live 90 minutes south of the jazz club we like, and 90 minutes only in good traffic. On a Friday, after a storm that gave us lots of snow for our area, which combined with Friday rush hour is a disaster, we left four hours early. Had my multiple water bottles, had salt, had nuts and cheese, had milk and cream. Got there just in time, and I still felt good despite hours in car. I had a delightful salmon and zucchini dinner (asked for extra butter!), drank hot water during the night (winter here and cooold for me!), and enjoyed, truly enjoyed the music! No smoking there – thankfully. Not one head twinge ever through the show. Small club, super loud, intense, upbeat jazz music with a never ending beat. And My. Head. Was. Awesome! Seriously miraculous! Driving home after, I kept telling my husband how good I felt, as I drank my milk and cream. Thank you Angela for giving me my life back. So, so appreciative!!

–KW 12/10/2016

I just wanted to share that I successfully completed my first 90 minute yoga session! 😁

This is my first attempt in 2 years and it feels so good! I must say I feel like a beginner and in a sense I am, given the long hiatus/detour that was taken due to chronic migraines.

Little by little, step by step I’m regaining my life and my physical strength! I started protocol in July and have seen and felt immense improvements!

I’m feeling blessed and thankful today and I wanted to share my achievement with you all!

If I hadn’t found the Stanton Migraine Protocol I’d be in the same place of daily chronic migraine.

It feels so amazing to be getting my life back!

–ARD 11-16-2016

I wanted to share this testimonial since it is so funny of a testimonial that it got me laughing so hard that I laughed myself off the chair. With permission from the migraineur who posted this, I am sharing:

“Sometimes I just want to thank Angela Stanton. We are in the process of moving and down to the last day. I have literally thought about her at least 5x a day in the last two weeks as I use oven cleaner, scrub tile with a toothbrush and bleach, paint walls and windex Windows. Why you ask? Because I haven’t had a hint of a migraine! I’ve been around enough toxic fumes and chemicals that would have laid me out before. Typically I stick to vinegar and dawn soap but the heavy artillery is sometimes necessary😻 I’ve even painted ceilings with my head tilted backward at an awkward angle. Two of our contractors get migraines and I gave them milk and referred them to the [Stanton Migraine] protocol. They say moving is the most emotionally debilitating event rating second after a death. So…the full moon, my period, the stress, the paint fumes, the seriously increased level of activity and the emotions tied to all the crap I haven’t had time to sort through [because] of 5 years of chronic migraines has not brought me down! I’m simply tired….and that is normal!!!! Eternally grateful to Dr. Angela Stanton
–AF 10/1/2016

Started to reverse order at this point. Anything below this is latest on the bottom, and everything above this is latest on the top.

Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: A Complete Guide
Fighting the Migraine Epidemic: A Complete Guide

Angela A Stanton, Ph.D.

“I told [my PCP] all about Dr Stanton’s protocol. He could not believe I was off my topamax, botox and zomig. I explained that I went from 25 migraines per month to an occasional [one] which unfortunately was really bad only because I gambled with carbs. I could tell by his facial expression that he thought it was crazy when I mentioned [the Stanton Migraine ProtocolTM]. After I explained, he said he was very interested in this. I said that I know this is against everything he probably learned in med school but sugar is the enemy, not salt… He said that the proof was in the fact that undeniably, its working. He wrote down the name of the book. And he typed on his laptop on my chart “to continue Stanton Migraine Protocol… therapy”.

Next, the nurse who came in was so intrigued and asked for the name of the book because she had been struggling all day with a migraine.

Tonight, I’m exhausted from last nights migraine attack. Today was strict baseline of eggs, peanuts, milk, scaps. Absolutely no simple carbs! Lesson learned. I do have a very high tolerance for carbs but I am not invincible! Lesson learned the hard way.”


Went to the University of Chicago yesterday because my dad has been bugging me to see their neurologist forever. GUESS WHAT HE SAID?! “Stop taking paid meds and increase salt/water intake and also spend at least 30 minutes outside every day.” I couldn’t believe it. My jaw almost dropped. The first and only medical doctor I’ve ever seen that suggested something that goes along with the protocol. He did prescribe me abortives that I’m supposed to take before it rains and before my period but he said overtime once I become more hydrated and build my strength up that I probably won’t need those either. SO EXCITED I COULD CRY.


Wanted to share something. I’ve had medication induced hyper tension for many years. I was put on a low presser (can’t remember the name) at age 18, propranolol around age 30, for my migraines. Started off innocently enough, 10 mg daily. My last increase was 80 mg, four times daily. I have been on more bp meds than my dad, who has had 5 heart attacks, quadruple bipass, and too many stents to count, even in his legs. I’ve been in this group less than a week, and trying to push fluids, and keep my electrolytes balanced. (I ordered the paper back book, but it’s yet to arrive) so I’m doing my best.

As of yesterday, I’ve not had a full blown migraine in almost a week, I’ve lost 10 pounds, and my blood pressure went from an average 174/132, down to 122/62. I’d not had meds in 11 hours, in case my doc wanted blood work. After telling her of Dr. Stanton’s protocol, she became very interested. On another nice note, I have to take my bp tid X 30d, and bid, X 4 weeks, and if mybp stays down, she’ll reduce my meds!! Yeehaw!! Thanks Angela!!


I had migraines for nine years, but now, as I follow the Stanton Migraine Protocol, the migraines are completely under control.
I started getting infrequent migraines after chemotherapy. Three years ago, they became very severe and lasted three days. I had all the usual symptoms of migraine, but they even affected my body’s temperature control and I would shiver uncontrollably under three thick blankets on a very hot day. A very high temperature soon followed. My legs were so weak that my son would have to help me down the stairs at work to go home. I went on sick leave, and took to my bed for at least three days a week.
A doctor sent me for an MRI and lots of other tests, which all came out negative. I was put on an anti-depressant as a preventative and it did help to reduce the frequency and the chills and fever stopped. However, I was still bed-bound for three days out of twenty-one, and hated the side affects. It has severely affected my memory even eight months after stopping, so I don’t recommend anyone to go that route.
Ten months ago, I was searching for more migraine groups on Facebook and came across Dr Angela Stanton’s group and her book. It was the best thing that had happened for a long time. I joined the group and Dr Angela asked me answer some questions about my health and diet. She spent a lot of time assessing and guiding me. I cut out all sugar and the tea I had been addicted to. It wasn’t easy, but has been well worth it. I followed the Stanton Protocol and started feeling better. Angela Stanton was there for me with advice whenever I asked her or had any concerns. I tapered off the anti-depressants slowly and became migraine free after a couple more months. It’s like a miracle to feel well and be able to work and socialize again.
I’ve got my life back due to Angela Stanton! She has shared her time, knowledge and brilliance with great kindness and I’ll never be able to thank her enough.


Dear Dr. Stanton,

I ordered your book and just finished it this past weekend.

Within the first 20 pages of your book, I had to put the book down twice because I was crying that finally someone understood me. I felt like you were describing me, either that or you and I are somehow related!

I am a 47-year-old, mother of two, married for 27 years, college-educated woman who has been suffering with migraines for as long as I can remember, though the last 10 years they have become quite debilitating. So many points you made in your book hit home for me that I never connected with having a “migraine brain.”

Like you describe, I too am very hypersensitive when it comes to sounds, smell, etc. In addition, I have always had very low blood pressure. I normally run in the 90s/60s. Though I have never been diagnosed with RLS, I do have certain times that I exhibit those symptoms. I am definitely going to be mindful now to see if this correlates with a migraine (though I am hopeful my migraines will be becoming a thing of the past).

I had a complete hysterectomy at age 35. At that time, I was put on hormone replacement therapy which I am still on. I tried weaning off this a few months ago but I ended up with terrible hot flashes and was not sleeping at all. At the same time, my migraines became even more intense and more frequent. (I have kept a log of my migraines since February of this year and generally have about 9 migraines per month.) So, I am back on estradiol 1 mg every day and the hot flashes are gone and I am sleeping great. The first week I went back on the HRT, I did not have any migraines but, of course, they came back. After reading your book, I realize that the migraines were most likely due to the stress of what my body was going through, not the hormones themselves. This was an ah-ha moment for me!

Another ah-ha moment for me was how severely dehydrated I have been my whole life. I would not drink as much as I should because I literally would have to go to the bathroom just about every 20 minutes. Of course, I have been eating all wrong so the water just ran through me. Let me just add that I love salt! However, my husband was diagnosed with hypertension years ago and so I have cut down on my salt over the years since he could not have it (coincidentally about the same amount of time that my migraines have gotten worse and more frequent), ah-ha!

So, I attempted your protocol Saturday (before finishing the book) which I completely messed up (eating a banana for breakfast without anything else) and ended up in bed all day with a migraine. Finished your book Saturday night and attempted again on Sunday. On Sunday, I started hydrating and eating my salt again. I actually woke up this morning [Monday] feeling better than I have in YEARS! I have had more energy today than I can remember. I know this is just day #1, and I am sure my diet needs work, but I can’t even describe how great I feel today. When I woke up this morning with no head pain, no nausea, no heavy feeling in my head……it is a miracle! In the past 48 hours since starting your protocol of hydrating and not just drinking, for the first time in over a year I actually did not have diarrhea or a very loose bowel movement this morning. This was surprising to me because one would think with the amount of fluids I have consumed in the past 48 hours, I would actually have a loose bowel movement. However, because the fluid now has something to cling to with the appropriate elements being consumed, the changes in my body function are already become apparent! AH-HA!!!

My son told me today that I look different, that my face was different. I saw it too, my skin looked fantastic! THIS IS DAY #1!

I am already weaning off the Topamax. This drug has been sucking the life out of me for the past 3 years. I am so excited to be medication free!

I can’t begin to thank you enough for your work. I believe that your protocol is going to change my life. When I think of all the family events I have missed, all the sick days I have had, and what my family has seen me through, I can’t even believe this might be over. I already am feeling so much better than I did even days ago and it is because of your work. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. I have been in the medical field for over 25 years and have seen firsthand patients who are shuffled in and out of exam rooms, given a pill, and sent on their way. This is not the way I ever wanted to live. I am so excited for my future and am happy to help you in your work in any way I can. In the meantime, I will be spreading the word about your wonderful book.

God bless you and thank you again so very much,

I am now 5 weeks migraine free AND no vertigo!! My husband and 17 year old son, now watch what I eat (LOL) and help me maintain my food. My 17 year is so impressed with the changes in me that he is writing his debate speech on “Big Pharma” and the negatives of prescription drugs. One of my prescriptions was $4300 (No that is not a typo)- which is what started my search for something better/different.

I have stopped apologizing for my “special” orders at restaurants and I take my own food to dinner invites.

We stood at Panera for 15 minutes the other day waiting for the poor kid behind the counter to look for the book, so I could look up nutritional info on the soups. I don’t care and was not going to apologize. Just a side note: Their squash soup and tomato soup both have a lot of sugar!!

It is crazy to me that this has affected my son so much so that he writing his debate speech about pharmaceutical companies!

Thank you Angela A Stanton PhD!!


After less than one month on Angela’s protocol, I was able to stop 6 years of propranol use, 80 mgs, t i d.. I was on more blood pressure meds, than my dad, who has had 5 heart attacks, a quad bi-pass, and triple stents. I’d lost about 10 lbs as well. My only problem was too much sodium in my blood work, and I’ve learned to reduce when necessary, and push more water, to equal balance. This protocol works, if given the opportunity. Once someone has had enough pain, and is ready to put forth a little effort when saying that they’ll “do anything to make the pain stop”, well it’s simple. Follow the protocol. Paleo diet just doesn’t allow for certain dietary needs for our brains. We need more of one, less of another. I’ll stick with Angela, any day!


Here’s another success story … This time a year ago I was suffering through daily migraine pain … literally every day. I read the book about this time last year and joined the group a couple weeks later. From December to present I’ve touched triptans only once, and can now control my migraine activity with relative ease. I still get out of balance from time to time, but those excursions are due to my own choices … I’m human after all … but I am no longer simply a victim of of uncontrolled chronic pain. 🙂


Today is the day I officially uninstalled migraine buddy off my phone. Why? Because I don’t get migraines anymore! I have nothing to report. Hooray! So for anyone new to the group, do this. It works. 😉


We are in flight…on our way back to Las Vegas…this time with my sister joining us.  I remember at the end of this past March when we came to Vegas and I had just discovered you and the protocol….. I had a pretty successful vacation but still had daily twinges of migraine.  Today….. I am returning completely free of the head pain!  It is so wonderful…you will never know how much you have changed my life.

— Marge Kelly Moriarty

Hi Dr. Angela – I just wanted to report that my tachycardia and palpitations have been GREATLY reduced by taking magnesium taurate as you suggested! I’m down to 12.5mg of amitriptyline with zero negative effects. I’m holding off on the beta blocker until I’m clear of the amitriptyline. I printed out what you’d written for my Dr. and he was very open and grateful for the info. He even asked for the name of your fb page so he can direct his migraine patients to it! I was floored! He has no problem giving me Toprol instead of propranolol, should I need it. He’s still convinced that once I’m off the Elavil, my heart will settle 100%. In case no one has told you today, you are SO deeply appreciated! ❤


So, went to visit my doctor today. Having bp issues totally UNRELATED TO PROTOCOL… My doctor has seen me through years and years of migraines and ER visits, not to mention so many meds, “there is nothing more to try”.

Well.. She is totally blown away by my progress and is going to seek this group out (she gets migraines also). She said to me “Don’t change a thing”!!!

I am proof that this works. Yes, there will be days we slip and days where perhaps the weather gets the best of us, but don’t give up or doubt this protocol for a minute. THIS WORKS! Be patient and listen to what you’re told and what your body says. Sacrifices have to be made, but well worth it in the end. Anything is better than a migraine.

Thank you, Angela and all the admins for all your hard work and listening to questions, sometimes over and over again. You are all amazing. Thank you.


Such a gratifying day! I told my neurologist today that I was breaking up with him because I do not get migraines anymore. (Down from 25 per month). He was very intrigued. I gave him a paper with Dr Stanton’s book name, fb group, website, and link to recently published article. He immediately brought it up on his laptop. He was skeptical thinking that perhaps hydration alone (cutting out diet soda) was the main reason my migraines stopped. I politely disagreed and explained further about electrolytes and balance, etc. He was then concerned I was getting too much potassium from food and what is in the S!CAPS. After I explained further and he was reading Angela’s website quickly, he said he loved it. He said he WILL read it and will recommend it to others. He has patients everyday asking for non-drug therapy. He said he will recommend this as an option and use my example as a success story. I told him that I’m sorry we were breaking up (lol) but I appreciate everything he tried to help my migraines over the years. I gave him the name of this fb group and I told he was welcome to join and learn more. Thank you again Dr. Angela. I never thought I would ever be so happy about a break up.


I hadn’t had a migraine or even hardly a niggle of a migraine for four months before the bacterial infection that made my legs swell. I have never counted ratios at all, and I have a high carbs threshold. I use urine colour to keep migraine free. I stopped all extra salt for five days, only taking about a spoon full in cooking. I didn’t get a migraine until three weeks later. It was quite a bad one again with vomiting, which I hadn’t had since starting the protocol. Two weeks later, another, but slightly less severe. It was like starting the protocol from scratch again. Nothing else had changed except for the five days without added salt. I’ve now been migraine free again for six weeks and will never stop salt again!


This testimonial is a blog written up by one of the migraineurs who read my book and is using the Stanton Migraine Protocol with a caveat: she is a Marathon runner! Interestingly I have several Marathon runners in my care. This is a two-part long blog so I link you to both parts. Part 1 and here is Part 2. Enjoy the story and wish her luck for her next Marathon!


I (and the admins and the migraine group members) received an awesome testimonial today that I am sharing with permission:

“Time for my thank you to Angela Stanton and the group. I managed to play racquetball (running, jerky head movements, loud noise) for the first time in 17 years. AND it was on the first day of my period. First time I can remember doing serious exercise or going without a menstrual migraine in years!!! …Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for changing my life.”


An awesome new testimonial; this time from my “Keto Mild for Migraine” group. This is an “experimental” group in that while nutritional ketosis (ketogenic diet) is great for many health conditions, I was not sure how it would work for migraines and how deep a ketosis is necessary to get it to work–literature is quite all over on the subject and few medical facilities even know the term. I knew that some members were doing great but I received the first such comment today and received permission to share:

“Thank you, Angela Stanton!… I would never have put the connection to that had I not come across your information as I was googling information on migraines one night. I work for a Law Firm and having headaches that would come on during the night and continually having to do whatever I could to alleviate them, while trying to keep a sharp mind for the attorneys was getting challenging. You are a genius and I am just amazed that … water, salt and potassium … literally changed everything. Even my dear friends are amazed that my head isn’t hurting 🙂 . The only change in my life is YOUR protocol. No Imitrex and I haven’t even been taking the sinus medication that I feel like I lived on for years (always felt like a crushing sinus headache). In fact, I would be a little worried if I didn’t have sinus meds close by. I can’t imagine how much I’ve taken over the years to alleviate the pain before the vomiting started. Anyway, so glad I found both of your groups and I will get a blood ketone meter so that I will know exactly where my ketosis may start/stop…”


I suppose I better start time stamping the testimonials as I copy-paste them from the migraine group.

Hi, just back to report that running the marathon on Sunday was an incredible experience. I felt confident to push harder and took 26 minutes off my previous best time, despite challenges of hills, wind and rain. But the best part was having a clear head and vision afterwards. Sore muscles yes but otherwise I have felt fabulous since then, which is a new experience for me. I am so overwhelmed and ecstatic! Thanks again Angela Stanton, this has been such an amazing journey!

–NM August 15, 2016

Another testimonial today from a sport enthusiast among my migraineurs in the FB migraine group that was in response to the previous testimonial of the Marathon runner:

“Although I don’t run marathons, I have a love of riding my bike. I use to mountain bike (younger years) and road rode, but the consequences were horrific… same as with you- ER, MORPHINE, you name it. But I just couldn’t give it up. Until one day I did. I just couldn’t take the pain anymore.
Now, on the [Stanton Migraine] protocol and Angela Stanton’s support I can ride and feel like a new person… Love life without migraines! I’m 1.5 years in to this and NEVER thought I would be normal again…”

— MD  August 15, 2016

Heh, one more testimonial to share with you for today from the mom of the master’s in mechanical engineering graduate whose testimonial I shared with you yesterday (see separate page for her testimonial)!
“Angela, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. ❤ ❤ ❤ I’m overwhelmed that she succeeded. In April of 2015 Zofia was struggling badly, having constant dizziness and frequent vertigo episodes. We’ve been to the best of the best doctors and clinics and nothing truly worked.
If it wasn’t for your genius and heart Angela, none of this would have happened. Zofia regained her health back and that’s all what counts.
We are forever grateful. ❤ ❤ ❤ “

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  3. Wonderful presentation of the book Katja! I used google translate so some sentences sounded funny. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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  16. DilliGirl says:

    nice one angela

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  19. Dear Joyce,

    These testimonials are to show you that the Stanton Migraine Protocol worked already for several thousands of people. If you are interested to learn more about it, please do one of two things (or both):

    1) If you are on Facebook and don;t mind a group discussion in helping you, then please join my group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/219182458276615/
    2) If you prefer a private consultation, please send a note via the contact form on the home page and I will detail the plan types I offer.

    I have your email (the one you gave for leaving a note here), so I will send you an email there–if that is your correct email, you will be receiving an email from me shortly.

    Thanks for your note and I am looking forward to helping you,


  20. joyce foster says:

    I enjoyed the testimonial, but being a migrainer, it is difficult to be on computer for any length of time, so now I would like to know what to do. Just reading these testimonials doesn’t help my head, I need to know how to get help. I am 79 years old, have had classic migraines w/aura since I was 12 years old. have tried everything, the last being botox, still suffering as long ago as today.
    Please help me by letting me know what to do to get help like this people. Joyce

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  27. Be Healthy says:

    Thanks so much Maureen! I am so glad your life brought you in contact with me. 🙂 Congratulation for your achievement and keep up the good balancing and well-being.


  28. Maureen Mckernan senical says:

    In May I had 15 migraines they would hit me out of the blue couldn’t take time off from work so suffers through them! Then I joined angel Stanton on Facebook and bought her book what a difference! I’m changing my diet reading what others symptoms are and realize I have or had them! I have maybe one or two every few months know but I do my salt water or potassium and I’m able to avoid them!!! This for me is a life changer and I am so thrilled with the protocol!! Thank you Angela for your hard work and dedication!!

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  29. Be Healthy says:

    Thanks Cheryl! That is so awesome! I am very happy for all the improvements in your life and the friendship we gained in the same time! ❤ Priceless!


  30. Cheryl Harding says:

    In January 2015 I met Angela in another migraine group, she told me about her group & little did I know she was about to totally change my life. I’d been having migraines for about 30 yrs & they were now pretty bad, every week for 3-5 days. I was also eating bags of candy every night . I kept going back to Drs but nothing was helping, I had a appointment with the top migraine specialist at Vancouver General hospital for March of 2016.
    I pretty much stopped all sugar & followed Angela’s advice right from the beginning.
    I was in pretty bad shape before this, napping everyday , seeing a psychiatrist for depression ( possibly from the pain) I really just wanted to die.
    I’m now in control of any migraines that do start which isn’t very often. I have a ton of energy for 65 & my mood is way better. I can now do my own cleaning, can plan meals, traveling & lots of other things without worrying about having to cancel, I even did all the gardening & grew a vegetable garden. My husband jokes I have more energy than he does & he’s pretty athletic. I can never repay Angela Stanton for all she’s done for me, she has truly given me my life back & was always there to help me through this when I needed her. Thank you again Angela from the bottom of my heart, I owe you so much.

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